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At Last, an Economist Who Understands Business

CED Magazine, October 2009

Article Date: 10-01-2009
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Presenting at the AED Annual Meeting, NAW Chief Economist Alan Beaulieu makes take-aways for distributors Mission No. 1 

For many of us, economic forecasts fall short of giving us what we really need: Instructions on how to apply the information to our business. Enter Alan Beaulieu, who wants to change all that.

Beaulieu is a principal of the Institute for Trend Research (ITR), and unlike most economists, he has always been a business person first. "I have a business man's understanding of economics, not just the theoretical," said Beaulieu. "It makes a difference with people."

Beaulieu promises three concrete take-aways when he addresses AED members at the Annual Meeting to be held Jan. 21-23 in San Antonio, Texas.

"We won't just tell them about the economy," said Beaulieu, "but what will be and why." Secondly, attendees will get a clear list of leading indicators that they can follow long after the presentation is over. Lastly, they will learn how they can use the information in their business.

"What we hear most often from clients is that we have made economics understandable and applicable," said Beaulieu. And his client list is impressive. In the last 12 months ITR has been invited to speak at more than 200 events. Beaulieu serves as senior economic advisor to the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors and is chief economist for Heating Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI).

Since 1990, he has been consulting with companies that have a domestic and glo-bal perspective on how to forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis. Pronouncements from the Institute for Trend Research and/or Mr. Beaulieu have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Knight Ridder News Services, Business Week, Associated Press, The Washington Times, CBS Radio, CNN Radio, Sirius talk radio, KABC, NPR affiliate WLRN and numerous other outlets.

In these challenging times for construction equipment dealers, Beaulieu offers some hope.

"At the end of the presentation I want dealers to realize "it's not the end of the world. They can say, ‘I can make my life and world better.'"
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