Intermat 2009 Showcases International Innovation - Intermat 2009
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SECTION: Intermat 2009

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Intermat 2009 Showcases International Innovation

By Joanne Costin

Article Date: 03-01-2009
Copyright(C) 2009 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Dealers can look forward to new product introductions.

Even as the global economy falters, equipment manufacturers around the world pursue innovation. So for six days in April, construction equipment buyers and dealers will have reason to take their eyes off of the gloomy economic picture. Instead they can focus on the newest and most innovative construction equipment and technology on display at Intermat 2009.

Held every three years, Intermat features more than 2 million square feet of exhibition space, 1,500 exhibitors from across the globe, and a large 300,000-square-foot outdoor demonstration area. To put it in perspective, the area is larger than ConExpo 2008, held in Las Vegas. And of the three big equipment shows, ConExpo, Bauma and Intermat, Intermat is by far the most international, with 45 percent of attendees from outside France and 65 percent of exhibitors from countries other than France.
As this year so clearly demonstrated, what happens around the world is increasingly relevant to business in the U.S. and Canada. Building relationships and learning about global market trends through shows like Intermat can only broaden your outlook and open up opportunities. This is particularly true for a growing number of dealers who sell equipment in international markets.

A new addition to this year’s exposition showcases Intermat’s global perspective. It is a special symposium on sustainable roadways, led by the French committee of the World Road Association. Representatives from road equipment manufacturers, road construction firms and scientific experts on building sustainable roadways will participate in the program.

At a Pre-Intermat meeting held Jan. 16-17 in Paris, show organizers encouraged the industry to “stay the course,” during these trying economic times. Of the 80 companies who attended pre-Intermat, there were none pretending their current situation was anything other than difficult. If there were any doubts about just how difficult, they were gone after David Phillips, managing director of Off Highway Research, a consulting firm, presented a global forecast for construction equipment.

North America Not Alone in Its Woes
Phillips’ analysis revealed that of the eight major markets for construction equipment, only China remained in positive territory for 2008, up 15 percent over 2007. Only India (+15 percent) is expected to see a sales increase in 2009. And as bad as the forecast is for the North American market in 2009 (-25 percent), some European markets such as Ireland, Spain, the U.K. and Russia are expected to be equally miserable. In 2009, Phillips predicts India will emerge as the hot market, while China will be back on track for steady growth. And while the U.S. market remains attractive for its sheer size, declining sales will undoubtedly lower the market’s appeal among manufacturers.

According to Phillips, manufacturers who rely heavily on rental, as well as makers of compact machines, will fare poorly in 2009, while suppliers of medium and heavy equipment, as well as full-line suppliers with export exposure will fare better.

How Did We Get Here?
Phillips believes the financial banking collapse in September of 2008 created the industry’s “perfect storm.” And while the credit crisis may resolve itself in 2009, end users have little need for new machinery due to the large population of newer machines already in the market. High capacity may also put pressure on pricing.

“Recovery may not come until late 2010 or 2011,” said Phillips. “But who knows?”

In the meantime, Phillips believes the industry needs to prepare for a new round of bankruptcies, consolidations, and mergers and acquisitions at all levels of the market. In times like these, selecting the right partners takes on a new level of significance.

Organizers Still Optimistic for 2009
Citing the continuing need for innovation in the market as well as the quality and content of its programs, Intermat organizers remain optimistic about the show’s ability to pull in more than 210,000 visitors. Intermat’s close proximity to European countries, access to transportation and the appeal of Paris, make it a great draw.

To attract international visitors, show organizers have put together “Packages” to attract specific groups of international attendees. For example, “The Road Construction Package” includes VIP orientation services; participation in the sustainable roads symposium; a tour of the exhibition; a personalized visit with European builders; and a formal lunch for the international delegations.

Another package focuses on materials industry professionals. All other international visitors qualify for the “Prestige Package.” The idea is to provide visitors with a “tailor-made” Intermat that closely reflects the attendee’s interests and construction activity. An online welcome pack provides a host of convenient services such as free shuttle service, a VIP welcome at Charles de Gaulle airport, and access to leisure activities.

