CEDMag.com - April 2012 Articles
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CEDMag.com - April 2012 Articles

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APRIL 2012
  • Leasing Equipment? Watch Those State Sales-Tax Laws
    By Jim Margner
    An overview of multistate sales tax issues for equipment lessors, lessees, and purchases – and how to manage the ones that affect your business.
    A good awareness of sales tax issues can be beneficial to any dealer engaged in multistate or just in-state leasing transactions. Proper state sales tax management can affect a leasing operation’s profitability, create a competitive advantage, or allow you to identify possible state tax exposures and take cost-effective remedial actions.
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  • Working In – and Out of – The Comfort Zone
    Contractor Connection
    By G. C. Skipper
    ENR California’s 2011 Contractor of the Year, Denver-based Flatiron Construction relies on a mix of new equipment and rental units to grow into less-familiar markets and achieve this year’s $1.5 billion goal.
    It would be a gross understatement to say that Warren Schmidt is a busy man. When you ask him where he’s based he quips, "Mostly from an airplane." Schmidt is corporate equipment manager for Colorado-based Flatiron Corporation, a heavy civil contractor with a name as colorful as its transportation construction and civil engineering projects. The company is the third largest bridge builder in the country, the fifth largest highway contractor and the sixth largest transportation contractor.
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  • Tale of Two Ontarios: Conservative Optimism, and Downright Positive
    Province Pulse
    By Joanne Costin
    Contractors in most Ontario regions tempered their optimism for more business in 2012; but even mining’s boom in the north has its challenges.
    Moderate growth in construction activity is forecast for Ontario’s construction sector, according to the Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS). In its annual forecast survey among 500 industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) construction contractors across Ontario, the OCS Construction Barometer reveals contractors’ perceptions of business conditions for the next 12 months. The province scored 57 on a scale of 0 to 100, where a reading above 50 indicates that the number of contractors who expect to conduct more business outnumber those expecting to conduct less business.
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  • Winning the 'Zero Moment of Truth'
    Internet Marketing
    By Ed Steenman
    Reality: Most people search on the Internet before they buy, and that includes your customers. Shouldn’t you be present in all those pre-buy events?
    It used to be simple. A customer would walk into your dealership looking to buy. They’d call you on the phone. Or, more recently, e-mail you. But all of these instances of first contact had one thing in common – they were two-way in that you actually got to participate in the conversation. But not today. Allow me to set the stage. I travel a lot, and it used to be a hassle to find a decent Hotel/Motel "on the fly." No more. Now, I simply pull out my smartphone and make a decision based on the customer reviews, price and location. Did the place I decide to stay at (or, more important, did not choose) even get to participate in this decision? No, not in a traditional sense anyway.
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  • Keep Your Records – For Liability's Sake
    From the Chairman
    By Larry Glynn
    Someday, you may be very grateful if you can put your hand on decades-old documents.
    In 1956, Cummings, McGowan and West Inc. (today we do business as CMW Equipment) was started in St. Louis, Mo., by Jack Cummings, Tom McGowan, Vic West and Ethel Klein. They had all come out of another dealership that had undergone a generational-control change that did not please these employees, so they decided to branch out on their own. Ethel was office manager and kept the records while the other three spent their time out trying to sell equipment. Ethel ran the office until her retirement in the early 1980s. Thank God she was good at keeping the records.
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  • Media, Messages, and Makeovers
    Editor’s Note
    By Kim Phelan
    Aligning your use of digital information and tools with the demands of choosy consumers – aka your customers
    This spring will be memorable in many regions of the U.S. for its early arrival and record warmth. What we may want to forget, however, is how we’ve been assaulted with political campaign messages everywhere we turned, and of course there will more to come with the presidential and congressional elections on the horizon. In March, my senses were accosted with literature stuffed in my door and yard signs, of course; and then there were the continuous radio and television ads, obnoxious website banners you cannot close, and intrusive campaign messages left on my home voicemail.
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  • Doing the Right Thing
    President’s Message
    By Toby Mack
    The search for money to fund a multiyear highway bill has got the nation stuck in neutral – but moving from stalemate to success is really just a matter of congressional courage.
    "The problem is not in knowing what’s the right thing to do. It’s in doing the right thing and then getting re-elected." - Anonymous Member of Congress. This is, in a nutshell, the problem with the federal highway program. As I write this, the Senate has just passed, with a solidly bipartisan 74-22 vote, a measure calling for a two-year highway program at current levels of funding, and with important program reforms that speed up project approval and encourage private investment partnerships. House leadership has shown little interest in taking up the Senate bill, but at the same time has not come up with a formula of its own that will find the necessary 218 votes – whether for two years or five; nor has the House determined its funding level or a source of money with which to pay for it.
