You Have to Admit: Action Takes Guts - Editor's Note
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SECTION: Editor's Note

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You Have to Admit: Action Takes Guts

By Kim Phelan

Article Date: 10-01-2010
Copyright(C) 2010 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Are you an AED action figure? Here are some folks who speak volumes with their industry activities.

Once in a while our front cover has a few layers of meaning, and this month I feel compelled to identify why the cliché phrase “Actions speak louder than words,” is so fitting to represent the content of our October issue. Although sometimes our words can, indeed, be more memorable and powerful than our deeds, we’re emphasizing the importance of backing up one’s speech with action – talk is cheap, after all, if not supported with something visible.
We’re proud to present a helpful election section in this issue, contributed by members of the AED Washington team. Daniel Fisher and Jason Langford have sorted out and clearly defined major legislative issues impacting AED companies, which Congress has voted on over the last two years. Then, with great care and research, they developed a comprehensive chart to show you at a glance how each and every member of Congress voted on these important pieces of legislation – you can readily track the voting records for lawmakers in whatever state or states you do business, and thus take these positions into consideration when it’s your turn to do the voting next month.
Again, political speeches are all very nice, especially when politicians appear to be saying what we want to hear. But the rubber meets the road when the actual votes are on the floor and the folks who represent you and me in Washington take a stand. So take a look at the plumb line and see whether actions were level with words.
That’s layer No. 1 for our cover ‘slogan.’ Let me peel away a little more.
You’ll notice a smart piece of machinery hard at work, and the brand new Case N Series loader/backhoes (the 590 Super N model pictured is one of four new models) is a great visual for the concept of taking action.
Just before our issue went to press, this editor spent two days in the North Woods getting acquainted with the N Series machines. Case Equipment hosted about two dozen editors/publishers at their Tomahawk, Wis.-based customer proving grounds, set on 500 acres of woods that were ablaze with fall color. It was like going to camp – but way better because it was for grown-ups, and grown-ups who really “dig” heavy equipment.
The objective was to introduce the completely redesigned loader/backhoe series, and the seriously ramped-up power in both lift capacity and breakout force are impressive. So is the attention to jobsite safety – kudos to Case for their commonsense addition of side lights, a simple but very effective benefit that was proved during a nighttime simulated worksite demonstration. You can read more about the new product series on page 52 in our New & Improved section – Case took action with this loader/backhoe, choosing to launch it now rather than wait for ConExpo, and daring to take a competitive leap in this product class while industry recovery is still somewhat elusive.
I was also impressed by Case’s strategic and ingenious use of its Tomahawk Customer Center, and not just because I was a fortunate recipient of their warm hospitality. The company uses the site as a powerful sales tool, welcoming more than 2,000 visitors a year as dealers bring their customers and prospects for hands-on product demonstrations and training – Case management clearly “gets” the fact that action, real experience, must accompany words. It’s a model any of us can surely profit from in our own business activities.
Finally, our action theme this month is repeated in a few other places. Dealers who have taken action to diversify their companies and thus spread their revenue risks are featured in the latest contribution from Joanne Costin. She also goes in for a Closer Look at EPG Insurance, which has supported AED dealers with profitable products for more than a dozen years and has stepped up with great financial support to both AED and The AED Foundation. And every advertiser in CED is evidence of firms that are living by their actions and their commitments to you and your association. To them, and all those who generously support AED with event sponsorships, including Lawson at Executive Forum in September, and Accruit and BDO at the CFO Conference this month, I say, thank you! And to the rest of you, thanks for reading.

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