CEDMag.com - October 2011 Articles
Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - October 2011 Articles

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  • Friday Night Demolition
    Project Profile
    By Joanne Costin
    Using a fast-setting concrete allowed the bridge to be ready for traffic in just four hours. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) used cuttingedge accelerated bridge construction techniques and materials to successfully replace 14 bridges over 10 weekends this past summer. Testa Corporation, supported by local dealer C.N. Wood, kept the project moving with Friday night bridge demolition and cleanup in just eight to 12 hours.
    It was the summer of 2010 when a gaping hole appeared in one of the 60-year-old bridges along the I-93 corridor near Boston. When repairing the hole, crews discovered structural damage to the bridge deck itself. An expanded investigation revealed that all of the 14 bridge superstructures – concrete decking and steel beams – were failing and had to be replaced.
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  • Rights & Responsibilities: Statutes Governing Dealer-Manufacturer Agreements and Terminations Now on the Books in 48 States
    State Distributor Laws
    By Christian Klein and Crystal Maguire
    Twenty-one years after its first edition, AED releases the 2011 State Equipment Distributor Laws compilation. Notable changes occur in Oklahoma and Texas.
    Equipment distributors and manufacturers operate in a complex legal environment. Merely being successful in the business of selling, renting, and servicing equipment is no longer enough to guarantee a company’s survival. In order to protect their business, responsible owners and employees must keep a constant eye on product liability, employment, workplace safety, contract, and environmental issues.
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  • Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Selling a Dealership
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    By Rex A. Collins CPA, CVA
    A framework for fair assessments and forthright communications to achieve both parties' ultimate goal – getting the deal done
    While recent market challenges have signaled the end for some dealers, these same challenges have created a great opportunity for others to expand their current operations. Many think that the economy is starting its climb out of the difficult times that dealers have recently experienced. Accordingly, the interest in dealership transactions is certainly increasing and some of the banks are again taking an interest in financing these deals.
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  • Are You Ready for a Disaster?
    Business Continuity
    By Joanne Costin
    Or even a business interruption? Don't be caught without a plan.
    It was perfect timing. We sent out a survey on disaster planning to AED members and Hurricane Irene hit the Eastern seaboard, playing havoc with survey response. Irene was just one more reason to delve into the topic of disaster planning – the latest on a long list of weather-related disasters in 2011. According to the National Climatic Data Center, economic damage from natural disasters in the U.S. exceeded $35 billion this year, and that was before Hurricane Irene. As remote as these events may seem, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, wildfires and other natural disasters are threats to your business. Equally threatening are disasters of the manmade type: Computer crashes, identity theft, power outages, terrorist attacks, data leakage and supply chain problems. How well are you prepared to handle what life brings to your dealership?
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  • You Will Never Go Wrong – With the Right Attitude
    From the Chairman
    By Dennis Kruepke
    Opportunities are more visible when we’re not brooding over challenges.
    As a leader in your business, in your family and in your own life, attitude plays an essential role in the accomplishments that you and those around you may see and feel. Good attitudes create desire and success. Poor attitudes lack passion or results. With our business year moving into the final quarter, I felt that this would be a good time to remind everyone how important a positive attitude can be.
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  • Catch a Thief – and Get Your Customer's Machine Back
    Editor's Note
    By Kim Phelan
    Tracking devices are such a simple solution, as well as a nice little money-maker for you.
    It was a perfect day for a pig roast, and Dennis Kruepke's company, McCann Industries, put on a super Case Rodeo competition for equipment operators one Friday last month. It was in that context of enjoying Dennis' hospitality that I had a nice chat with his product support manager, Richard Hoffmeyer, about equipment theft. (Now if only we could get some of those crooks tied up on the roasting spit for a few hours!)
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  • The Cheapest Solution Available
    On the Numbers
    By Garry Bartecki
    Unless there's such a thing as being too efficient or profitable, every AED dealer belongs in a new AED Performance Group.
    On Sept. 9, AED formally announced the Performance Group Program (PG) beginning in 2012. Because many dealers were forced to right size, they lost valuable experienced personnel and are simultaneously faced with a long, slow recovery. Money is still tight, forcing individual education spending toward the bottom of the priority list. And a recovery of any size forces dealer personnel to do more with less time, thus limiting their time to learn how to manage their department for maximum returns. Our PGs mitigate these situations because a group environment allows discussion of potential solutions until one is found that works for you.
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  • Macro Economic Concerns Dominate Business Thinking
    Business Outlook
    By Eli Lustgarten
    While companies try to anticipate a variety of possible scenarios, the most probable outlook is slower growth in 2012.
    Significant macro economic issues are affecting the near-term domestic and global economic outlook. Our economy has had to struggle with rising energy and commodity prices, production disruptions in Japan from the tsunami/earthquake, a flare-up of the European Sovereign debt problems, and the prolonged debate about the U.S. debt ceiling. Housing is still a no-recovery mess; emerging markets, particularly in China and India, have seen economic growth become muted as their governments increased rates to slow activity and inflation; consumer sentiment has plummeted; and job growth has come to a virtual halt.
