October 2017

Rental Connection

We are living in a very exciting time, one in which a large business size and footprint don’t always win. As we have recently witnessed the closure of some large retailers and the impact that the internet and technology is are having on how we conduct business, it is vitally important for our industry to keep pace.


Eric Stiles
Question: What are some steps I can take to prevent a spontaneous combustion fire at my dealership?
Daniel B. Fisher
House Republican leadership and the Trump administration are committed to completing a comprehensive rewrite of the federal tax code in 2017.
Christine Corelli
The cost of employee turnover is too high.
Rex Collins
Leadership transition should be addressed very early in the succession planning process.
Brian Shanahan
Content marketing requires a well-documented strategy and time to work.
Megan Mattingly-Arthur
Individuals who once had the honor of holding the gavel could easily take a step back and leave tasks like government advocacy to others.
Katie Howell
Having strong leadership is important for shaping an organization.
Karen Algeo Krizmani
Mike Hayes is passionate about having AED-accredited colleges in every state partnering with equipment manufacturers to create a new way of training incoming technicians into the industry.
Megan Mattingly-Arthur
Some people find themselves working in the construction equipment industry due to chance or family connections, while others are just made for the work.
Karen Algeo Krizman
Rentals remain all the rage, according to the Associated Equipment Distributor (AED) members who completed the 2017 Distributor Rental Survey.
James Ricker
Rental equipment protection (REP), also known as a loss damage waiver, protects your equipment while it’s out on rent.
Larry Kaye
We are living in a very exciting time, one in which a large business size and footprint don’t always win.
Territory Sales Manager, ABLE Equipment Rental and Robert Sloan
Q: Is there more rental going on now than in previous years, or less? Why do you think this is so?
Michael Quirk
I’ve worked in the construction equipment industry since 1975.
Karen Algeo Krizman
AmTrust Specialty Equipment (ASE) is a highly specialized insurance service provider dedicated to the equipment industry, but it also wants to enhance customer loyalty to dealers and manufacturers.
Phil Riggs
I attended the Leadership Conference a couple of weeks ago.
Katie Kremer
My internship at AED promoted learning and new skills in my day-to-day experiences.
Katie Kremer
AED’s newest team member, Dennis Budz, is happy to join us as our new Business Development Specialist.
Wes Stowers
I remember an AED Executive Forum that I attended back in the late 1990s, where the main issue was the rapid expansion of large, national rental companies throughout the country...
Brian P. McGuire
Bet on your future at AED’s 2018 Summit in fabulous Las Vegas.