How Much is Too Much? - Editor's Note
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SECTION: Editor's Note

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How Much is Too Much?

By Kim Phelan

Article Date: 06-01-2009
Copyright(C) 2009 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

No question, some forms of information media can result in information overload, but a daily dose of what you care about isn't such a bad idea.

Will the real editor’s column please stand up?

Please pardon the interruption on the preceding page. Let me just add to that “fake” column that the dealer-manufacturer issues that surfaced in our survey in May are completely on the level; and while we as an association do tread lightly in the role of intercessors, there are ways in which AED can facilitate communication between dealers and their manufacturer partners. I’ll elaborate more on that before this page is filled.

Hopefully the other subject matter we’re planning at Forum resonates with you, as well – if we’ve managed to at least attract your attention and perhaps even pique your interest, I invite you to visit where you can view program details and, beginning in July, even read daily posts on issues we’ll be addressing at the Forum.


Ah, that does sound a bit ambitious, doesn’t it. Before I explain what we mean by “daily,” however, let me report on the results of another survey AED recently conducted about members’ adoption – or lack thereof – of social media. The purpose of the short poll was to determine if AED could satisfy an information need member executives – a platform, you might say, for professional information and dialog, beginning with the most sobering and urgent subjects confronting our industry, in order to best align this year’s Executive Forum with the thoughts and needs of equipment distributors.
This is what we learned:

  • Do you have a Blackberry, an iPhone or other Smart phone?
    Yes: 74.1% No 25.9%
  • Do you have continuous Internet access on your mobile device?
    Yes 68.1% No 31.9%
  • Do you use Facebook?
    Yes 19.8% No 80.2%
  • Do you use Twitter?
    Yes 5.2% No 94.8%
    (“Who the heck cares about what people think second by second?” wrote one respondent.)
  • Would you be interested in using Facebook and/or Twitter to receive updates on Executive Forum topics?
    Yes 25.9% No 74.1%
  • Which blogs do you currently read and comment on?
    90% said: None
A handful cited use of political blogs, Wall Street Journal, and LinkedIn.

These results did not surprise me, but one did disappoint me: Responding to the last question about blogs, one executive volunteered this reason for not using interactive information media: “I’m 60 years old.” For the present, I prefer to weigh the various media outlets on their own merits and relevance rather than on my age and tolerance for things that challenge my comfort zone.

Bottom line, the social media survey told us that the instantaneous, streaming-conscious, brain-drain style of interactive information channels is not widely used or perceived useful for busy professionals who must be protective of their time and, hence, selective in their information sources.

Nevertheless, I am pleased to announce that AED will launch a daily dimension to its online information offering in July, providing you with numerous brief and frequently updated perspectives about channel challenges, customer issues, the credit landscape, market trends, strategic planning, and more.
I hope you’ll meet us there – I’ll keep you posted on where. And, because I know how valuable your time is, thanks for reading.

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