Get 'em Attached to Their Work - Attachment Buyer's Guide
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SECTION: Attachment Buyer's Guide

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Get 'em Attached to Their Work

CED, July 2008

Article Date: 07-01-2008
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Attachment Buyer's Guide 2008

Adding an attachment to a machine sale is one addition that can make the deal. End users are looking for versatility and efficiency, especially in today's market. Offering a wide assortment of new and improved attachments to customers demonstrates the dealer's commitment to providing choices, staying current with new technologies and helping them make more money with beefed-up productivity.

It's clear from even brief product descriptions that manufacturers are responding to contractor demand for new and better attachments that help them get more and diverse types of work out of their machines - or from your rental machines. We're seeing a wide range of innovations and designs that build in new levels of durability and ruggedness for the full gamut of job applications.

But the engineering of today's attachments doesn't end with function and power - manufacturers recognize that achieving true efficiency also means respecting operator time and effort in the change-out of attachments, and that process continues to be simplified and accelerated.

What's on your customer's plate today? Digging, grading, breaking, crunching, raking, lifting, sweeping, piling - whatever the job, there's a tough, well designed attachment on the market to help him do it better, faster and with the same machine he used somewhere else yesterday.

ACS Industries

The patent-pending progressive EZLink Thumb provides greater thumb rotation as well as a reduced thumb tuck dimension while still allowing full cylinder clamping forces. The EZLink thumb uses a universal style linkage that results in one third the installation time required for a standard progressive unit. The universal linkage design features standardized wear parts and shorter pins for better parts interchangeability, availability and durability. EZlink thumbs are available for machines ranging from 8 to 50 metric tons and fit many of the shorter OEM sticks available. Purchase as part of a full package of attachments including ACS buckets, rakes, couplers and hydraulic activation kits to maximize the efficiency of any excavator.

AFT Trenchers Ltd.

The WizzWheel 75 MK 2 is the latest addition to the wide range of trenchers available from AFT Trenchers. It's a powerful and rugged wheel trencher for tractors from 90 to 160 hp (60-105kW) designed for installation of intensive sports turf drainage systems and also widely used for installation of fiber optic cables all over the world. The WizzWheel 75 Mk 2 has been redesigned to be pulled centrally behind the tractor giving increased visibility for the driver and greater control, particularly when shallow sand slitting. It still provides very high speed trenching, but with the added benefit of increased digging widths from 50 to 150 mm (2 to 6 feet). 

AIM Attachments 

The new HDT56 universal mechanical excavator thumb features a tough, AR400 steel structure built for a tight fit to work in coordination with any bucket - without wasted motion. AIM HDT56 Thumbs are 18 inches wide and 56 inches long. They are designed to fit 20,000- to 33,000-pound machines. Standard features include oversized alloy steel pins, specially designed AR400 steel tines with serrated edges, and three working positions. HDT56 Thumbs have been engineered to fold up tight and make storing a fast and simple process. AIM thumbs increase the versatility of any excavator, designed for use in waste handling, rip rap, demolition, and brush removal tasks. 

Allied CP 

The Rammer m-Series hydraulic impact hammer is built with a modular design made up of three major components: housing module, impact module and tool module. Maintenance is quicker, rebuilding is easier and all modules can be overhauled separately. Plus:

  • Modular design allows three modules to be overhauled separately
  • Adjustable impact energy matches working conditions for optimal performance
  • Constant Blow Energy (CBE) guarantees that all blows are at full power
  • Higher power to weight ratio with a heavier piston delivering more impact energy
  • Easy start or auto shut-off
  • Ramlube ensures continuous greasing to both bushings in all conditions
  • No tie rods or tie bolts.
  • Slip-fit lower and upper tool bushings are easily maintained and require no special tools

The SM Screener-Crusher can be used for a variety of jobs, including preparing excavated soils and rock for use in pipeline saddles and ditch line barriers, temporary anchoring of installed pipe, and - the primary purpose of the machine - for backfilling of the pipe prior to final grading. The unit can quickly pick up 2½ cubic yards of excavated soil and deliver screened fill onto the pipeline without damaging it. The excavator operator then empties larger rocks out of the bucket before picking up the next load.

Amulet Manufacturing Co.

