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Whatever The Job, There's an Attachment to Do It

Written By: Pam Gruebnau

Article Date: 07-02-2007
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

From feller-buncher to roller, from trencher to screen, there are very few roles an attachment can't fill.

The Tramac V2500 from Ingersoll Rand - for carriers from 60,000 to 88,000 pounds - features a one-piece bushing that, with the principal wear parts, is field-replaceable without removing the breaker from the carrier or removing any tie rods. Up to 2.5 gallons per minute can be diverted through the integrated flow control to protect the breaker from carrier overflow. A high back-pressure tolerance of 363 psi allows the Ingersoll Rand Tramac V2500 to be easily installed on a wide range of carriers.

The V2500 senses changes in material hardness and automatically adjusts the breaker to the optimal combination of impact energy and striking rate. The energy recovery system recycles recoil energy and adds it to the next blow. The blank fire protection feature prevents metal-to-metal contact that can damage the breaker.
For more information, visit

Gensco Equipment's Grapner is a new multipurpose bucket/grab designed specifically for use on truck-mounted cranes. In addition to handling loose material, rocks, etc., it can be used to excavate when suspended from a hydraulic boom without stress on the crane. The unique variable geometry design with hydraulically articulating bucket shells enables solid ground penetration in all terrain types, and the Grapner is equipped with an ejector to scrape off materials that might stick to the buckets. Shells can work together or independently in applications that include excavation, landscaping, piping and material/rock handling. For more information, call 800-268-6797 or visit www.genscoequip.com

The Road Badger rehabilitates and extends the serviceability of gravel, cold mixed, oiled and dust-abated roads. Attached to the rear of a power unit such as a grader or tractor, the attachment is effective on most roads with a sub-base of material indigenous to the locale. The road base is constructed using compacted material with traveling surface of two inches or more on top. This traveling surface is made of gravel (normally aggregate and fines) or oil can be added to create an oiled surface road. Addition of an emulsified asphalt product produces a cold mix pavement.

The Road Badger uses a patented scarifier and disc system to break up the road surface and work the existing gravel, emulsifiers and dust abatement products to restore the road surface, remove surface defects and provide an improved traveling surface without disturbing the existing grade. On cold mix pavement roads, the machine breaks up the pavement, which can then be refreshed, reshaped and re-compacted.

The 19,800-pound Road Badger is 13-feet-2-inches long and 8-feet-6-inches wide. It requires a four or all-wheel drive or tracked power unit with a GVWR of 38,000 pounds or more. Depth is controlled in ½- or 1-inch steps to a maximum penetration of 6 inches. For more information, visit www.roadbadger.com

Caldwell's Concrete Barrier Grab quickly and easily places and removes concrete barriers hands-free to eliminate man-hours attaching chains, increase overall efficiency and reduce damage to barriers. Barrier Grab's capacities range from 8,500 to 29,000 pounds to handle barriers 6 to 12 inches wide at the top. For more information, call 800-628-4263 or visit www.caldwellinc.com

EEI-Socomec's new PDO Series crushers work on excavators ranging from 1.7 to 13 tons. Opening, closing and rotation are activated with one electric solenoid valve, and all models feature continuous 360-degree rotation. Crushing force ranges from 15 metric tons on the PDO 200 to 35 tons on the PDO 650. Cutter force ranges from 40 to 100 tons. For more information, visit www.gallmac.us

The Werk-Brau Multi-Tine Universal Rigid Thumb is designed for those who use a thumb to assist in material retention or demolition only occasionally and want a more economical thumb. Specifications include high grade T-1 steel in critical components and two working positions. The design allows the thumb to be stored in a retracted position against the stick, and the thumb won't interfere with bucket lugs or quick couplers. The Thumb fits most makes and models of large excavators. For more information, call 800-537-8561 or visit www.werkbrau.com

Craig's new hydraulic power-tilt bucket for excavators tilts left and right 45 degrees. The new bucket design fills easier, and profiled side cutters assist with material handling. Hoses and grease fittings are easily accessible, and high wear strips are standard. An optional bolt-on edge (shown) is available. For more information, call 800-565-5007 or email sales@craig-mfg.com

The ALLU SM processing attachment can screen, crush, aerate, mix, separate, and load quickly and efficiently materials like soil, mulch and green waste. Screening sizes range from less than 1 inch to 5 inches, and specially designed drums and blades guarantee homogeneous screening. The attachment, which can be used with skid-steers, backhoes, excavators, and wheel loaders, works with the base machine's hydraulic system. For more information, call 800-939-2558 or visit www.allu.net

The Lemac Demolition Processor combines a powerful twin-cylinder design with a unique jaw configuration to deliver both quick demolition and efficient processing of reinforced concrete structures. The single piercing tooth on one jaw concentrates the crushing force. The 360-degree power rotation is standard. The processor fits excavators ranging from 16 to 80 metric tons. For more information, call 888-465-3622 or visit www.lemaconline.com

Hot Slag Loader Buckets from Rockland Manufacturing are designed to hold up under the extreme conditions generated by hot and cold slag. Once considered waste, slag is now specified for many applications. Depending on its source and composition, slag can create wear problems for standard loader buckets. Rockland's Hot Slag Buckets are engineered to match the application, including the temperature of the slag, number of handling cycles per hour, re-handling of cooled slag, working with slag pots or pit systems, width and height clearances, and other factors.