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  • Building on Your Dealership's Service - Centered Marketing
    By Ron Slee
    It is no longer just a product or a program. It is about people.
    For most of us, marketing has been a rather mysterious subject. Many equate it to advertising and to promotion. Marketing is a very broad subject that is defined as follows: Marketing is the process used to determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves.
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  • Why AED's Lobbying Team Entered the Twittersphere (And Why You Should Too)
    Washington Insider
    By Christian Klein
    Twitter facilitates breaking news, congressional dialogues, media connections, and more.
    I resisted Twitter for a long time. Then reality set in. Twitter has become an important communications tool, especially in politics and media relations. What’s more, I teach political public relations at the University of Virginia, and there was only so much I could tell my students about something I’d never used. No longer able to dodge the subject, a few weeks ago I launched myself into the Twittersphere. It’s been an interesting and illuminating trip.
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  • Consultative Selling is Dead – Questions Are Out, Trust is In
    Inside AED
    'Unlock the Game' founder Ari Galper comes to AED Summit with a proven, trust-based sales message for equipment distributors this January.
    Most sales teams believe they are selling the right way, right? They build rapport and ask lots of needs-based questions, and this, they believe, is the quintessential definition of relationship or consultative selling. This sales method worked great in the ’80s and ’90s.
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  • Comedy Night to Benefit The Foundation
    Sentry Insurance sponsors brand new event at Summit this January.
    Kick off the AED Summit with laughter by attending the first-ever Comedy Night Benefit for The AED Foundation to be held on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2011, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. Sponsored by Sentry Insurance, the event features two comedic talents extraordinaire who will entertain with their humor and quick wit.
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  • Historic Landmark Gets Lift
    Industry Beat
    Trico Lift, a privately owned aerial lift provider in Texas and the Mid-Atlantic markets, recently sent this boom lift to Margate, N.J., to help rehab Lucy, a national historic landmark and the world’s largest elephant.
    The wooden structure stands 65 feet (19.7 m) high, 60 feet (18.3 m) long, and 18 feet (5.5 m) wide, and weighs about 90 tons.
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  • Curbing Distracted Driving by Employees
    Play It Safe
    By Randy Dombrowski
    You hold the keys to setting and enforcing the expectations.
    We've all witnessed individuals driving while distracted, even at speeds where accidents could be fatal. Whether reading the newspaper, eating, watching a movie, applying makeup or texting while riding a motorcycle (yes, it's true!), the list of activities that can and do distract drivers is endless - and the statistics on distracted driving are astounding. Why do some drivers think its OK to drive distracted when they should be focusing their attention on what's important - arriving at their destination safely. Distracted drivers need to put the phone down, stop any other tasks and concentrate on the road.
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  • Feeling the Customer's Pain is First Step Toward Unimaginable Product Support Service
    Best Practices
    By Joanne Costin
    Two Nortrax dealerships outscored more than a 1,000 dealers on customer satisfaction for parts and service. Here's how they are winning customers over and building loyalty for their dealership.
    "This is by far the best customer service experience I have had in my life." That verbatim quote from a customer survey says a lot about the Monico, Wis., branch of Nortrax. Delivering "unimaginable customer service" is a goal for Nortrax that is executed to near perfection by this dealer facility. The service department of the Monico branch recently earned top honors from Naperville, Ill.-based Strategic Feedback, beating out more than 1,000 other dealer locations that use the SatisfYd survey process to measure customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the Nortrax parts store in West Melbourne, Fla., earned similar honors among parts departments.
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  • Deere Introduces Customer-Inspired G-Series Excavator
    New & Improved
    The 470G , 670G LC and 870G LC feature enhanced productivity and a more comfortable cab
    Responding to customer demand for enhanced productivity through increased hydraulic flow and a more comfortable cab, John Deere Construction & Forestry has expanded its new Interim Tier 4-certified (IT4) G-Series hydraulic excavator line with three new models. Weighing in at 47 metric tons, the 470G is a 367-hp unit perfect for large commercial excavating projects and roadbuilding. The 67-metric-ton 463-hp 670G LC and the 87-metric-ton 532-hp 870G LC are tailormade for mass excavating or truck-loading applications.
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  • The Art of Successful Merging
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    By Harold Schroeder
    Manufacturing deals demonstrate need for attention to the soft side of the new business entity, including culture considerations as well as customer and employee communications.
    With growing mergers and acquisitions activity in the construction equipment services sector, many readers may at some stage be involved with the challenges of integrating two organizations into a single entity. According to a recent industry analysis by McGladdrey Capital Markets LLC (2011), in 2010 alone there were 287 mergers and acquisitions transactions in the U.S. engineering and construction services and construction material sectors, and 69 more in the first quarter of 2011 alone.
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