Innovation Award Winners Reflect Current Industry Trends
At the Pre-Intermat meeting, show organizers announced the winners of the 2009 Innovation Awards – highlighting equipment, technology, services and products that best meet the current challenges of the construction and materials industries. Judged by a panel of European professionals from the research and manufacturing sectors, the winning products will all be introduced for the first time at Intermat 2009. From 78 qualified entries, six products were honored.

The Innovation Award winners showcase major industry trends that will appear in many products exhibited at Intermat. For example, concern for the environment is manifested in a number of machines that highlight increased energy efficiency and reduced noise. Hybrid engines, such as the one from Mecalac Alhlman, which earned a gold award in the machine category, can cut fuel consumption by 25 percent. Visitors to the show will also see major changes in hot mix production machinery and in materials recycling equipment – changes that will increase productivity and energy savings.

Compact and easily maneuverable machines improve productivity by adding mechanical capacity at worksites where it was previously unavailable. Bronze award-winner Fayat will introduce Beluga at Intermat 2009. This extremely compact and easily transportable hot-mix production machine can be used near the point of application, thereby reducing emissions.

Safety is another theme evident among the Innovation Award winners. Earning a silver Innovation award was Made SA Sky Radio 2.0, a product that detects nearby medium and high-voltage power lines.
“The Innovations Awards demonstrate the ability of manufacturers to continue to innovate, to reduce environmental impact and improve productivity” said Jacques Allemand, director of FNTP, (National Federation for Civil Engineering, France). Allemand served as executive president of the jury that selected the winning products.

If you like what you see here, consider visiting Intermat 2009 for a break from the gloomy economic forecast. With thousands of new and innovative products on display, there’s no doubt you will find a reason to brighten your outlook.

Special Preview: New Products at Intermat 2009

Doosan 17-Ton Wheeled Hydraulic Excavator is Multipurpose
The new Doosan DX 170W 17-ton (37,478 pounds) hydraulic excavator extends the wheeled excavator line to five models. It’s a multipurpose machine that can handle ditch digging, pallet moving, municipal work, leveling earthwork, and debris removal. The DX170W is powered by a Doosan DL06 six-cylinder engine, known for its high torque, reliability and fuel economy. Its robust undercarriage anchors it when it digs, lifts or carries out precision work. Wide stabilizing outriggers and a parallel geometry blade enable the DX170W to lift, load and level. The machine can be fitted with a broad range of equipment and parts such as a blade, outriggers, variable boom, one-piece boom hydraulic and pneumatic lines. Stand 6 H 081

JCB to Introduce its Latest 6-Ton Mini-Excavator
JCB will launch its latest six ton mini-excavator, the new 8065 RTS (reduced tailswing). The unit promises users more power, greater safety and increased versatility. Replacing the 8060, the new 8065 is JCB’s most productive 6-ton machine ever. The new 8065 model features a new cab for unrivalled operator comfort and visibility; a new, 54.3-hp, Tier III Isuzu Turbo engine; and a 5-inch reduction of the machine’s tailswing. All of these features make it very productive when operating in confined spaces. A maximum dig depth of 14 feet, 3 inches and dump height of 14 feet, constitute a class-leading digging range. Stand 5B N 018


Klac+ Makes Bucket Changing Easy
Klac introduces Klac+, a new generation of quick hitches that make it quick and easy to change buckets. Covered by a new patent, the hitches are machined with high precision and have no functional play and a reduced number of spare parts. Three new models, both mechanical and hydraulic, can be fitted on hydraulic excavators ranging from 8 to 23 metric tons. The product is guaranteed for two years.
Stand 6 H 071

