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Mike Crimaldi, founder of Terramac, was inspired by the versatility that rubber track crawler carriers provide. Crimaldi established his up-and-coming company once he saw that crawler carriers could be used in a variety of markets, including pipeline, environmental, utility, forestry, general construction and mining.

In 2011, Terramac released its first design, the RT9 crawler carrier. The unit features an 18,000-pound carrying capacity, fully-loaded ground pressure of 5.1 psi and easy front and rear bolt-on attachments, which enable an array of equipment to be mounted.


According to Andy Konopka, president of Terramac, 2013 was the first year authorized dealerships were appointed. Terramac has experienced exponential growth since then – including doubling its output from 2015 to 2016 – while continuing to display innovation in the field.

Currently, Terramac offers three crawler carrier units that are built entirely of premium components and manufactured in North America. Terramac is represented by 12 authorized dealerships throughout North America.

Similar to the RT9, Terramac’s larger RT14 model delivers a 28,000-pound carrying capacity and showcases the company’s innovative rubber track technology and customization options.

The Terramac unit that is garnering ample attention is the RT14R. This model features a unique 360-degree rotating upper frame, which allows it to haul up to 28,000 pounds of material and dump at any position – even while driving. Low ground pressure and rotating functionality make the RT14R ideal for work in confined spaces and environmentally sensitive areas, such as railroad track right-of-way access, rivers and levees, general earthmoving, site prep and mining.

In early 2017, Terramac will unveil its latest model to round out the product family. And according to Konopka, additional designs are both on the horizon and currently on the drawing board.

Safety is a top priority for Terramac, and the units are designed with that in mind. Every machine comes standard with a rollover protection system and falling object protective system certification. Wide access doors are provided for easy access, and windows on all sides and large mirrors are included for increased visibility.

A tilt hood for engine access and a dog house for fluid/filter checks are also provided for hassle-free maintenance. And the RT14R features a walking platform area for easy access to the engine to keep the operator or service technician safe.

Terramac sets itself apart from competitors by offering the opportunity to mount units with alternate attachments in lieu of the standard dump bed, rock bed, or flat bed. The hydraulic system incorporated into each Terramac straight frame model is designed to accommodate attachments, whereas competing units require a hydraulic conversion to take place. The exclusive design allows for customization with an array of specialized support equipment, such as hydroseeders, cranes, drills, generators and tanks, and provides further versatility for users’ needs within different markets.

"The versatility of our units is something we are very proud of," Konopka said. "There aren’t many competitors that can easily customize units. Terramac has certainly proven that this capability is one of our greatest strengths."

As Terramac further delivers a more robust product line and supports superior parts availability, its dealer network continues to grow. The company’s goal, according to Konopka, is to reach 18 dealers in the near future and eventually have complete coverage across North America.

With this expansion comes international interest. Terramac is beginning to look for dealers outside of North America and has received inquiries from Europe and South America.

"What makes Terramac different is that we align ourselves with dealerships that offer aftermarket support and readily available parts, as well as highly qualified and trained service technicians, to meet the customers’ needs," Konopka said. "Our authorized dealer network is an extension of the sales, service, parts and rentals on Terramac products. We want to consistently provide the end user with quality products and services, and our dedicated dealer network helps us achieve that goal."

As the former senior executive for an equipment dealership, Konopka discussed his knowledge of and passion for the industry.

"Coming to the manufacturing side allowed me to bring 22 years of dealership experience to Terramac and help align all of our processes, procedures, products and visions to supplement what a dealer is trying to accomplish in the marketplace," Konopka said. "We align manufacturing more toward a dealer’s needs as opposed to being that separate entity that says ‘We build it, you sell it.’ Terramac aims to be dealer friendly, and it’s exciting to help shape the organization to achieve that in the marketplace and differentiate Terramac from the competition.

"The company’s foundation is built like a three-legged stool," he added. "It’s a combination of our products, dealers and employees that is driving Terramac’s growth. All three are critical to our future success."

Terramac, LLC is based in Elburn, Ill.

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