"Are You Putting Out Fires or Looking Ahead Three to Five Years?" - Groundwork
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SECTION: Groundwork

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"Are You Putting Out Fires or Looking Ahead Three to Five Years?"

CED Magazine, November 2009

Article Date: 11-01-2009
Copyright(C) 2009 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Your support of The AED Foundation's 2010 Annual Fund Campaign will help produce more community-based, school-to-work technician programs for the future.

Attendees at the AED/QUALCOMM Executive Forum in September heard steel industry executive Don McNeeley pose the challenge in this headline. He admonished equipment dealers not to forget their role as the chief of their organizations.

Despite the blows the economy has dealt to the equipment industry, The AED Foundation has not stopped looking to the future, and has not forgotten its role in securing the abundant workforce AED dealerships will require when the turnaround occurs.

And it is coming. Are you looking ahead?

Product support personnel who have been cut over the last 12 to 24 months will be difficult to replace, having found jobs in parallel industries or entering new fields altogether. Consider this fact: By 2012-2013 it is expected that every industry will be short of technicians, resulting in fierce competition to hire the best and most qualified. Technicians are one of your most valuable assets and the best source of return on your investment.

This is an important time to continue to support the Foundation's Annual Fund campaign for workforce development. Through 22 AED Accredited Technical Colleges and one AED Education Alliance College, the community-based, school-to-work programs turn out more than 500 quality technicians each year. The continuity of this initiative is imperative to the future strength of our industry.

In addition to the Foundation's technical college accreditation program, your investment supports our broader workforce development program. Seven new Evaluation Team Leaders have been recruited and trained – these equipment industry professionals volunteer their time to travel to colleges and evaluate curricula against AED's rigorous technical training standards.

There's also AEDWorkforce.com, an AED Foundation site that provides dealers with qualified technician applicants within your specified zip code radius – dealers receive an immediate e-mail notification of each new applicant posting. Dealers are also welcome to search the nationwide listings on the site at any time for technicians in their area as well as those listed as willing to relocate. Dealer recruitment resources offered on the Dealer Tools page of AEDWorkforce.com are continuing to be developed and expanded.

Lastly, the Foundation has introduced a high-school initiative as a means to accomplish two key workforce and school partnership objectives. First, the bar can be raised as to the quality of secondary technical education programs. Second, it will facilitate technical colleges, technical high school programs, equipment dealers, and other industry businesses to communicate and develop strong relationships. The first high school to be recognized via this initiative, and as a pilot program, will soon complete all requirements.

It is time to plan for tomorrow. Please support The AED Foundation's workforce development initiatives as part of your business plan. Call Carol Schrader in the Development office at 630-468-5113, or e-mail cshrader@aednet.org for an investment form.
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