Made Sky Radio 2.0 Prevents Electrical Accidents
(Innovation Award Winner)
Sky Radio 2.0 is an operational aid that detects the proximity of high voltage electric in a free field, saving lives and reducing costs associated with accidents. It can be installed on concrete buckets, aerial buckets and any other equipment that can reach significant heights. Wireless sensors are positioned at strategic points and when the operator comes too close to a line, the sensors send a radio signal to an antenna located on the roof of the vehicle, which then forwards the signal to the central unit. The vehicle’s horn activates to alert the operator and the arm’s movement can be locked. Stand 5A H 066


Liebherr MK88 Mobile Crane Ready to Use in 15 Minutes
Successor to the MK 80, the new MK 88 sets new size, equipment and performance standards in the four-axle category. Compared with its predecessor, transport dimensions are unchanged, but the crane superstructure is distinctly larger. The result is a maximum hook height in the 45-degree super steep-angle position of more than 57 meters (187 feet.), and a maximum working radius of more than 44 meters (144 feet). The new MK 88 is extremely compact and is designed for use in tight urban areas. Since it can reach operating sites quickly, it is often used as a taxi crane, when customers need short-term load lifting capacity in restricted spaces. The erecting procedure for this “Taxi Lifter“ can be undertaken easily, quickly and safely without additional action on the part of the operator. After it has been raised onto its outrigger supports, the crane can be ready for use within about 15 minutes. StandE6 A 050

Grove Manitowoc Mobile Crane Features Special Truck Chassis
Grove Manitowoc’s GSK 55 combines the lift ability of Grove all-terrain cranes with the flexibility and mobility of a standard on-road truck. The GSK55 merges the upperworks from Grove’s GMK3055 all-terrain crane with a specially designed truck chassis that acts as a trailer. The customer can use the tractor of their choice to haul the crane to jobsites. The GSK is a more affordable option for customers who want Grove all-terrain performance from their cranes but do not necessarily need the off-road ability that the GMK range offers. The truck chassis has its own 93kW (124- hp) Iveco engine that provides full power to the GSK55, operating all the crane’s functions, including the outriggers. Because of its standard design, the crane does not need to be tied to any one brand of tractor. The maximum capacity is 55 metric tons and the crane has a 43 meter (141 foot) main boom. Stand E6 B 060


Manitowoc Launches CraneSTAR for Fleet Management
CraneSTAR, an OEM-produced fleet management system for the crane industry, is designed to help end users get better productivity and profitability from their cranes. Each crane is equipped with a Manitowoc-engineered telematics control unit to monitor major crane functions and provide operational data taken from the proprietary CANbus network or RS-232. Information is also taken from the load moment indicator. Data is transmitted to a secure database linked to a web server. Crane owners can access the information online, from any Web-connected computer or handheld device. CraneSTAR can transmit data over both GSM and satellite networks across countries and regions. A global SIM card allows full functionality across the globe. Stand E6 B 060

SIDEFLEX Tire Protection Deflects Rock Debris
The RUD group, with its subsidiary Erlau AG, has created the Sideflex, to protect tires from sidewall damage. Sideflex provides a robust but lightweight shield that deflects rock debris from the tire wall. Field-tested and patented, the Sideflex fits firmly within the wheel hub and almost brushes the ground, preventing sharp rocks from penetrating the tire wall. Stand 5B L 030


Bobcat’s First Wheeled Excavator
The 5.5-ton (12,125 pounds) E55W excavator is designed to offer high productivity, excellent fuel economy, enhanced ergonomics, improved reliability and reduced maintenance. The E55W is powered by a 40.8 kW (54.7-hp) Yanmar liquid-cooled diesel engine running at a maximum governed speed of 2400 rpm. Electronic injection, together with automatic idle, ensure optimum fuel efficiency. The 120 l (31.7 gallon) fuel tank allows the excavator to work more than two days without refilling. In addition to the normal trenching and groundwork jobs, the superior stability and lifting capacity of the E55W allow the excavator to be used for applications such as truck loading and unloading and moving pipes and materials in the working area. Stand 6 H 081

