CEDMag.com - July 2013 Articles
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CEDMag.com - July 2013 Articles

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JULY 2013
  • Are Dealers Ready? Or Not?
    Market Update
    By Giles Lambertson
    Has tech training been up to snuff or is the industry blowing smoke?
    For 20 years, the specter of off-road diesel emissions standards has troubled the dreams of construction equipment manufacturers, dealers, and customers. Now the Environmental Protection Agency Tier-4 Final standards are nearly here – beginning in 2014 – and still there is some anxiety about OEMs and dealers being ready.
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  • As Much As You Can Chew – and More
    Attachments Buyers Guide
    Use every tool at your disposal to stretch your customer's machine investment. It's easy to do with the huge range of workaholic attachments in the North American market. Sell more equipment by showing contractors they can do much more than they may have imagined.
    Editor's note: We'd like to give special recognition to the following attachments manufacturers that supported CED this month – and some throughout the year – with their advertisements: Werk-Brau, Leading Edge, Lowe, Loftness, Vacuworx, Woods, Pierce Pacific, and HKX, as well as A-Ward, Allied Construction Products, Ajax, Breaker Technology Inc. (BTI), Coneqtec, FRW, Gensco, Hydraulicircuit, Okada, Solesbee's, and Strickland Mfg. Thank you!
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  • The Battle Beyond the Beltway
    By Matthew McKinney
    While the federal Highway Trust Fund sputters toward 'Empty,' states start shaping their own infrastructure funding strategies.
    Over the past several years, Congress has displayed an incredible penchant for gridlock. But in a rare moment of bipartisanship last year, lawmakers were able to put aside their differences to pass a two-year highway bill, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). Yet while this law represents a legitimate effort to invest in our nation's infrastructure, it is merely a band-aid on the hemorrhaging Highway Trust Fund, the country's principal mechanism for financing federal surface transportation projects.
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  • Selling Oil Sampling Puts Dealers in the Driver's Seat
    Product Support
    By Joanne Costin
    Driving the relationship with customers, that is. And driving a healthy PM program, too.
    The process of testing oil and other machine fluids is simple enough. Periodic sampling for the presence of particulates reveals machine wear and can predict a failure before there are any outward signs of trouble. With a reasonable cost of approximately $15-$20 per sample, the value proposition for end-users is strong.
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