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SECTION: A Closer Look

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A Cut Above

Written By: Mary Sedor

Article Date: 12-01-2005
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The Zanetis Group manufactures advanced attachments and maintainers.

With the plethora of equipment and attachment manufacturers in the market today, manufacturers have to work harder to set themselves apart in the eyes of dealers and end users.

Zanetis Power Attachments, a manufacturer of an advanced line of high-flow power attachments, and Pavement Services, a manufacturer of paving-related whole goods, are working to do exactly that.

Zanetis Power Attachments

Both companies are part of the Zanetis Group, owned by Christopher Zanetis. Zanetis founded Alitec Attachments in 1988, specializing in high-flow skid-steer power attachments. The company was sold to Woods Equipment in 1999. In 2005, Zanetis Power Attachments was formed to manufacture an advanced line of power attachments.

"On the attachment side, we were pioneers in the early high-flow systems," says Zanetis. "Even though Zanetis Power Attachments is a new name, we're not new in experience. There are a lot of the same people who worked for Alitec on the staff now. They have a lot of knowledge."

Zanetis Power Attachment products are designed for larger skid-steer loaders, and have more power and a higher hydraulic capacity.

"Our theory," says Zanetis, "is that attachment companies out there have not advanced their attachment designs with equipment improvements. With skid-steers, the new designs of attachments are heavier and larger."

An example of Zanetis' innovations includes the recently introduced lateral cold planer with a patent-pending feature that allows the operator to rotate the milling head perpendicular to the skid-steer.

According to Zanetis, this is an excellent attachment for traffic milling. With one lane coned off, if the operator wants to make lateral cuts he doesn't have room to fit the entire skid-steer. But with the Zanetis cold planer attachment, he can rotate the head 90 degrees and mill perpendicular to the direction of traffic.

"It's a huge safety and productivity improvement," says Zanetis.

The company has plans to introduce an advancement in wheel saw technology for skid-steers soon. The new attachment can cut up to 2 feet deep and in a 3 foot diameter. "It's a big reduction in size and cost," says Zanetis.

Pavement Services Inc.

Pavement Services (PSI) specializes in paving-related whole goods, principally maintainers and motor graders. PSI was started in 1995 with the acquisition of an articulated grader and the former Puckett brand of maintainer from Gehl. What sets PSI's products apart from other pavement product lines is their smaller size.

"Our products can supplement what a dealer offers," says Zanetis. "Paving contractors need a roller, but they also need a maintainer or a small grader on the job. Dealers can have a more complete portfolio to be more competitive."

The latest product from PSI is a four-wheel-drive maintainer introduced this summer. The machine weighs 7,000 pounds and has a loader bucket on the front that has an overall dump height of 10 feet.

In addition, it has a skid-steer quick-attach on the front loader arm enabling the operator to use a variety of attachments.

"It's much more convenient to use the maintainer and add attachments to sweep or an auger to drill holes," says Zanetis.

Wanted: AED Dealers

While both PSI and Zanetis Power Attachments have established distribution - primarily AED dealers - Zanetis says he wants to add more AED dealers.

"The AED dealer profile is a good match for our product type," he says. "AED dealers have a long history and know the market. We fit right into that portfolio. Our products don't require them to get out of their knowledge base, and we're helping them become more profitable."

According to Zanetis, although 2005 was the first full year for Zanetis Power Attachments, the company already has dealers in a dozen metropolitan markets.

"On the attachments side, the exclusive distribution arrangement is unique," he says. "Our advanced designs translate into better profit margins and better inventory turns."

Because the Zanetis products are unique, dealers know the customer won't have five other quotes on the same product, says Zanetis.

Distribution on the PSI side is also exclusive.

"The small maintainers and graders we make are unique in the industry," says Zanetis. "The specs are unique, the products are unique and when a dealer goes to promote the product line there isn't an apples and apples comparison for the customer to price shop."

The Zanetis Group's relationship with its dealers is a high priority, and the company employs four field service staff people to help dealers and provide customer service.

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