End plates, bucket shell and cutting edges are manufactured with extra thickness to withstand the warping and wear that can occur when handling hot slag. A sloped-bottom design with replaceable skid pads reduces bucket bottom and corner wear, and hardfacing is available for additional wear life. For more information, call 814-623-1115 or visit www.rocklandmfg.com

Fecon's RF-800 Soil Hog features a patented synchronized gearbox linkage to protect the tractor driveline. With a working width of 79 inches and the ability to work above and below ground up to 12 inches, the Soil Hog handles site-prep, road construction, landscaping, landfill and construction. The Soil Hog grinds stumps up to 12 inches in diameter. An optional grading roller option is available (shown in photo). For more information, call 800-528-3113 or visit www.fecon.com

Solesbee's Heavy-Duty Fork Carriages, designed for use in construction and utility applications, handle pallets, pipe, equipment and lumber when attached to a wheel loader. Features include breakout-force-rated tines, easy tine adjustment, tine clips to keep the tines from swinging out when dumped, and optional tine lengths and back frame heights. All Solesbee's Heavy-Duty Fork Carriages mount in place of the standard bucket using factory pins or coupler brackets. For more information, call 800-419-8090 or visit www.solesbeesequipment.com

Gator Grapples new Mini-Buncher works on a skid-steer loader or 6- to 12- ton mini-excavator. The 1,550-pound Mini-buncher has a capacity of 16 inches with 15 degrees of tilt in either direction. Two grab arms securely hold trees. Operation requires hydraulic oil flow of 15 to 25 gallons and a 2500 psi hydraulic system. For more information, visit www.gatergrapples.com

The 300 series breaker from UB Equipment easily attaches to skid-steer loaders, mini-excavator, backhoes, and excavators with a cradle-style bracket; there are no bracket bolts to break. Thirteen hammer models, ranging from 350 to 10,000 foot-pounds of impact, are nitrogen gas-assisted to deliver higher impact energy and faster blows. The replaceable tool bushing is easily rebuilt. For more information, call 626-813-1591 or email DonnaUB@aol.com

Bradco's Magnum Mulcher is ideal for clearing applications that include land development, rights-of-way, remediation and reforestation. The fixed-tooth cutter/mulcher head is the most aggressive cutter head available today, according to the company, and is configured to mount close to the base machine to provide better overall machine balance. Models are available for excavators ranging from 16 to 35 tons. For more information, call 800-922-2981

PSM's Cynch excavator pin grabber quick couplers allow an operator to change attachments from the safety of the cab with the attachment firmly on the ground. The patent-pending locking mechanism includes five features built within the coupler to prevent unintended release of the attachment. For more information, visit www.psmcorp.com

The Amulet Hydraulic Tilt Bucket is a full feature excavator bucket that tilts 45 degrees each way. The bucket uses twin heavy-duty, guarded, double-acting hydraulic cylinders and induction-hardened pivot pins and bushings. Bolt-on edges are available. For more information, call 707-822-2282

The patent-pending Single Pointed Ripper Bucket from Leading Edge Attachments is a new style ripper/bucket combination for excavators and backhoe-loaders that allows the operator to efficiently rip rock, coral shale, caliches, decomposed granite, limestone, sandstone, asphalt or frozen ground; pry out and carry stumps or boulders; rip a clean narrow V trench for laying utilities; and scoop and load material. The design uses HARDOX 400 steel slab sides arranged in a V shape connected to a structural member that holds a single replaceable tooth.

By ripping a narrow V shaped trench, a utility line or cable can be laid in the bottom of the trench, minimizing the amount of rock to be ripped. If rock bedding is required, the quantity of material is reduced.
For more information, call 866-928-5800 or visit

Allied Construction Product's extreme Skid-Pac takes the Ho-Pac vibratory compactor technology and puts it into "motion." Mounted on a skid-steer, the Model 1000 travels quickly over flatwork, delivering more impact energy. The Skid-Pac features an errorless four-function valve, maintenance-free oil splash bearing lubrication, a larger eccentric with mass further away from shaft centerline, and a 9-foot square base plate.

