If You're Serious About Your Goals, Start Here - From the Chairman
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SECTION: From the Chairman

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Contact Kim Phelan at (800) 388-0650 ext. 340.

If You're Serious About Your Goals, Start Here

By Bennett Closner

Article Date: 07-01-2009
Copyright(C) 2009 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Executive Forum will address every major issue you're going through.

The 2009 Executive Forum will be presented Sept. 10-11 at the Westin O’Hare in Chicago. Emphasis this year is on "survival today, strength tomorrow."

For those members who have not attended this event since it debuted in 1999, here is some background:

The Executive Forum was conceived as a mid-year conference for owners, executives and managers. The idea was to create an environment where the best minds in the industry might discuss and share their insights on the most urgent issues facing our companies.

The inaugural 1999 event was focused on the "roll-up of the rent-to-rent industry."

Wall Street firms were funding the purchase of local rental companies across the nation. The speed at which the roll-up was occurring was dramatic, and AED wanted to help owners understand all aspects of this phenomenon. In the ensuing years, the focus has shifted to various topics, each very timely and relevant to events occurring in that year.

Last year was no exception. The theme was "Surviving the Perfect Storm." Our members were facing a confluence of events, including the slowing economy, a presidential election, and what we learned later was a near-historic collapse in the stock/financial markets. Approximately 250 industry execs from dealerships, manufacturers and allied businesses gathered for a meaningful two days.

This year promises to be equally enlightening. A detailed preview of the Forum agenda is contained in this issue. The line-up of economic and strategic thought-leaders is impressive. We are also going to hear panels that will wrestle with the biggest issues confronting us right now.

A few executives have already said that one of the hot buttons is going to be the panel discussion about whether you need to buy a company, sell your own, or save your company with a turnaround – they feel that this is going to touch absolutely every AED dealer directly. I think this is true because, as I see it, our members presently fall into three general categories: Most want to emerge from this era in a position to grow; some have the desire to grow now; and some want to exit as soon as practical. The Executive Forum will help equip each of these groups to achieve their goals.

We at AED have noticed that attendees return each year, once they have attended the Forum. In other words, when you get a taste of the interactive synergy at this event, it’s hard to stay away. If you haven’t had this experience, I encourage you to make this year’s Forum a priority. I am confident you will find the content and the networking to be exceptional. The event is held at the Westin, only a few miles from O’Hare Airport. Most of us fly in Wednesday afternoon in time for some networking that evening, spend two days together, and get back home in time for dinner on Friday evening.

So please sign up for the Executive Forum now. It takes just a couple of minutes at www.aednet.org/execforum, or you can mail or fax the form on the page you pulled off the front cover of this issue. We believe you will find it rewarding – and thought-provoking. I invite you to join the regular participants, not because it’s tradition, but because of the value and takeaways we consistently get from this unique executive event.

If you have questions about the program or want to submit questions for the speakers and panelists to answer at the conference, call or e-mail Kim Phelan at AED: 630.574.0650, ext. 340, kphelan@aednet.org.

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