CEDMag.com - January 2013 Articles
Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - January 2013 Articles

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  • Putting the Cooperation Back into Co-op Brand Marketing
    By Joanne Costin
    Experts say 40 percent of co-op advertising dollars are left on the table. Will manufacturers and dealers ever be on the same page when it comes to building their brands?
    There are a lot of dollars on the table. Co-op advertising amounts to an estimated $50 billion annually for all U.S. retailers. Shouldn't construction equipment dealers and manufacturers both be asking why their co-op programs aren't utilized? Manufacturers need dealers to connect with buyers in local markets just as dealers need manufacturers to build brand awareness for the products they sell. So why the disconnect? There doesn't appear to be one reason, but rather many.
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  • Matter of Interpretation: Crane Industry Unites Against Potentially Hefty Testing Costs
    By Will North
    Groups have widely condemned OSHA plans for crane operator certification that could add up to $1 billion in extra costs.
    As the U.S. lifting industry gears up to certify operators ahead of the 2014 implementation of the cranes and derricks rule, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association's (SC&RA's) members are questioning a requirement for capacity certification that could, some say, add a billion dollars to owners' training costs.
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  • Taxes, Uncertainty Are Heading Higher
    2013 Business Outlook
    By Kim Phelan
    As CED went to press with the January issue and this 2013 Business Outlook Report, the U.S. financial story was still very much a ‘cliff' hanger – and the nation seems to be holding its breath for a happy ending.
    Most AED dealers enjoyed a pretty decent 2012, when all is said and done, but to say they're not expecting 2013 to be too great would be an understatement. Status quo performance or modest growth not exceeding 10 percent are the brightest of dealers' outlooks, but the feeling of trepidation or flat-out pessimism is right below the surface of any positive thinking right now. Our conclusion – based on how dealers checked through CED's Business Outlook Survey questions, as well as their written comments and a few interview conversations – is that a blanket of tense uncertainty is stretched across much of the equipment distribution industry.
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  • It's All Right Now, In Fact It's a Gas
    By Mark Killpack and Mickey Coats
    Equipment dealers will continue to rock 'n roll to the beat of hydraulic fracking.
    All indications point to 2013 as a solid year for construction equipment distribution. On the whole, it's safe to say dealers have proactively managed all aspects of their respective business models through the 2007 downturn. The result is a dealer base that can profitably operate in a very uncertain business environment caused by potential changes in tax laws, regulations, and more. End users are renting more than buying and aging fleets need to be replaced. Today, business decisions are made quickly, yet responsibly. Most dealers can grow, shrink or change direction with each new developing situation.
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