The revolutionary StickGrip is great for long reaches. This solidly built, simple weld-on attachment inexpensively maximizes an excavator's grasping ability. By providing a positive grip profile on the machine's lower dipper stick, debris, logs, boulders and scrap can more easily be maneuvered. Amulet Manufacturing Co. is the premier manufacturer of heavy duty thumbs, tilt buckets, quick coupler, rakes and rippers. Selling quality products worldwide since 1984, Amulet sets the industry standard for attachment design and engineering.

Ashland Industries 

Ideal for small site preparation, the new Ground Hog 2500 scraper attachment moves three to four times the payload of traditional buckets, while tackling the extra weight with ease. When combined with compact power units, the 2.5 cubic-yard-heaped-capacity Ground Hog 2500 delivers the rugged reliability of a small self-propelled tracked earthmover and the maneuverability of a skid-steer - all with reduced mobilization costs. The Ground Hog is engineered to utilize its power unit for traction and hydraulics only, as its oscillating front beam and large caster shoulder the larger portion of the weight while minimizing any stress to the loader arms.

Asphalt Zipper Inc.

New for 2008, the AZ-550 Full-Depth Reclamation attachment is the most powerful and productive Asphalt Zipper yet. A powerful 203-hp Cummins (Tier III) turbo diesel with
an impressive 695 foot-pounds of torque combined with a new oil-cooled planetary
gearbox substantially improves production on heavier projects in up to 12-inch thick cutting depths. This is just one more example of how Asphalt Zipper attachments
give you the power and production you need at a price you can afford.

Atlas Copco

A new line of hydraulic demolition multi-grapple attachments offers an ideal solution for sorting and loading rubble, as well as demolition of masonry and wooden structures. The multi-grapples feature large hydraulic cylinders to provide powerful closing forces and short cycle times. Units in the new line include: the MG 2700 (5,975 pounds, 9.2 tons closing force), and the MG 1800 (9.2 tons) and MG 1500 (3,263 pounds), which both
have 6.9 tons of closing force. Each offers a standard 360-degree hydraulic rotation
unit that allows accurate positioning of the attachment to accelerate work progress.
The multi grapples feature two hydraulic cylinders to maximize closing forces.

A-Ward Attachments

The Pulveriser is designed to downsize large areas of concrete and separate difficult rebar quickly, quietly and efficiently. The mechanical pulveriser jaw makes fast work of concrete debris, operating at 10 to 12 working cycles per minute. It also has amplified force through the power-positive attachment coupling system, amplified bucket ram force and raised center tooth design, which forces crushing power at the point of engagement. The result is fast jaw speed and greater crushing power, which produces clean crushed concrete in 6 to 8 inch pieces. Also, the units are fitted with oversized fiber semi-self lubricating bushes for rigidity and less maintenance.


At 15,000 foot pounds, the BXR150 is designed for rugged, continuous duty for use in demanding breaking applications. It offers an extra long stroke design that improves the power-to-weight ratio of the breaker, providing the widest carrier range (120,000 to 220,000 pounds) and power available. Precise tolerances between the piston and cylinder provide high efficiency, blow rate and power. Large cross section upper and lower shock absorbing isolators reduce vibration feedback to the carrier. BTI's exclusive front head restraint system tightly guides the front head within the housing, reducing loading to the tie rods and the upper portion of the breaker. A narrow box housing design is well suited to tight trenching conditions.


BYG's one-piece ripper shanks are cut to length, formed and fully machined. The rippers are made of tough-abrasion resistant alloy steel and are thru-hardened for strength and maximum wear life. Main features include:

  • Durable: One-piece rippers shanks eliminate the risk of breakage on welded areas.
  • Tough: Ripper toughness is very high even under difficult conditions, such us high rates of strain combined with low temperatures due to the most modern steel used in all BYG shanks.
  • Strong: BYG shanks have better dimensional stability because they maintain the same thickness along the shank and thus sustain a smaller amount of permanent deformation.

Quickly turn your forklift into a "portable crane." Caldwell's new Winch Boom combines the reach of a forklift boom with the precise lifting of a winch, adding value and functionality to your lift truck. The Winch Boom fits standard forklift trucks and is an economical alternative to an overhead or gantry crane. It's available in fixed, telescopic and pivoting telescopic models with winch hook capacities of 2,000 or 2,400 pounds. Standard operation is 110 volt electrical and with optional DC or hydraulic winch operation available on any model.