The attachment fits all manufacturers' skid-steers weighing 4,000 to 14,000 pounds.

Changing from bucket to Skid-Pac in minutes eliminates the need for a walk-behind plate compactor or ride-on roller.
For more information, call 800-321-1046 or visit

The new Slasher SST from IronWolf, with an auxiliary engine package, is designed to mount on crawlers for superior mobility. The Slasher Series features a cutter assembly with a 10-foot-wide cutter drum 40 inches in diameter to cut up to 8 inches deep. The new Slasher uses split-system hydraulics to maximize horsepower and torque. Applications include clearing and mulching standing trees, brush and stumps; creating a clear, stable soil base; site clearing and site preparation; and site excavation of frozen soil. For more information, visit www.ironwolf.com

Atlas Copco Construction Tools' MB 700 Hydraulic Breaker, for excavators in the 10- to 18-metric-ton weight class, has only two moving parts and no high-pressure accumulator. The breaker requires a hydraulic flow of up to 32 gpm at 2,465 psi for a maximum of 800 blows per minute.

Features include AutoStart, which allows the MB 700 to start operating as soon as it contacts the material; a VibroSilenced damping system to alleviate excess noise and vibration; and ContiLube II, an automatic lubrication system mounted directly on the breaker that eliminates the need to manually grease the breaker before each use. The optional DustProtector feature prevents dust penetration by utilizing a reusable sleeve that contacts the working tool at the base of the breaker, protecting the inner mechanism from the damaging effects of dust.
For more information, visit

The Holms SP Broom is driven by two direct-acting hydraulic motors big enough to handle the oil flow of most large wheel loader brands. The broom does not require support wheels. For more information, call 704-663-3460 or visit www.holms.com

Young Orange Peel Grapples are designed to handle scrap metal, refuse, demolition debris and many other loose materials. Rotation is continuous (360 degrees) and bidirectional for fast positioning of the grapple and load. Features include armored hydraulic hoses that are well protected inside the grapple, sealed pin joints that retain grease and keep dirt out, replaceable abrasion-resistant tips and hydraulic cylinders with heavy cylinder walls, oversized rods, heavy rod shrouds and hydraulic cushions for shock absorption. For more information, call 800-321-9090 or visit ww.youngcorp.com

Using the Felco Backfill Conveyor, the operator places material in the hopper and sends it the length of the conveyor into the trench (past the trench box). The conveyor removes truck requirements from the trenching operation and eliminates spoil stockpiling to maximize digging time. It helps prevent clean-up costs and potential damage to private property. The custom swivel conveyor option attached below the end of the main conveyor can be rotated to allow the operator to place spoils exactly where they are needed. For more information, visit www.felco-ind.com

The Lowe Model XR-21 trenching attachment is available in 2- to 5-foot digging depths, and 6- to 12-inch trench widths, and includes a 50,000-pound anti- back flex digging chain; removable, double-flighted spoil auger; a grease cylinder tensioning system; and standard manual side shift or optional hydraulic side shift.

Lowe has designed this trencher to be more powerful and durable. As the performance capability of skid loaders increases, Lowe is building attachments to maximize their usefulness and help the equipment owner obtain better performance from his overall investment. For more information, call 888-344-5693 or visit www.loweman.com

Wedgelock Equipment has recently released a new-generation hydraulic coupler with what the company calls "instant safety." U.S. National Sales Manager Cameron Noble says, "The I-Lock Coupler is being well received by U.S. dealers due to the fact that the I-Lock is the only coupler world wide offering instant and independent safety." According to the company, The Wedgelock I-LOCK coupler has multimodel capabilities and uses the proven "wedge locking principle"for the primary lock. For more information, call 888-418-3311or visit www.wedgelock.com

Stanley LaBounty's MWS Wood Shears now feature a heavy-duty pivot group, and an upgraded mounting pad, arm and associated pins. The shears use the existing bucket cylinder and linkage and don't require additional hydraulic circuits. The MWS 40 is designed for excavators in the 18- to 27-metric-ton class and the MWS 80 is for excavators in the 32- to 45-metric-ton class. For more information, call 800-522-5059 or visit www.stanley-hydraulic-tools.com

The new EDGE Silt Fence Installer from CE Attachments handles 36-, 42- and 48-inch width fabric in large, medium or small diameter rolls. The Silt Fence Installer offsets 72 and 84 inches to work close to obstacles such as buildings, sidewalks and driveways. The attachment operates in a forward direction on a tractor and a backward direction on a skid-steer loader. For more information, call 866-232-8224 or email info@ceattach.com

The Geith Claw auto-lock quick coupler handles a wide range of attachments on a variety of machine models. The first coupler of its kind with a hydraulic check valve and a locking system to prevent accidental release in the event of hydraulic failure, The Claw allows complete monitoring of the status of the attachment connection at all times during the operation cycle.

