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Hear Your Peers Talk to OEMs – Onstage at Forum

CED Magazine, August 2010

Article Date: 08-01-2010
Copyright(C) 2010 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Dealer executives cover the full gamut of industry and relationship issues with manufacturing executives, Sept. 16.

Address more dealer-manufacturer issues! That statement is a perennial plea among AED dealer members whenever they are surveyed about program content at the AED Executive Forum. Conflicts flare up, market and economic challenges turn up the heat on sales expectations, and communication breakdown is not unknown in the industry. Naturally, dealers want AED to step up and help.
You spoke, we listened.
In fact, AED has responded for many years to fill that fundamental need as the dealer’s association – for at least three decades, AED’s annual Industry Round Table has been a powerful platform of cooperation for AED dealers and manufacturers, bringing executives from both sides of the equipment-to-market channel together for a full day of dialogue on a range of trends and concerns affecting CE business partners. It became a successful and anticipated outlet each spring for transparent communication, which benefited not only the participants themselves, but the entire AED membership as notes from the meeting were subsequently published in CEDmagazine.
Then the storm hit.
Industry Round Table, by financial necessity, had to come off the table, disrupted by the economic tsunami that began in 2008. And it would again have been postponed this year if not for one simple solution proposed by AED’s president and CEO, Toby Mack.
“Let’s have Industry Round Table at Executive Forum,” he exclaimed during a brainstorming meeting in June. It was a lightning bolt moment, and the idea has transformed into a marquee event at the 2010 AED/Lawson Executive Forum, a meeting that is consistently well attended each fall by leaders in both distribution and manufacturing.
On the afternoon of Sept. 16, Executive Forum proudly welcomes six industry businessmen on stage for a first-ever public edition of the Industry Round Table. Moderated by Dr. Bill McCleave, nationally acclaimed speaker and distribution expert, this 75-minute event will be conducted as a lively exchange of perspectives on a wide range of topics ranging from myriad conditions currently afflicting the equipment industry, to strategies for tackling problems that inevitably seep into the channel relationship.
Of course, a session like this can only accomplish its objectives with the right mix of successful equipment industry veterans who aren’t shy about expressing themselves. With these criteria in mind, AED has gathered a bona fide “A Team” for this condensed public Forum version of the round table.
On the dealer executive side, the panel features:
  • Matt Campbell, CEO, Rocky Mountain Dealerships, Alberta, Canada
  • Chris Pera, president, HiReach Group, Pa.
  • Skip Klinkhammer, vice president, Special Projects, RDO Equipment, N.D.
    On the manufacturer executive side, the panel features:
  • Sam Wyant, vice president, Independent Distribution, Volvo Construction Equipment
  • Bill Finerty, regional manager, Americas Distribution Services Division, Caterpillar
  • Chuck Perron, vice president, Distribution, Komatsu America Corp.
Immediately following this final segment of the Forum program, attendees will enjoy the Four Corners Wrap-up, a half-hour roam-the-room opportunity to talk face to face with speakers and panelists from throughout the entire day – it’s one more way to get your questions answered or to share your side of the issues.
The Executive Forum program is designed for dealer principals and the senior-level management of both large and small, single- and multiline construction equipment dealerships throughout North America. View details, register, and reserve rooms at the Westin O’Hare at www.aednet.org/execforum.

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