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Get 'em Involved

By Christian Klein

Article Date: 06-01-2008
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Building a culture of employee political participation.

Christian KleinThe next two years are going to be among the most challenging AED has faced in the nation's capital.The Highway Trust Fund is on the verge of bankruptcy and the search for new money is going to make the 2009 reauthorization the muckiest since the federal road program was created in the 1950s. Death tax repeal will be front and center as the tax goes away entirely in 2010, but comes back in 2011 with a 55 percent top rate. Health insurance reform - always a top priority for AED members - is going to be a high on the agenda in the next Congress. And who knows what curve balls the new presidential administration (be it Republican or Democrat) will throw our way.Thanks to the involvement of equipment industry leaders around the country, AED's political effectiveness has grown enormously in the last decade. But as we look to the future, having one or two committed individuals at our member companies supporting AED's lobbying efforts won't be enough. Our success over the next several years will depend on expanding political participation within the industry and enlisting equipment industry employees to help us advance our collective efforts in Washington, D.C.The good news is that workers understand the connection between their pocket books, their company's profitability, and politics. Fifty-three percent of employees surveyed by the Business-Industry Political Action Committee said they wished their employers would provide more information about issues and how they impact their jobs, and 24 percent said that employer-provided information made them more likely to vote.Your employees don't want to be told how to cast their ballots, but they do want information on the issues that matter to your company and their jobs, and on how candidates voted on those issues. Here are some things you can do to get your employees the information they're looking for while starting to build a culture of employee political participation in your company:First, direct your employees to Our grassroots Web site lets them see how your representative and senators have voted on AED's top issues and how your lawmakers compare to their peers. You and your employees can also use the site to send messages to Capitol Hill about pending legislation, and even register to vote!

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