Unique patented safety features include a positively activated pin-lock that must be powered off to release the attachment, and all functions are operated from the cab. The compact design of the coupler minimizes any compromise to excavator performance, and both hydraulic and manual models are available. For more information, visit www.geith.com.

Okada America's Cut Series line of primary demolition attachments fits carriers ranging from 6.5 to 50 tons and handles concrete crushing and structural steel processing. With 360-degree free or hydraulic rotation, the attachment works easily in confined areas where the carrier's mobility is restricted. A patented hydraulic speed valve decreases cylinder cycle times by 40 percent, using the return hydraulic oil out of the cylinder to produce faster speeds and increased productivity. Standard features include high-strength alloy cast steel body and jaws; hardened four-way cutting blades; an extra large crushing cylinder; and abrasion-resistant, high-strength fracturing teeth.
For more information, call 800-270-0600 or visit

Cherrington's mobile self-loading screener screens out rocks and debris for site development. Soil is lifted onto a reciprocating power screen and objects larger than the screen-like rocks, roots and debris-are retained and carried by the loading flights to the hopper. Screens can be quickly and easily changed to meet different job specs, removing objects from ½ to 10 inches in diameter, 3 to 6 inches deep. Screening widths range from 3 to more than 6 feet.
For more information, call 800-966-1588 or visit

Promove hydraulic hammers range from 270 to 10,000 pounds to fit excavators up to 70 tons. The breakers operate using a nitrogen gas/oil principle to deliver very high energy and productivity and low oil flow requirements. The high back-pressure allowed makes initial installation and set-up easy. Frequency and working pressure are easily adjustable to meet optimal breaking performance. Blank-firing prevention avoids damage to the hammer components. An automatic greasing system assures ideal lubrication of bushings and insertion tools.

Promove has a worldwide distribution network and is now expanding its presence in North America. For more information, visit www.pmvpromove.com

The VTS-Versatile Track System from Loegering uses an aggressive rubber track that bolts directly to a skid-steer's standard hubs in less than one hour. Forward placement of the front idler wheel maintains flotation and stability, while the rear idler positions the track underneath the ballast of the machine to increase traction and flotation. The VTS provides bi-directional suspension that adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other and evenly distributes horsepower and machine stability on uneven terrain. For more information, call 800-373-5441 or visit www.loegering.com

HKX's new Thumb/Tilt Combination Kit simplifies the thumb and tilt combination on excavators by combining them into one circuit, eliminating the need for additional lines from the boom. A diverter valve, controlled from the cab by a two position switch, is mounted at the top of the arm and between the gussets, protecting it from the working environment. Tilt operation gets its oil from the thumb retract and will not operate until the thumb has fully retracted. For more information, visit www.HKX.com

The Logix Processor (LXP) multijaw processing attachment from Genesis Attachments is available in sizes to fit excavators in the 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-metric-ton classes. The LXP allows quick, safe changeovers between jaw sets and a dramatic boost in power compared to other multijaw attachments, according to the company. The unique design maximizes the power curve available with each quick-change jaw set. Change-outs between jaw sets can be done in less than 15 minutes. For more information, call 715-395-5252 or visit www.genesisattachments.com

For full-time material processing and demolition applications, the patented Allied-Gator MT Series Multi-Tool out-performs, out-produces and out-lasts every other processing attachment, according to the company. Eleven sizes range from 700 to 52,000 pounds to work with any size carrier from skid-steers to mass excavators. For more information,

Ingersoll Rand's new CB-140 breaker has an operating weight of 1,102 pounds and an operating pressure of 1,881 psi to fit carriers weighing 14,000 to 30,000 pounds. Two strong retaining pins and locks keep the bushing and tool in place, and an automatic pressure regulator ensures constant energy with each blow. A fully enclosed, reinforced and dampened cradle reduces noise and vibration. The breaker has fewer moving parts and no tie rods, can be disassembled quickly without special tools, and has bushings, pins and tools that can be removed without taking the breaker off the carrier. For more information, visit www.ingersollrand.com

The new Coneqtec/Universal AP Pro Series Heavy Duty planers have a true two-speed direct-drive motor that allows shifting from high speed to high torque with the flip of a switch. The patented open drum eliminates re-milling and the front-down design and center pivot eliminate bouncing and reduce noise and dust. Sizes range from the PRO 300 with a 12-inch cutting width and 378 teeth to the PRO 1000 with a 40-inch cutting width and 108 teeth.
For more information, call 888-832-3462 or email


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