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SECTION: Market Focus

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Keep Your Technicians Happy

Written By: Mary Sedor

Article Date: 03-01-2007
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Provide the service trucks that can help them be more productive.

According to AED's 2006 Construction Equipment Market Study, 95 percent of end users say service and product support are either "very important" or "important" factors when determining where they buy new equipment.

With so many end users relying on these factors as their main reasons for choosing a dealership, dealers must have the proper tools to provide that service. A reliable service truck is one of the most important purchases an equipment dealer can make, especially when an end user is stuck in the field waiting for a field technician to get him up and running.

Coincidentally, one of the most important factors for dealers when purchasing a service truck is the availability of a local distributor to provide quality product support.

Another major factor influencing the purchase decision is the expected service life of the body. Maintainer's bodies have a typical service life of seven to 10 years. Stellar Industries says their bodies last six to eight years and the life of the crane can substantially exceed that. Iowa Mold Tooling says their customers can expect their service bodies to outlast two or three chassis. And the Tiger Crane from Service Trucks International is expected to last 20-plus years with proper maintenance.

Whether you're heading into your replacement cycle or expanding your product support sales efforts, check out what's new with service trucks this year.

Now More User Friendly

Iowa Mold Tooling's Dominator IV service trucks are now more user-friendly. The Dominator IV is the largest truck in the IMT Dominator mechanics truck family, and, according to the company, the new model is the only mechanics truck on the market that can handle an 80,000-foot-pound telescopic crane.

Dominator trucks are the lightest on the market; the patented floor structure reduces service body weight and allows the technician to haul more payload. IMT has added new patent-pending three-point door latches, single-hand operation of the tailgate, rain eaves over the compartment doors, a patent-pending shelf hanger bracket system for quicker adjustment of the shelf layout, a new workbench bumper surface with increased storage capacity and an overhang at the rear for clamping, improved visibility of rear LED taillights and sidepacks for more storage.

IMT has also released a new crane, the 8025, rated at 80,000 foot-pounds; it has more lifting capacity than any other IMT telescopic crane.

For more information, visit

Do More With One Truck

Technicians can now do more with one service truck. Maintainer's new Signature Series 5 introduces a new service body design with lube features. The Signature Series 5 service body features a Maintainer 10000 Series Tall Tower Crane with a hexagonal boom design, 24 feet of reach and a 10,000-pound maximum capacity.

The 14-foot service body made of 12-GA galvannealed A60 has single-piece aluminum doors and a 26-inch workbench bumper with vise mount. It also features a closed-center/load-sensing hydraulic system. The lube package includes four 100-gallon product tanks, hydraulically driven oil and evacuation kits, and an air-driven grease pump kit.

The company also recently introduced a new tire jib option for use with Maintainer cranes to make changing extra-large tires easier. The tire jib works with Maintainer cranes, has a 3,000-pound lift capacity and extends the crane reach by 2 feet. The low-profile design allows the jib to fit between the tire and wheel well. Other features include an end hook for easy load attachment, lightweight construction and easy installation.

For more information, call 800-831-8588 or visit

10,000-Pound Maximum Lift

Stellar Industries recently introduced a new telescopic crane for use with its T2 service body. The T2 body has an isolated crane compartment constructed of steel material capable of handling the lifting capacity of Stellar cranes. The new crane - model 10628 - features a 55,000-foot-pound capacity and can lift 10,000 pounds to 51/2 feet.

A state-of-the-art fully proportional radio remote allows operators to see the load being lifted from a safe distance. The "trigger" also allows the operator to feather the crane for precise control. The new crane features hexagonal boom construction and it maximizes winch speed by incorporating a planetary drive winch system with line speeds to 60 feet per minute. A planetary winch also provides mechanical and hydraulic brakes for added security.

For more information, call 800-321-3741 or visit

29.5 Feet Of Reach

Two new models of Tiger Cranes from Service Trucks International will be available this spring. The Tiger Crane model 1479, rated at 72,000 foot-pounds, is a hydraulic crane with 29.5 feet of reach and a lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds.

The crane features the Auto II Speed technology, which limits the crane's loaded top speed. Once the crane senses a load, the Auto II Speed technology reduces the top speed of all the cranes functions, while allowing full resolution of the trigger on the wireless remote control.

The second new model, the Tiger Crane 3215E, is a hydraulic crane powered by an integrated 12V DC power system. It's capable of lifting 3,200 pounds, features 15 feet of powered reach and has an 11,000-foot-pound rating. The model 3215E has been enhanced with improved integrated electronics that eliminate the ability to "bounce" pass the overload.

This safety feature, keeps the operator from getting the load into an unsafe lifting angle.

For more information, call 800-225-8789 or visit

Custom-Designed Trucks

Summit Truck Bodies provides factory direct service trucks custom designed for your dealership. Standard service trucks feature galvaneal construction, a cab guard, lights in all compartments, three-point lock, 22-inch deep side packs, D-rings in the cargo area, a receiver tube and a seven-way trailer plug. Lube skids and lube bodies are also available.

For more information, call 866-739-5537, or visit

Prevent Cabinet Cracking

Cabinet cracking and cabinet structure failures are eliminated with Feterl's Service-Star heavy-duty service truck bodies. The bodies feature sleeved sub-frames that net a lower bed height. When combined with an independent crane tower to distribute the crane loading energy to the sub-frame, the side cabinets are isolated and no longer absorb load deflection. The main body and cabinet features 10 gauge steel cabinets and doors. The increased cabinet material adds strength and corrosion resistance, providing as much as 80 percent more material than most competitive bodies, according to the company.

For more information call 800-367-8660, or visit

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