The 5,500-pound CBI Stump Shear is designed for your 58,000- to 65,000 pound class excavator. The CBI Stump Ripper/Shear II weighs 7,000 pounds and is designed for a 65,000- to 90,000-pound class excavator, and the 7,300-pound CBI Stump Ripper Shear III is designed to fit on a 90,000- to 120,000-pound class excavator. The dual action shear uses the bucket curl function of the excavator to power the lower jaw utilizing two hardened ripper teeth to rake out large portions of the root ball, as well as uprooting even the most difficult stump while an auxiliary cylinder powers the massive T-1 Steel knife assembly through the stump, log or root ball.


The lightweight EDGE breakers are designed for use in tight work envelopes, sidewalk and driveway removal, or any tough demolition task. EDGE Breakers are available for use on mini-excavators and skid-steer loaders. The large-diameter piston provides high impact energy. These hammers do not require back head charging and all employ a through-bolt design with large reverse taper "CD" threads for greater surface contact and added strength. Skid-steer versions include standard mount, hoses, couplers and working tool bit. Excavator models include working tool bit. EDGE breakers are available in impact classes ranging from 150 foot pounds to 1,500 foot pounds.

Chicago Pneumatic

The new CP line of hydraulic breaker attachments covers a wide variety of applications, including landscaping, building renovation, road construction, trenching, demolition and secondary breaking. Suitable for excavators in the 26 to 75 metric ton weight class, three heavy-duty models are available with service weights ranging from 4,850 to 9,259 pounds. Four medium breakers weigh between 1,213 and 3,527 pounds, ideal for use on 9- to 34-metric ton carriers. Five light models, with service weights from 209 to 827 pounds, are suitable for smaller 1.3- to 12-metric ton carriers. The CP breakers feature an enclosed box design and elastic damping elements that isolate noise from the percussion mechanism and reduce harmful vibrations.

CJJ Inc.

CJJ, Inc./Quick-Attachments.Com introduces the 4-in-1 bucket that can be used as a bucket, dozer, clamshell, or bottom-dump. The 4-in-1 combination bucket, like many of CJJ Inc.'s buckets have pre-drilled holes along the cutting edge to accept an optional bolt-on blade.


Hydraulic breakers, stone grapples, shears and crushers - all with a two-year warranty - feature:

  • Seven suspension isolators that lower noise levels as well as reducing the impact to the main carrier during operation
  • Longer reinforcement that add strength and durability
  • T100 steel on our lower base plate to protect the unit from damage caused by debris
  • Total insulation on main body to reduce noise
  • Replaceable tool bushings
  • Dust home chisel - deeper heat treat penetration longer lasting than standard chisel
  • Auto lubes system (optional)
Compact Power - Boxer Equipment

Compact Power offers more than 50 standard and special attachments for all Boxer mini-skid models that are ideal for the landscaping, rental and construction markets and a wide range of other industries and applications. These attachments include a grapple fork, landscape power rake, hydraulic angle blade, McCullough cover up, rubble bucket, tiller, trencher, hydraulic 4-in-1 bucket, heavy duty forks, hydraulic tree forks, hydraulic plate compactor, auger head, augers 6- to 36-inch, leveler/ carry-all, cement bowl, hydraulic breaker, multipurpose tool, soil cultivator among others. Compact Power Inc., a world leader in the compact hydraulic power equipment market, specializes in products up to 50 hp and 5,000 pounds.


The Berm Grinder (BG) features include:

  • Offset design and low profile drum and housing allow for berm removal while leaving the guardrail intact.
  • Center pivot design places the down force of the skid-steer directly over the cutting drum.
  • Electric or hydraulic controls available to operate side shift and tilt functions.
  • Side shift allows cutting drum to reach under guardrails and obstructions past the
    skid-steer's tires and retract to a compact transport width.
Craig Manufacturing

The Hydraulic Angling Ditching Bucket has been redesigned in 2008 for increased articulation and bullet-proof protection of hydraulic hoses and cylinders. Custom grading opportunities are numerous when the bucket is tilted up to 45 degrees left or right. This versatility allows operators to build multiple grade planes without needing to move the excavator, which minimizes finishing work by ground crews.

