2009 – A Year to Remember - From the Chairman
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SECTION: From the Chairman

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2009 – A Year to Remember

By Bennett Closner

Article Date: 12-01-2009
Copyright(C) 2009 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

And we’ve got good things to accomplish in 2010, beginning with our new and redesigned meeting in San Antonio.

Holiday Greetings from all of us at AED. As you read this issue, the holidays will be upon us and 2009 will be drawing to a close. I imagine most of us will be looking forward to some time off to relax and reflect on what can only be described as "a year to remember."

I will look forward to 2010 with a fresh attitude and renewed energy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and the recovery can be envisioned. The AED Summit on January 20 to 22 will be the first opportunity for most of us to spend face time with our business partners in 2010. AED is offering a completely new, re-imagined event that is designed to be meaningful in many ways.

Please consider arriving on the 20th to participate in the "Start Us Up USA!" rally. You can learn more about this public relations event at www.startusupusa.com. It will be the fourth of these staged media events we have conducted around the nation – Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., preceded this rally, which should be the largest in terms of equipment industry participants physically present. AED and AEM are trying to get our message out to Congress about passing a multi-year highway bill, and the San Antonio event corresponds with lawmakers returning to D.C. Hopefully, the health care debate will have diminished and Congress can think about employment! I encourage all dealers in Texas to participate in the "Idle Equipment Caravan" that will be driving through downtown San Antonio during this event. As logistical details come together, AED will be sending you information as well as posting it at aedsummit.com.

Our thanks to the AED Officers and Directors who helped guide AED's actions this year. These distributor executives have given their time, experience, knowledge and resources to help steer the association through one of its darkest – yet finest – hours. In a year with so many challenges at their own businesses, they took time to help AED and its members. Please give them a "pat on the back" when you see them at the AED Summit. Congratulations to Mike Quirk (Wagner Equipment), who will begin his four-year term as an AED officer in January. I know from his prior service as a Director that he will continue to be a valuable asset to AED.

My sincere personal thanks to the two gentlemen who preceded me as AED chairmen and whose hard work paved the way for me: Paul Campbell (Wheeler Machinery) and Les Bebchick (Equipment & Systems for Industry). Paul provided strong leadership, improved our formal review processes, and implemented the AED strategic plan. Les was adamant about the need to retain and grow AED's most precious resource – its members. This can only be done by providing services that our members will value and in an environment "where they feel connected." Les was unrelenting in his quest to find new members and new markets that were closely aligned with our association goals.

In closing, the economic challenges over the past 18 months have been significant and may have lasting effects on our industry. Let's plan for the future while enjoying the South Texas hospitality and climate. As always, Toby Mack and I welcome your comments, so write to us at: jtm@aednet.org and bennett@closner.com.
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