5 Essential Digital Marketing Tactics for 2018


It seems as if new technologies, apps and platforms come flying at us at dizzying speeds and it’s hard to keep up. We see new things and want to try them, but that may not always be a good idea. Just because something is shiny and new doesn’t mean it’s right for your business, especially in the construction equipment world. There’s a fine balance between creating the perception of being cutting edge and just investing too many resources in things that aren’t appropriate and won’t garner any more customers or revenue.

So how do you plan to bolster your marketing for 2018, and which tactics should you include? We have some insight on five digital marketing tactics to include in your marketing initiatives for next year.

1. Video, Video and More Video. According to Forrester Research’s Dr. James McQuivey, “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.” What a great deal for business owners looking to grow. Clearly, video is the tool to capitalize on for the future of digital marketing. YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, with more than three billion searches per month and over one billion unique visitors per month. Comparatively, YouTube is larger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask and AOL combined. Video is everywhere, and no matter what your personal feelings are, it’s popular and buyers just want more. Video works well on mobile and social media, and people are more inclined to watch than to read.

2. Get Mobile Savvy. Equipment marketers may not think that mobile marketing really applies to them, thinking that mobile audiences are more consumer- and retail-oriented, but that’s incorrect. More than ever, buyers and decision makers are in the field and on mobile devices. If your business isn’t mobile-friendly, you essentially don’t exist for one out of every two customers. Beginning in 2018, Google’s mobile-first algorithm will give priority to mobile-friendly content and use it to decide how to rank results, regardless of whether the user is on mobile or desktop. Customers of all types of products and solutions operate from smartphones, and you need to be there if you want to be in their consideration set.

3. Get Personal. Today’s buyers rely on content to do research before making any purchase decisions, and 47 percent want to see three to five pieces of content before engaging with your sales rep. That’s why it’s critical that content be more personalized, tailored both to their information needs and to where they are in the buying process. Personalized content performs 42 percent better than content that isn’t personalized. Smart marketers will begin or strengthen their efforts in this area for 2018.

4. Say Hello to Chatbots. Experts predict that AI (Artificial Intelligence) functionality will surge in services and applications in 2018. For marketers, that means the introduction of friendly chatbots that interact with customers to extend the range of engagement and responsiveness. Business Insider reports that 80 percent of companies want to integrate chatbots into their strategy by 2020. Why not get a jump on the crowd and start exploring chatbots in 2018?

5. Consider Digital Advertising. In conjunction with the push toward mobile, digital advertising is expected to rise next year, with projections of media buyer spends of $84.5 billion by 2020. Unlike traditional advertising, most digital platforms provide detailed analytics to help you understand what’s producing results, where to spend more, and what to eliminate. Whether it’s through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube or other digital platforms, find a trusted partner to help you set up and run some small campaigns to get started and test the waters.

The only constant we have in this digital age is change, and 2018 promises to offer more opportunities for real business effectiveness. Savvy marketers will stay open, make relevant decisions and help their businesses achieve more revenue and better customer relationships.

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