Enterprising Europa-Socomec

EEI-Socomec has introduced a new heavy-duty line of breakers from 2,200 to 7,500 pounds. The breakers are manufactured using the highest quality steel, which is purchased from Sweden in blocks and is cut and machined at the company's factory in Italy. After the machining parts are heat-treated to achieve longevity, every part is inspected by the most stringent quality control before final assembly. The breaker comes with a 36-month warranty.

Erskine Attachments

The Industrial Grapple Rake is just one of many of Erskine's universal attachments designed to fit most of the modern skid-steers manufactured today. By purchasing our equipment, you will not be bound to any one skid-steer manufacturer. So, if or when you decide to change brands, you will not suffer from costly trade issues. Our universal attachments are compatible with any brand you choose to use so you can always take our attachments with you.

ESCO Corp.

ESCO Corp., a global leader in innovation and performance for wear parts in the earthmoving industry, presents the Ultralok Tooth System - the latest breakthrough in construction tooth systems. Unlike any other design in the industry, the Ultralok system offers a hammerless lock

HKX now offers "Pre-Assembled" hydraulic kits for excavators that reduce attachment installation times, complexity and experience required. Pre-assembled kit components drastically reduce the number of individual components resulting in faster and more consistent hydraulic kit installations with technicians of all experience levels. Pre-assembled kits maintain our color-coded, numbered and shrink-wrapped packaging, while also providing pre-assembled fittings, hoses and brackets for most of the components.

Industrial Buckets

 Industrial Buckets manufactures quality new attachments such as:

  • Rippers for Caterpillar, Komatsu, John Deere dozers, motor graders and excavators, as well as replacement ripper shanks for most models.
  • Conversion brackets for rippers (example Cat D8H,K TO D8N,R,T)
  • Buckets (General purpose and rock buckets) for backhoes, front end loaders, excavators and skid-steer loaders.
  • Root rakes and root plows for many applications. (Two-year warranty against manufacturer defects and one-year warranty on all hydraulics.)


IronWolf's new High Speed Slasher attachments are designed to tackle the toughest jobs and maximize the power from the crawler to the cutting head. The robust, high torque design is ready for any challenge. Applications include firebreaks, land clearing, land reclamation, low impact seismic mulching, right-of-way clearing and maintenance and site preparation. There are five models available.

John Deere

Two new attachments were introduced at ConExpo/ConAgg: Designed for backhoe loaders, the new Worksite Pro HH100 Hydraulic Hammer delivers 1,200 foot pounds of impact energy and features a compact design that makes it easy for operators to see what they're breaking. The new Deere R75 rock bucket utilizes fully gusseted tine tips on both sides for added durability and dependability. The tines are interconnected for increased strength. John Deere Worksite Pro attachments provide nearly 100 options to enhance productivity by providing versatility and unparalleled ease-of-use, thanks to the universal, self-cleaning Quik-Tatch system.


The KL series (new generation) contains the same proven features of the original Kenco models, including a unique automatic actuator that allows for hands-free barrier movement. With a sleeker design, the new generation lift boasts a large range to handle a concrete barrier wall from 6 to 12 inches wide. The elastomer pad surface adds even more gripping power to the wall. Lifting capacities range from 1,500 to 30,000 pounds. Models are available in capacities to meet specific job requirements.


Powered by the hydraulic system of the excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders and wheel loaders, Komac's TOR Series hydraulic breaker shatters through heavily-
reinforced concrete and rocks in less time and at lower cost than comparable attachments, according to the company. The TOR series offers an auto grease system that holds grease for up to 6 hours on a job, and it's easy to refill. In addition, the TOR series has a blank firing prevention system, which prevents damage to the cylinder and piston, minimizing maintenance costs. The TOR series can also be used under water.

Leading Edge

The Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper bucket for ripping and digging rock is now available for the 120 metric ton (220,000-330,000 pound class) size class excavators. The wider version of the bucket now has five shanks. The SHARC "staggered shanks on an arc" technology allows the Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper bucket to slice through rock - without any extra hydraulics. The power comes from the curl function, boom force and the crowd force. The principle uses a bucket along with the power of the excavator to create a 100-percent breakout force when each tooth comes into contact. The staggered ripper teeth fracture the substrate in sequential order.


The Lemac Stump Shear is now available in two models - either mechanical or hydraulic. The mechanical model requires no additional hydraulics. Pinning on in place of the bucket, it utilizes the excavator's bucket cylinder to power the single blade jaw through the tree stump. The hydraulic version has a greater opening and generates quicker and more powerful cycle times. The shear's outer jaw has two ripper spikes, which have oversized replaceable ESCO teeth.