Long-Lasting Michelin XHA2 Loader Tires Are Built Stronger
The new Michelin XHA2 tires incorporate three new technologies: additional rubber in the tread makes the tire more damage-resistant; the sidewalls are strengthened with a special protective rib and anti-scrape shields; and crack rotation rubber compounds help to prevent flats. The tire lasts up to 9 percent longer than its predecessor, the Michelin XHA. The longevity of the Michelin XHA2 helps to reduce operating costs, while superior traction helps get the job done faster. The tread also makes the tire self-cleaning (expelling earth caught between tread blocks) while reducing temporary losses of grip. XHA2 tires are designed for loaders operating in quarries, cement plants and on construction and infrastructure worksites. The tires will be available in replacement markets around the world beginning in May 2009. Stand 5B J 030


Volvo ECR305CL Offers Short Swing with Big Power
The new 34.8-ton Volvo ECR305CL short swing radius excavator was developed to fill a growing need for short swing machines to work on congested jobsites and in confined areas. Precisely engineered weight distribution and increased swing torque give the new machine superior swing performance when working on slopes. Its new hydraulic system features full electro-hydraulic control. The compact body on the Volvo ECR305CL swings only fractionally outside its own track width – less than 80 mm (3.15 inches). For on highway work, the machine can safely swing within a typical single road lane width, minimizing disruption to traffic flow. The all-new, rounded cab is also designed to stay within the rear swing radius. A sliding door provides the operator with the ability to access and exit the cab even when it is positioned close to an obstruction. Stand 6 C 030


Dana Four-Ton Telescopic Boom Handler System
Dana’s driveline system for side-mounted cab teleboom handlers is designed to provide increased productivity, higher reach, higher lift capacity, and greater versatility to accommodate a wide variety of tools. With up to a 4-ton lift capacity, the system is composed of two Spicer Model 212 (23S027) axles, a Spicer HSY08 powersynchro transmission, and two Spicer 1410 Series driveshafts. The Spicer HSY08 powersynchro transmission offers either electric or automated range shifting with improved controllability. This transmission has a very low overall length to accommodate the short wheelbase of telescopic boom handlers, with lateral offset of outputs supporting parallel side-engine installations. The Spicer Model 212 steering planetary drive axle features an integrated steering cylinder with a 50-degree maximum steering angle and a 6-to-1 planetary final drive ratio. Stand 5B P 020


Trimble to Demonstrate Connected Site Solutions
Trimble will demonstrate its Trimble Connected Community at Intermat 2009. This Web-based set of networking tools allows heavy and highway contractors to connect with internal and external partners and clients. The Trimble Connected Community allows contractors to build information portals, share information and collaborate between head office management, site office teams, field crews, subcontractors, suppliers, engineers and clients on a project. The demonstrations will feature three crucial Connected Site workflows on the modern construction jobsite by showing how two-way data transfer and real-time communications increase productivity for site positioning, grade control, asset management, and the Trimble Connected Community. Stand 5A J 061


Fordia VisionR Downhole Survey System
Canadian manufacturer Fordia’s VisionR survey tool enables drillers to keep track of their drill holes and to visualize their exact path. Designed for mining and construction applications, the company offers three types of probes: SingleShot, MultiShot or AtWill. VisionR is fully equipped with Fordia’s new SecuR-Connect technology, a design that allows a secure and speedy connection between the top-sub and aluminum spacer bars, saving the survey tool from being dropped down the hole. Data can be viewed on-site through a USB memory stick. Stand 5A B 110 Offers Low Cost Auction Portal is new low-cost auction portal for buying and selling all types of construction equipment, industrial mining, recycling, agricultural and transport machinery. The site is designed to reduce transportation costs, the average time per transaction for the buyer, the time to auction, commissions and the risk of bad deals. A “My Freight” logistics calculator on the site calculates the total cost port-to-port. There are no registration or insertion costs for the users of the Web site. The company offers both standard and certified auctions. In certified auctions the company acts as a sales intermediary, and equipment is subject to an independent inspection. Stand 5A N 049

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