CEDMag.com - April 2011 Articles
Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - April 2011 Articles

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APRIL 2011
  • Contractor Embraces Innovation
    By Joanne Costin
    Corman Construction looks for the newest equipment, as well as operator preferences and comfort with technology. And dealers: Don't bad mouth your competitors.
    Construction isn't an industry known for embracing technology and innovation. But Maryland-based Corman Construction has made it their mantra, and with great success. In 2010 they moved to 310 on ENR's Top 400 Contractors list, up from 341 in 2009. One of the largest heavy civil construction companies in the Mid-Atlantic, Corman's growth has been achieved by adherence to "best in class" corporate principles and core values, such as innovative practices, project partnering, environmental stewardship, safety, quality, teamwork and ethical excellence.
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  • High-Tech Devices: Competitive Advantage for Your Sales Force
    By Jenny Choe
    A detailed explanation of some of our favorite smartphones and tablets, as well as practical advice for pouring on sales team efficiencies.
    Imagine spending nine months out of the year on the road working out of your car. Maybe there was a time when you did! Think of the appointments you'd have and the hundreds of people to meet, the leads to work and the deals to close. You're the salesperson, the one who has to know everything about the product, know all the updates and have all the answers to your client's questions. Now, imagine trying to keep all of that organized with just a phone, a pad of paper and some file folders. Quite a daunting task, right?
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  • Tax Issues Rank Highest Among Canadian Members' Legislative Priorities
    Public Policy
    By Christian A. Klein
    Survey results lay foundation for AED federal public policy activities in Ottawa.
    AED's relationship with Canadian equipment distributors has strengthened considerably over the past year. In early 2010, AED and CAED integrated their operations under AED management and companies that were formally members of CAED became full AED members. CAED has since closed its offices and Canadian member services and events are managed from AED's Oak Brook administrative headquarters.
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  • Acquiring Minds
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    By Giles Lambertson
    A look into equipment distribution M&A activity, with reflections and advice from executives who have seized their opportunities.
    Building a dealership by buying another dealership is not a shortcut to growth, and it certainly isn't easy. It takes long-term planning, arduous amounts of administrative support and, of course, "financial wherewithal." Not an insignificant factor in successful dealership acquisition deals is the blessing from related manufacturers.
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  • Change - It's All Around Us!
    From the Chairman
    By Dennis Kruepke
    Long-term planning is difficult; guiding principles help to show the way.
    Many years ago, I developed a list of guiding principles and goals that I use as a foundation to steer my day-to-day activities. This list includes both personal and business guiding principles and goals, and I look to them to help drive my behavior and actions during the best and worst times.
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  • The 'Smart' Way to Push Away From the Bingo Table
    Editor's Note
    By Kim Phelan
    Old school isn't necessarily the right school of thought for today's successful dealership.
    What's your definition of old? Or, put another way, what's your idea of cool, which, let's face it, the opposite of old, right?
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  • Fragile Times Call for Hard Data
    On the Numbers
    By Garry Bartecki
    The opportunity to compare your numbers and methods on a monthly basis is just one of the benefits of your AED membership.
    Boy, this industry sure is a moving target. One day things are going great with our public company vendors flying high as market leaders, business activity seems to be gathering momentum, used equipment prices are increasing at a steady pace, and you convince yourself that the depression is behind us. Until you wake up the next day.
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  • Truth and Trust in the Hiring Process
    Recruitment & Retention
    By Bill & Chris Sitter
    Be honest with yourself and candidates about actual position requirements versus your 'wish list' of traits and talents.
    In our home hangs a framed picture of a tired and grizzled cowboy with this message: "There were a helluva lot of things they didn't tell me when I hired on with this outfit." I have a personal story behind this gift but will save the details for another time. The point is, for companies to profitably grow, truth and trust in the hiring process is a must!
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  • Avoid Employee Musical Chairs
    By Ron Slee
    Job creation is coming back – how will you keep your valuable people from walking away to other opportunities?
    For the past three years, since the fall of 2008, the pendulum has been on the side of the employer. Now it is starting to swing. The employers have been able to keep employees not necessarily because they were good bosses but because the employee had a job in a very difficult employment period.
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  • We Need a Comprehensive Energy Plan
    View from the Hill
    By Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN)
    Utilizing America's natural resources is central to achieving energy independence.
