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LBX Supports AED Dealer Training

CED, April 2008

Article Date: 04-01-2008
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Link-Belt encourages its dealers to participate in AED Foundation training by paying for a portion of the cost.

Link-Belt (LBX) Co., an excavator manufacturer, proactively works to ensure that its dealers become the top in the industry by encouraging them to use AED Foundation training programs. Mike Davis, director of marketing and sales for LBX Co., explains that the company allows its dealers to use a portion of their co-op money to pay for training or memberships in associations. Based on the number of orders dealers place with LBX, they get a certain percentage of that money back in their co-op accounts to offset various expenses. Typically the co-op money is used for promotion and advertising. In addition to using their co-op money to promote themselves to end users, LBX will pay up to 35 percent of their training through The AED Foundation, as long as the dealership has money in their co-op account. "We try to promote developing the dealers into better businesses because when they improve it strengthens our business," he said. "That's why we help offset some of their training expenses. We're really trying to help the dealers improve and we see AED as a big asset to helping them do that."Davis says LBX expects its dealers to be members of AED because of the value the association offers. "We think the AED Foundation is one of the greatest untapped resources by most dealers," he said. "I don't know why a dealer would be a member of AED and not take advantage of that resource if he's truly committed to growing his business." Since starting the program last October, LBX has acquired a lot of interest from dealers to use their money for AED Foundation training. "We're serious when we say there has to be a partnership between manufacturers and dealers," said Davis. "We're trying to put our money where our mouth is."
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