Mentoring Poses Great Challenges, Greater Rewards - From the Chairman
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SECTION: From the Chairman

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Mentoring Poses Great Challenges, Greater Rewards

By Dennis Vander Molen

Article Date: 11-01-2010
Copyright(C) 2010 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Carry the responsibility out with pride, from home and work, to community and country.

One of the most gratifying and enjoyable places for us must be that of family. Most of us came from one, I am sure.  We have a home and family to go to in the evening and for the weekend. As parents, our family must be one of the most important callings we have. Mentoring our children with life skills, values, work, and faith has to be included in the important responsibilities that we signed up for at one point in our lives.

Some of the best times we have as families take place when we're experiencing athletic and many other extra-curricular events around the school campus or in our community. Celebrating events like accomplishments and birthdays also add to our enjoyment, as well as our investment in them. Mentoring includes the quality and quantity of time we invest in each other.

In some cases mentoring takes the shape of adoption – what an awesome demonstration of sharing family culture with others! In many ways, we have all been adopted and have been mentored. How can we extend that personally in our families and professionally in the workplace? Where will our future leaders come from? What will they look like? Will we be able to stand up one day and be proud of what we left behind?
Our businesses deserve the same level of mentoring that we invest in all these other areas of our lives. But determining these priorities can be very challenging.  Who, when, how much, and what areas can be a real chore. Many of the businesses in our industry have been passed on for several generations. We need to tip our hats to those who have handed the gavel over and done it very well.
When this issue hits your desk, we will have just come through another national election. The culture that our leaders have placed us in has been very challenging, to say the least. Confidence in our leaders from a business perspective is very low. It is easy to be negative or disappointed in the way they legislate. It is even harder to take the time and resources we have to communicate with them. If we don't mentor them into being pro-business, pro-infrastructure, pro-family, who are we going to let do it? We are not going to like the results. How much longer are we going to be silent? We mentor our representation by being there and being vocal, or we can influence them with our silence.

It is encouraging to see that the current Administration is beginning to connect the dots that link infrastructure, jobs and the health of the economy. But it's not enough.
It's my hope that by the time you're reading this message some positive results will have emerged from the polls and we will be looking forward to working with a Congress that is more receptive to the voice of business. AED will be poised and ready to mentor both the incumbents and the newcomers, to teach them about the urgency for federal commitment to infrastructure, as well as policies that either boost or burden the business community and the economy. Each time we survey the AED membership, the overriding message we receive is that distributors want attention to influencing government policy to be 50 percent of what AED does.
Next month we will be announcing a major initiative that AED is executing on your behalf in 2011, and you will hear even more details when we convene at the 2011 Summit in Orlando, Jan. 26-28. ( Looking forward to seeing you there.

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