Enhance Your AED Membership Experience

Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is continuously working to expand the advantages and heighten the value we provide to our members. Our services, resources and programs exist for their benefit. As the leading association for equipment distributors, AED also takes the lead in seeking and responding to feedback from its members as we constantly strive to create the best dealership experience possible. The assets we provide have been shown to enhance business-to-business interaction, professional growth and awareness within the industry.

One of the foundational functions of AED is making an array of resources available for business-building, and chief among these is CED Magazine.

CED Magazine

The association’s publication provides invaluable market information, including the latest research, analysis and industry trends. Our workforce reports allow businesses to navigate the industry more effectively by exploring emerging skills that can make their companies more attractive to future employees and customers.

Associated Equipment Distributors takes pride in its growth and development that comes about in response to our members’ feedback. We are always interested in suggestions for improvement, including in the content we include in CED Magazine. We have developed surveys on such topics as the demographics of our respondents, the quality and credibility of our content, and the major interests of our members. We use this information to stay up to date with an ever-evolving industry and to satisfy the interests of our readers.

Exclusive industry reports

In addition to CED Magazine, AED publishes accurate and reliable benchmarking reports on various topics, which are highly useful in comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry best practices and also to best practices from other dealerships. We also publish a contract report, a simple guide to help manufacturers and dealers negotiate distribution contracts that balance the needs and interests of both parties. The report provides general information about the purpose and effect of some of the most common and important clauses unique to equipment distribution agreements, and it addresses clauses that are often at the center of dealer-manufacturer disputes.

Training and development

The training and career development of technicians is one of AED’s continuous goals. Providing students with the connections and tools to get started early in the academic arena can mean a brighter future for both students and dealerships. To address the skills-gap concern, AED has initiated its accreditation program. Through it, we partner with technical schools and community colleges, helping them provide the standards and foundational knowledge essential for equipping their students to become effective and reliable technicians.

Along with accreditation programs, AED offers technical assessments that give dealerships a tool to ensure that potential or existing employees have core technical knowledge in critical subject areas and to help in making the hiring process uncomplicated and straightforward. The assessments are aligned with The AED Foundation’s National Construction Equipment Technical Standards, which are developed collaboratively by dealers, manufacturers, and technical schools and are continually updated to remain in alignment with current national standards.

AED hosts webinars and seminars designed to broaden and improve member skill sets in such areas as customer service, dealer operations, and risk management. Our Dealer Learning Center also offers interactive self-study programs that are convenient for those with busy schedules and limited time.

Public policy and advocacy

Since the 1960s, Associated Equipment Distributors has maintained an office in Washington, D.C., for the purpose of making the industry’s viewpoint heard with respect to government priorities and actions that impact our members’ dealerships. Our legislative priorities specifically focus on contributing constructive suggestions, direction and oversight that further the interests of our members. We are the voice of the equipment industry and, as such, we value hearing our members’ concerns on the issues.

Bringing people together in collaboration is the purpose of AED. The Regional Manager (RM) program began about two years ago and exemplifying that purpose, encompasses various management departments and includes branch, rental, and regional managers. We rely on RMs as the mediators between dealerships and the halls of Congress. Through congressional visits, RMs facilitate dialogue between our members and their local representatives and allow dealer representatives the time to explain and discuss their concerns on important issues. These meetings also serve as primary opportunities for education and enlightenment about the industry and its needs.

AED will continue to provide the greatest benefits for the profitability of our members’ businesses and for the development of the industry as a whole. Our mission to offer educational opportunities, to act as advocates in the political process and to support our membership with the resources they need for success reflects our values and our hopes for the continual growth of each of their dealerships. AED values the interactive relationship we have cultivated with our members, and we take seriously our ongoing commitment to provide them with the latest and most productive industry information.


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