    Unrest in the Middle East is causing gas prices to skyrocket, with oil prices surpassing $100 per barrel. This price spike threatens any economic recovery in our own country and underscores our nation's need for a common-sense, comprehensive energy plan that moves us to sustained energy independence.
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  • Ohio and Kansas City Groups Receive AED Founders Award
    Inside AED
    Boosting scholarships for tech students and building greater member participation are among the noteworthy accomplishments of local groups.
    AED has recognized local groups in Ohio and Kansas City with its prestigious Founders Award, honoring their contributions to AED and the industry in 2010. "It was difficult to select a single winner this year," said Bob Henderson, executive vice president and COO of AED, "Ohio and Kansas City both stood out for their superb contributions to the industry."
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  • From Community to Industry, Tim Kramer is Focused on Giving Back
    Kramer is the third generation leader of Kramer Ltd., Saskatchewan's Caterpillar dealer since 1944.
    Like his father and grandfather before him, Timothy Kramer is a volunteer at heart. And now, this dealer principal has taken on a new role: In January he was named the Canadian representative on The AED Foundation Board of Directors. "We're thrilled to have Tim's business expertise and philanthropic perspective to draw from," said Carol Schrader, director of development for The Foundation.
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  • Caterpillar to Sell Carter Machinery
    Industry Beat
    Senior management team to continue leading dealership
    Carter Machinery Company Inc. (Salem, Va.), its only company-owned dealership, which has operations and stores covering Virginia and nine counties in southeast West Virginia. The current senior management of Carter Machinery, which led the buy-out of Carter Machinery from Caterpillar, will remain in place. Jim Parker, a retired Caterpillar vice president, will become CEO of Carter Machinery and will be the principal owner going forward. Caterpillar has owned Carter Machinery since 1988.
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  • Putting a Stop to Employee Theft
    Play It Safe
    By Randy Dombrowski
    Cross-training and built-in checks help protect the innocent and deter those with dishonest designs on your dealership.
    True story: The parts manager at a dealership allegedly misappropriated parts inventory and falsified entries in the inventory computer system to conceal his activities. An investigation showed that over time the parts manager had removed more than $225,000 worth of parts from the dealership's inventory and sold them for his personal profit.
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  • Wacker Neuson Rolls Out a New Profit Proposition
    A Closer Look
    By Joanne Costin
    With no floor planning plus field rep support, the company offers dealers opportunities without risk.
    Add Wacker Neuson compact construction machinery to your rental fleet for six months, pay an hourly rate to Wacker Neuson for the actual hours the machine is rented, and get credit toward the purchase of the machine - up to 100 percent of the machine’s value.
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  • Special CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2011 Edition of New & Improved
    New & Improved
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  • January Construction Falls 6 Percent
    Dealer Data
    Mounting fiscal stress for federal, state, and local governments will adversely impact public works and institutional building.
    The value of new construction starts retreated 6 percent in January to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $423.4 billion, according to McGraw-Hill Construction, a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies. The decline came as the result of a pullback for nonresidential building after a strong December, combined with a loss of momentum for residential building. At the same time, the nonbuilding construction sector showed further growth in January on top of its elevated December pace, aided by several large public works projects. On an unadjusted basis, total construction starts in January were reported at $28.4 billion, down 4 percent from the same month a year ago.
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  • Why Canada is a Quick Healer
    By John Crum
    Less bruised by the recession than its U.S. neighbor, Canada boasts promising equipment sales increases thanks to exporting, stronger housing, and more.
    Although Americans may not be jealous of the generally cooler temperatures endured by our Canadian neighbors, we may admire how well the Canadian economy has weathered the recent economic downturn. While the recession in Canada has certainly not been without difficulty, Canada's economy has recovered more quickly than many other countries – including the U.S.
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  • Enabling Business Transformation with ERP
    By Mark T. Schloegel
    In this final installment of CED’s exclusive four-part series on successful steps for introducing a new Enterprise Resource Planning system, the author explores the "Support" phase as your project nears completion. Benefits can be discovered during this phase in areas you may least expect.
    This final article in the series focuses on key support activities that help institutionalize performance improvements. Every business transformation effort reaches a point where people need support and confirmation that they are on the right pathway. A structured approach can help your team accelerate benefits realization.
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