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  • $35 a Month
    On the Numbers
    By Garry Bartecki
    The cheapest – and easiest – way to get every department manager in your company to fix their own numbers and raise overall performance
    AED officially started the Performance Group process in February. I attended the meeting in Orlando and found it to be both interesting and informative. It’s amazing how many good ideas are available from peers not even selling the same type of equipment. The goal is simple: Dealers provide input for fellow groups members to act upon, which will improve financial performance.
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  • Selah Before You Send
    Recruitment & Retention
    By Jerry Randecker & Chris Sitter
    An ancient word is superbly pertinent for today’s hurried electronic communications.
    Many of us started our careers long before AOL ever began passing out those CDs in the mid- to late-’90s with an offer to give us all a free month of Internet access and the opportunity to have our very own e-mail address! Seems like a 100 years ago, doesn't it?
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  • Imagine the Possibilities with Information Tools
    By Ron Slee
    Engage customers in a learning and sharing dialogue by embracing systems and networks in your dealership.
    A long time ago, when I was first starting in this industry, I was excited and surprised to learn how little was known or understood about computers or computer systems. I had an advantage: I had just come out of university and had all the knowledge about computers that a minor in computer science obtains. You know, unit record equipment and punch cards. As antiquated as that sounds now, I confess I am feeling today the way management did back in 1969. The world has changed. It has really changed. And I have a lot to learn.
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  • My Way For the Highway (But I’m Open to Better Ideas!)
    Washington Insider
    By Christian Klein
    Get states crackin’ on developing VMT collection methods – because the gas tax won’t cut it moving forward.
    It’s early March and the highway reauthorization process is still playing out on the Hill. My prediction: By the end of June, Congress will send the president a bill that extends surface transportation programs for two years at current levels. If that happens, it’ll be good news, but it’ll hardly be a major victory. Given that one of those "two years" is 2012 and that we’re talking about fiscal years, not calendar years, it won’t be a multiyear bill; it’ll be more like a 15-month extension. That means we’ll be back to Square 1 and the reauthorization process will start over almost immediately.
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  • How’s Business? We’ll Tell It To You Straight
    Inside AED
    Are you in – or moving toward – the ‘Hi-Profit Group?’ Find out, plus receive much more than you give by participating in AED’s Cost of Doing Business Report survey, in progress this month.
    The 2012 AED Cost of Doing Business Report gathers the most important information you need to assess how your business is doing compared to similar dealerships. The CODB Report is a unique and valuable business management tool that features benchmarking information to help you measure the success of your business based on certain key financial indicators.
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  • Unlock the Mystery of Rental
    AED CFO Conference – for financial & nonfinancial managers – will give your entire team the tools they need to succeed in rental.
    Do you find that your company is increasingly in the business of equipment rental? If so, don’t you owe it to your team to give them the tools to succeed at what can be a very risky business?
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  • AED Distributor Testifies on the Importance of Shale Oil to Equipment Distributors
    Industry Beat
    On Feb. 27, AED Board Member Dennis Heller testified at a U.S. House of Representatives Natural Resources Committee Energy & Mineral Resources Subcommittee field hearing in Steubenville, Ohio, on the impact of shale energy development.
    "Energy companies have invested substantial resources in building and expanding roads and highways for hauling sand, water, pipes, and other materials to and from sites in the Marcellus Shale formation," all of which has driven equipment demand, Heller told lawmakers.
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  • RMT Offers New TRACK-VISION Monitor and helper7 Series 2 Loader Scale
    New & Improved
    TRACK-VISION monitors are purpose-built for heavy equipment; new loader scale offers more data management options.
    RMT has two new offerings. Unlike most surveillance and vehicle monitors, the TRACK-VISION line of backup safety cameras is purpose-built for installation in heavy machinery, including wheel loaders, excavators, paving equipment and skidders. Resistant to both sudden impacts and continuous vibration, the monitors have been extensively tested in the lab on a high frequency shaker plate. They are designed to provide lasting service even in applications such as vibratory compactors or demolition breakers. LED displays are protected in a fully watertight housing to prevent moisture and humidity from clouding the view or damaging internal electronics. In use throughout North America, TRACK-VISION monitors work in temperatures as cold as -50 degrees Farenheit and as hot as 185 degrees Farenheit.
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  • Keeping Baby Boomers Mobile: Preserving the Mobility and Safety of Older Americans
    A recent TRIP report examines how America will adapt to the transportation needs of its growing population of adults 65 and older.
    As the first of the Baby Boom Generation begin to turn 65, the number of older Americans and their share of the population will begin to grow significantly in the coming years. And as this generation continues to age and grow, it will demand a level of mobility and an active lifestyle that far outpaces any of America’s previous generations. According to the Federal Highway Administration, nearly 33 million of America’s licensed drivers are 65 or older. This aging population will both create and face significant mobility challenges, including a transportation system that lacks many features that would help accommodate the level of mobility and safety older Americans desire and expect.
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