I Believe You Will Profit From This - Editor's Note
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SECTION: Editor's Note

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I Believe You Will Profit From This

By Kim Phelan

Article Date: 12-01-2008
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

There's just too much I'd hate for you and your managers to miss.

It would be terrible to hate what you do – or, for that matter, hate where you work, don’t you think? It’s one of the worst things I can imagine, but I know that people live in that world. It’s miserable to endure – or watch.I’ve watched it, and while we can’t necessarily fix it for others, the scenario serves to remind me how important it is to find meaning and value in what you do – in other words, believe in what you do. (Jeffrey Gitomer’s short article in this issue on page 96 has resonated with me!) It’s easy for me to believe in what I do here at AED because sitting in the editor’s seat is, in some respects, like sitting in a VIP box seat with season tickets, enjoying a front-row view on all the services and products, activities and programs continually rolling out of this place for dealers – the volume is quite astounding, and the level of excellence is, frankly, superb. (FYI: This is not association-speak and nobody tells me what to put on this page!) I’d like to tell you about one huge event that I’m especially psyched for. Zzzzzzzz.
No, wait. Don’t zone out. I realize that you may be ready to go find Bartecki’s column by now – surely taxes have got to be more interesting than this! (Ha ha, Garry, just kidding!) But please bear with me. I’ll try not to sound like a commercial, but I genuinely believe that you and your company will be better off as a result of engaging in something AED is doing for you.Since there is no drum roll sound effect, allow me, with as much pomp as you can drum up on your own, to present the Editor’s Picks for the very nearing 90th AED Annual Meeting & CONDEX trade show in San Diego. (Not that you care, but it’s my one-and-only favorite U.S. city and ultimate life destination before age 102!) Without further adieu, I humbly offer my Top 8 Reasons to Be at AED in San Diego. (8 is the age of my youngest child, and therefore a lucky number – next year it’ll be 9, and so forth.)1. Are you kidding, it’s San Diego – this should also be Numbers 2-8, but I’ll resist.
2. CONDEX is awesome – I love walking this exhibit and seeing the great products and business-savvy services all over this floor.
3. Yes, No. 3, according to the Rank of Phelan, is PriSim’s CONDEX exhibit where you can take the “3-Minute Test Drive Challenge,” and get acquainted with DealerSim, a revolutionary, hands-on business simulation experience that AED is rolling out in 2009: Three major, regional Business War Games events are scheduled for your current and next- generation leadership – you’ve got to put your hands on this at Booth 733!)
4. Jeffrey Gitomer is “out there,” and yet so right there where you are – and I wouldn’t miss it for anything. (Jan. 14, 2-5 p.m.)
5. Every free food and cocktail event we’re throwing! Period. (Thanks to all our generous sponsors – www.aednet.org/am)
6. The whole Manager’s Conference and Executive Seminars professional education thing: Why any AED dealer would even think of not doing these outstanding programs escapes me.
7. Hospitality Suites – one-on-one with your business partners in a relaxed, private setting.
8. It’s gotta be the Chairman’s Inaugural Evening. Cocktail reception. Auction. Dinner. Wine. Very cool ocean-explorer-guy keynote. Ice cream. Need I say more, other than, free?
I can’t wait to see you there.Thanks for reading.
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