Blogging – It’s a Beautiful Thing - Editor's Note
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SECTION: Editor's Note

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Blogging – It’s a Beautiful Thing

By Kim Phelan

Article Date: 02-01-2010
Copyright(C) 2010 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to a place AED dealers can openly exchange ideas and perspectives on any business topic, without leaving their keyboards.

I consider myself to be a reasonably busy individual, so I shutter to think what a typical day in the life of a distributor executive looks like. You burn both ends of the candle right down to the wick most of the time, don’t you. This hamster wheel we’re all on is the very reason that mere mention of social media tends to create eye-glaze for some people my age and older who kind of live and breath their work.
And even for those who have managed to retain something I used know as “leisure time,” spending it in front of the computer screen you were looking at all day may not be your idea of a good time. Or maybe it’s that you just don’t know where to begin.
But take heart all ye blogophobes.
Your time is precious, even sacred, and I would not dare to encroach upon it without your best interest at heart. You’ve heard it from all angles by now, surely – we’re told social media is a permanent fixture in the business community; it is part of the new normal; that it’s imperative to connect in these virtual forums, if for no other reason than to hear what’s being said about you and your company! I took note when Göran Lindgren, CEO of Volvo Construction Equipment told the AED Summit audience last month: “It’s here to stay – young people are growing up with it; we need to learn it.” And he reminded us that sites like “” should motivate us to stay on our virtual toes.
What I’d like to share with you today is a forum you and all your
managers can and should be using – because it’s the one information depot created specifically for AED equipment dealers. AEDToday ( or gives you a daily dose of something you can use – and when you and your team start tossing in topics for discussion and commenting on other things you read here, this thing is going to evolve into a practical resource you won’t ever want to miss.
I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite blogs posted on AEDToday in January, which by the way, you can read for yourself because they’re all archived and easy to access.
First there’s Bob Henderson’s post from Jan. 2 in which he both looked back (not so fondly) at the previous decade and gazed forward with many predictions. He also reflected on jobs: “Jobs remain an enigma to me…Many HR surveys are indicating an uptick in recruiting and hiring, from executive to middle manager positions. The big elephant in the employer’s lobby is not people but skill sets, along with its twin, education.”
Do you think the education and skill level of the next generation of employees is going to affect your dealership in any way?
Before you answer that one, did you see Alison Wechman’s blog on Jan. 20 about the epidemic of idiotic cell phone use that has the power to destroy customer relationships? Her true story of lunchtime errands gone amuck thanks to employees’ rude cell phone behavior had me nodding my head with every paragraph.
Point was: Are your customers suffering because your employees are glued to their phones rather than to their jobs?
There was also Garry Bartecki’s blog on Jan. 6 naming very specific ways you as a dealer can provide services to customers that achieve the ultimate goal of making them look good – “In other words, help them complete their jobs in a timely, efficient manner by supplying proper equipment, training and support services. In addition, offer problem-solving activities, adequate maintenance scheduling, reasonable equipment financing, timely accurate billing and any other value added information to aid management and/or field personnel.”
Any chance you need more ideas on how to solidify your customer relationships?
But perhaps my all-time favorite blog-bite posted to date on AEDToday was Daniel Fisher’s Jan. 26 article that included a link to a nude centerfold – but then he spends all his time in Washington, so we have to cut him a little slack.

Shameful that I must resort to references of the flesh as I implore you to not only check out the AED blog but to register and start jumping in on the conversation. What's on your mind - let's get it out there and see who's got an answer or just another point of view.

Thanks for reading, here - and there.

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