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SECTION: New & Improved

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CED Magazine, December 2008

Article Date: 12-01-2008
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Volvo to Offer Retrofit Systems New Huss product can collect up to 99 percent of diesel particulate matter emissions. Volvo Construction Equipment has partnered with Huss, a specialist in diesel particle filtration systems for exhaust aftertreatment, to produce retrofit systems for Volvo machinery. The Huss retrofit systems are capable of collecting up to 99 percent of diesel particulate matter (PM) emissions, exceeding California’s CARB Level 3 requirements (minimum 85 percent particulate collection). The retrofit system integrates into the exhaust system of the machine to collect particulate matter, and is equipped with a Huss Control Unit that constantly monitors filter function to precisely control diesel PM loading and regeneration. Active filter regeneration, through an integrated fuel burner system, typically takes place after approximately eight to 10 operating hours and is completed in five to 35 minutes. Engine exhaust backpressure is set to Volvo requirements. In addition to the PM reduction, the system does not increase additional NO2 or other secondary emissions. The system is applicable over a wide range of machines and machine operating conditions. The Huss technology is also adaptable to high-horsepower equipment (up to 700-hp) providing reliable double-filter installations. Intensive dealer training on system evaluation, installation and complete service and operating support is underway to ensure the correct application of the Huss technology. Volvo dealers will be able to guide their customers through the selection of the proper retrofit system, following expert evaluation of machine application and duty cycle. The retrofit system also meets the operating, quality, and reliability standards of Volvo construction equipment that have been established over many decades of construction equipment manufacture and service, and is fully backed by Volvo and Huss. The Volvo/Huss emissions reduction retrofit system may be installed on all Volvo equipment in customer fleets. End users using the system may be able to realize a significant cost savings by modifying rather than totally replacing machine engines. Equipment owners may also be eligible for state and federal grants as well as incentives for meeting the ever-increasing emissions requirements. For more information, visit  
Announcing JLG Attachments, Compatible with Three BrandsJLG Industries, Inc., an Oshkosh Corp. company, will soon launch a new family of common attachments for all three telehandler brands available in the Americas – SkyTrack, Lull and JLG. The single family of attachments – which include a grapple bucket, an eight-foot tower and a fork-mounted work platform – will use a common, quick-attach coupler across all three telehandler product lines. In addition, a variety of material buckets, truss booms and carriages of varying sizes and fork options are also offered. JLG’s compact telehandlers are not affected by this change. This series continues to be offered with its own line of application specific attachments.For more information, visit  
Terex Launches Super Quiet Generators Terex has launched all new Super Quiet Generators – models T70, T90 and T120 – that incorporate new standard features, including Tier III engines and 110 percent spill containment of all on-board fluids such as fuel, coolant and oil. The cabinet features an overlapping sheet metal design that reduces noise output and water ingress. With the operator in mind, the hinged rear panel and large engine bay doors were designed for ease of service for the machine and its electrical components. The generators are powered by either a heavy-duty Cummins or Perkins diesel engine – both are Tier III compliant. A Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) – also standard – provides a quicker response to changes in loads resulting in better voltage regulation for motor starting and nonlinear loads. The fuel capacity on all three generators offers 24 hours of continuous operation on one tank of fuel, and the standard idle run feature allows the Cummins engine to warm or maintain temperature in cold weather applications.For more information, visit  
Increase Fuel Efficiency up to 20 PercentA product discovered by the U.S. Department of Energy for NASA is now available to the construction equipment industry. Eco Synergy Guard of East Syracuse, N.Y., introduces Boron CLS Bond, which not only increases fuel efficiency up to 20 percent, but also reduces mechanical wear and lowers exhaust emissions.

This patented, biodegradable lubrication technique is a permanent bond that reduces energy consumption and extends the life of equipment. The cutting edge technology is unlike any form of lubrication and offers a reduction on fuel usage, friction, wear, component failure, emissions, repair and warranty expense. Two lines of biodegradable lubricants are available: MotorSilk Engine Treatment and LubriSilk Greases. The MotorSilk treatment is not an additive – instead it uses the oil system to carry the boric acid particles through the system. The LubriSilk Greases are an industrial lubricant line consisting of the highest quality neat PAO synthetic oils that are formulated into finished lubricants.
For more information, call 315-463-4131 or visit  
Bobcat Announces New Options for Compact Track Loaders Bobcat Company has announced its roller suspension system option, an improvement to the undercarriage and two new replacement rubber track patterns for compact track loaders.

The new roller suspension system is now available as an option on the Bobcat T250 and T300 compact track loaders, in addition to the T320. Bobcat has also improved the design of the solid-mount undercarriage on the T250, T300 and T320. The roller suspension system provides increased operator comfort through minimized vibration by using suspended rollers and high-strength steel leaf springs. Raised track idlers on the roller suspension system make the machine easier to turn. This is the first roller suspension system for compact track loaders that uses an all-steel design, including steel imbed tracks, rollers made of forged steel and shot-peened steel springs. Also, the undercarriage has a design that sheds debris and has clean-out holes to allow pressure washing.

The new Bobcat Multi-Bar Lug (MBL) and EarthForce Bar Lug replacement rubber tracks provide loaders with superior traction and ultimate operator comfort. Uniformly wound cables and the elimination of connection points help to create a highly durable track.

When compared to traditional tread patterns, the new Bobcat MBL track has a greater number of tread lugs per foot, which enables a softer, smoother ride. The new tread pattern minimizes vibration, thus increasing the longevity of the undercarriage parts and improving operator comfort.
For more information, visit
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