A new line of Carbide Cutters are available from Loftness/US Attachments. The cutter heads are available in 51-inch and 61-inch cutting widths. New features focus on a new housing design that creates a two-stage cutting chamber. The cutters aggressively cut 6 inches of material with a minimum of 48-hp. They intermittently cut material 10 inches or larger.


The XRF Trencher line offers more choices and added benefits while maintaining the durability and performance features of the standard line of XR trenchers. The new line offers reduced weight, an improved center of gravity, better visibility, improved stability and a more compact package - all for a lower price. The XRF series also promises easier trench starting due to a tighter location to the loader's mounting plate. There is a significant performance increase due to the improved traction of the base machine.


The 2008 Maverick HSP Series of Hydraulic Hammers are designed and built to give continuous reliable production at the absolute lowest possible cost per ton. There are 15 hammers in the series for use on carriers ranging in 1,600 to 140,000 pounds. The series is manufactured with precision internal components and a severe duty Hardox steel case, enabling the hammers to deliver extreme, non-stop performance. Maverick Hammers also carry one of the best warranties in the industry, according to the company.


MBW's boom-mounted universal vibratory platform can be fitted with an assortment of vibratory wheels or vibratory plates, depending on soil type and work area constraints. With the boom-mounted plates, the full down pressure of the host machine can now be brought to bear. This is a significant development considering that traditional shear type isolators long used on boom-mounted plates have always limited the amount of down pressure that could be applied. MBW's patent-pending advance in compression isolation design provides dramatic gains in productivity.


The new "Push Pull Silt Fence Plow" allows silt fence to be installed with a skid-steer driving forward. The machine can be pushed or can be swung around to allow the machine to be pulled backwards. Offsetting the machine can be done to the left or the right in either front or backward settings. Features include a 1-inch thick mole board knife with replaceable cutting tip, spring loaded coulter, 90-degree rear pivot swing for tight turns and a swing dampening cylinder with swing lock. The plow is capable of installing up to 48-inch silt fence.


The TwinLock fully automatic universal quick coupler has been designed to enhance on-site productivity while providing optimum safety. It features a new jaw shape along with two nonhydraulic safety devices designed to minimize the risk of operator misuse and maximize onsite safety pertaining to attachment pick up, release and general operation. The TwinLock is the only pin pick-up quick coupler in the world to incorporate this unique twin back-up safety system, hence the name TwinLock. An additional and unique feature, the retaining jaw, has been designed to provide a reliable way to release a bucket or attachment, as it is only possible to disengage in a safe and controlled manner.


Get both the impact force of a hammer and the digging power of a conventional bucket with NPK's Breaker Bucket. Several interchangeable attachments are available - standard chisel pins, a breaker plate, tamper plate, and asphalt/frost blade - and are designed to increase the Breaker Bucket's versatility. Easily accessible compressed air connections make it easy to use the Breaker Bucket under water.


The Top300 hydraulic breaker is ideal for use with excavators in the 31-47 metric ton class. This 7,500 foot pound class breaker is ideal for the toughest rock and demolition applications. The Top300 incorporates an internal grease passage that allows easy interface with the Okada Auto Lube System, which provides a longer life for the working tool and bushings. Also included with the Top300, as well as seven other Okada excavator-sized breakers, is the unique anti-vibration hose system and long stroke piston design. These features assure a smooth running and hard-hitting combination. Okada breakers are custom made for hassle-free mounting on any carrier of your choice.

Pierce Pacific

The Mega-Extrex Super Long Reach Booms by Pierce Pacific Mfg. are ideal for deep trenching, as well as mining sand and gravel. For deep trenching, the booms optimize the digging envelope, where in mining, the booms replace and out produce draglines. Booms are available for machines ranging from 40-350 metric tons. The Mega-Extrex package includes the main boom and stick sections, stick cylinder, bucket cylinder and linkage, all boom and stick plumbing, additional counterweight and choice of deep trenching/slurry wall/mining bucket size and style. The package requires standard excavator boom hoist cylinders, machine to boom hydraulic hoses and boom foot pin.

