The AED Foundation Introduces Revamped and Rebranded Dealer Learning Center


In keeping with its commitment to the promotion of professional education and workforce development, The AED Foundation offers a number of excellent industry- and position-specific learning opportunities that members can access via the Foundation’s website. Previously known as AED University, this robust educational resource is now called the Dealer Learning Center.

The name isn’t the only thing that’s changed – the Dealer Learning Center has been revamped, expanded and updated to provide construction equipment industry dealers and their employees with an even better learning experience.


"The AED Foundation’s industry-specific educational materials and programs have been around for years and a lot of our member dealers know that we offer these educational programs," said Rebecca Lintow, director of sales and development for The AED Foundation. "We decided to rebrand because now we offer even more flexible learning options, including updated web-based self-study courses."

The new-and-improved Dealer Learning Center still houses the Foundation’s professional certification programs, as well as webinars and self-study courses designed for those in all areas of dealership operations, including rental and sales, personnel management, marketing, finance, service, branch operations, parts and customer service. Through the Dealer Learning Center, Foundation members can take advantage of recorded, on-demand webinars or register for upcoming live webinar events.

In its revamped Dealer Learning Center, the AED Foundation has also introduced new self-study courses that allow dealers and employees to work at their own pace. In the past, the Foundation’s self-study courses were mail-based and, when a member wanted to take a course, they had to order it, wait for their books or DVDs to arrive in the mail, and complete the course before mailing everything back. The AED Foundation has eliminated these issues by making the new self-study courses entirely web-based. Thanks to that major change, it’s never been easier for dealers to continue their industry education or strengthen their workforce.

"The best thing about the Dealer Learning Center and its educational materials is how easy they are for dealers and their employees to use," Lintow said. "They can do their education whenever they want, whether it’s during their break or on their own time.

"We have a lot of dealerships that use the self-learning courses for general employee development or to groom employees to become managers. For example, if you have a new employee and you want them to learn how to better manage their time, you could have them watch one of our webinars on time management."

In addition to making the switch to a web-based system for self-study courses, The AED Foundation has also updated the content of those courses to ensure that they reflect the construction equipment industry’s current standards on everything from parts and service to rentals. The original self-study courses were developed in the early 2000s.

Foundation members can access the educational materials in the Dealer Learning Center for a fee. For example, 30-day access to one of the self-study courses costs $295. However, members who make a substantial investment in the 2017 AED Foundation Annual Campaign can access webinars from 2015, 2016, or both, for free at their main location for the duration of 2017. Members who contribute more than $8,000 have the option of receiving their own dealer-branded learning center that bears their company logo.

"One of the main reasons that the Foundation decided to revamp AED University and rebrand it as the Dealer Learning Center is because we wanted to remind people that there’s this whole library of great on-demand webinars that they should be accessing and using," Lintow said. "Dealers have this amazing resource right at their fingertips and we want to make it as convenient as possible for them to use it."

To learn more about The AED Foundation’s Dealer Learning Center, call 800-388-0650 or visit

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