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SECTION: Market Focus

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Light The Way To Profit

Written By: Mary Sedor

Article Date: 09-01-2006
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Use lighting products to enchance your bottom line.

From light towers to balloon lights, lighting can "light up" your bottom line, whether by supplying more of your customer needs, adding to your rental sales, or opening up a new markets, including crime scene investigation, disaster relief, drilling, landscaping, and road repair and maintenance.

To improve upon the sales of lighting equipment, manufacturers say dealers must know the equipment and their customers.

Knowing the size and general layout of the jobsite is important in order to recommend proper lighting.

"Often contractors complain that they aren't able to illuminate their entire work area," says Doug Dahlgren, product manager for Allmand Bros. "This not only slows down the job, but can prove to be dangerous. Whether allowing workers on the site to move around freely, or to allow them to see pedestrians who may be passing through the jobsite, sufficient light is tremendously important."

In addition to more traditional lighting products, dealers might want to consider balloon lights, a relatively new addition to the lighting market.

To sell balloon lights, Marc James, product manager for Ingersoll Rand says, "Much of the sales effort is getting the word out on the features and advantages compared to conventional lighting systems."

No matter who the customer is, lighting products can highlight your customer service, expand your rental operation, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

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