Road Badger

The Road Badger was created out of necessity to fill the void of efficient equipment to maintain and rehabilitate lower volume, unpaved and lightly surfaced road networks. The Road Badger attaches to the rear of a power unit, such as a grader or a tractor, and is used to rehabilitate and extend serviceability of gravel, cold mixed, oiled and dust-abated roads. It provides increased production, fleet utilization and versatility, reducing operational and maintenance costs for these roads. The amount of road resurfacing materials needed is reduced when using the Road Badger. Applications include cold/mix lightly resurfacing roads, retrieval and re-mixing of existing aggregate.


The EZ Dig system for mini excavators is the ideal digging tool for trenching jobs where soil conditions are sticky, hard or filled with rocks or roots. The system is designed with multiple spades, one behind the other, to chisel multiple cuts with every curl cycle. The number of spades is determined by the machine size. The EZ Dig guarantees operators will dig faster in sticky soil conditions because the system doubles the amount of material moved per pass, and the spades dump cleanly. In addition to spades for different width trenches, the system can be used with other tools, including rakes and rippers.


Rotobec's Clamshell Buckets feature an optimized design and the use of very high tensile and wear resistance steel, which allows for a light weight attachment in relation to the bucket capacity, thus providing increased performance. The buckets offer high pressure hydraulic cylinders rated at 5,000 psi with double cushioning and bolt-on heads for effective maintenance. The structure of the buckets features an integrated mechanical stopper for pins and cylinder protection, a synchro link system for synchronizing the shell's opening and closing motion, extra wear-resistant steel and optional bolt-on cutting edges. The rotators offer full 360-degree continuous, hydraulically powered rotation.


The SAS Scorpion Engine Puller is ideal for recycling and scrap processing operations. The puller mounts to any wheel loader with or without a quick coupler. The innovative hydraulic system only requires one auxiliary hydraulic function. The Scorpion puller is mounted on SAS heavy-duty crushing forks designed for severe duty applications.

Sidewalk Grading Systems Inc.

Sidewalk grading and highway shouldering can be completed more efficiently and quickly with the SGS Sidegrader, an improved version of the SGS 2000. In three years of operation the grading system has completed over 4 million feet of grade. The patented Sidegrader consists of a heavy duty grading blade, a Topcon Paver System 5 Slope Sensor and Control Box, a custom sure grip control handle, and a grade stick with a Stabila digital level. Extensions, accessories and hand tools are available. SGS makes electrical, hydraulic and mechanical modifications to the excavator so that it will accept the Komatsu-approved attachment. Removing the Sidegrader only takes 30 minutes and allows full use of the excavator.


Solesbees' new SERG-173 skid-steer rock grapple is engineered for land clearing, demolition, site preparation and brush handling. This versatile attachment is available in three popular widths: 66 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches. The grapple features replaceable bucket teeth and is an ideal fit for use on rocky terrain separating rocks, concrete, logs, brush and stumps while leaving dirt behind.


The Demolition Quick Clamp's integrated thumb and dual cylinder design make it an ideal attachment for heavy demolition, scrap handling, land clearing and much more. The quick clamp also offers quick installation, heavy-duty construction, ease of operation, heavily protected cylinders and hoses, the elimination of mixed/match bucket to thumb and recessed ears to maintain pin to tip radius with the use of a coupler or standard OEM ears.

TAG Manufacturing

The Ultimate Attachment Combo for hydraulic excavators maximizes the production and versatility of excavators. The combo includes TAG buckets, which are designed to increase efficiency with their dual-tapered and double-radius profiles. A fully hydraulic pin-grabber quick-coupler with its double redundant locking and safety features make it easy to change attachments quickly and safely with in-cab controls. TAG also offers a hydraulic main-pin thumb, both in standard and progressive-link, with or without a coupler.


Seven new models of hydraulic transverse cutting units are now available. Featuring transmissions with patented gear reduction technology, these attachments are designed for use with the Terex family of excavators (models ranging from 4,400 pounds to 132,000 pounds) and with Terex tractor loader backhoes for excavation, scaling and demolition work. The units are ideal for a variety of uses including trenching in pipeline construction, building renovation, demolition and road construction. The units feature heavy-duty spur gears and bearings, and are powered by a low-speed, high-torque hydraulic drive motor ranging from 24-hp to 190-hp and have a hydraulic flow ranging from 8 gpm to 158 gpm.

Tiger Mowers

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