AED Dealers Wanted - A Closer Look
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SECTION: A Closer Look

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AED Dealers Wanted

Written By: Mary Sedor

Article Date: 09-01-2006
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Rulmeca is expanding its North America dealer network.

As dealers strive to be total solutions providers, products that add convenience and safety can only add to the bottom line. According to Rulmeca Corp., the company's motorized pulleys are an excellent line for dealers that sell crushing and screening equipment.

The company says its AED membership is essential to serving the U.S. and Mexico markets because motorized pulleys are an integral part of portable crushing and screening equipment.

"We joined AED in 2005 in the hopes of expanding our authorized distributor network," says Mike Gawinski, president, "and AED's Annual Meeting & CONDEX did not disappoint."

Sealed For Reliability

Rulmeca, headquartered in Wilmington, N.C., was established in 2003 to serve the North American bulk material-handling industry. The company, together with its parent the Rulmeca Group, manufactures motorized pulleys and conveyor idlers for mining, processing, and transporting bulk materials, including taconite ore, phosphate rock, granite and limestone. Rulmeca products include Rulmeca motorized pulleys, as well as Precismeca and Rulmeca belt conveyor idlers and pulleys.

According to the company, what sets Rulmeca's pulleys apart from others is that the motor is hermetically sealed within the shell, preventing wear and tear from harsh environments.

"Having the motor on the inside ensures longevity and reliability," says Gawinski.

The motorized pulleys were introduced in 1953 for use on conveyor belt applications. The aim was to produce a compact, hermetically sealed, highly efficient conveyor drive unit that would be unaffected by the environment, and easy to install and maintain.

Today, the motorized pulley is a highly efficient squirrel cage induction motor hermetically sealed in the motorized pulley shell, which is fitted with bearing housings, which rotate on a fixed shaft. The only outside moving parts on the pulley are the pulley shell and bearing housings, which make for safer operation. The motor stator is fixed to the shaft, and the winding cables passes through one of the shafts.

The pulley is oil-filled, which acts as a lubricant and a coolant. Heat is dissipated through the shell into the conveyor belt. A typical pulley requires manual lubrication, but Rulmeca's main bearings are located inside and are splashed with oil.

"This product does well in harsh environments because it's hermetically sealed," says Gawinski. "The design also increases longevity and is safer. "

The Wilmington, N.C., plant assembles 8½-; 12½- and 16-inch-diameter pulleys to a maximum of 20 hp. Heavy-duty pulleys, such as a 3-ton model, come from the factory in Germany.

"Each of our models can be assembled a million different ways, and they're made specifically to customer specs," says Gawinski. "We have all the parts and pieces, and we assemble them when our customers order them."

Turn-around time is fast. According to the company, a customer in Missoula, Mont., 2,600 miles from North Carolina, called on a Friday afternoon and needed the pulley immediately. Saturday afternoon - just 26 hours later - the pulley was delivered.

AED's Dealers Wanted

Rulmeca is looking for AED dealers. According to Gawinski, they joined the association because of it's reputation for attracting outstanding dealers.

"We're looking for dealers," he says. "Our strategy is to establish long-term relationships with high-quality dealers, and we think AED is an excellent source for finding these knowledgeable and established dealers.

"Joining AED and attending CONDEX for the first time this year did not disappoint us. When we attended the annual meeting in San Diego, we began relationships with three companies to give us coverage where we had none previously."

They're already gearing up for CONDEX 2007.

"Our corporation is like a family and that attitude permeates our entire company," says Gawinski. "That trickles down to better service for the dealer and the end user. We think it's extremely important to reinvest in our people and our dealers. We're trying to grow slowly in order to provide long-term service to our customers.

"We realize we'll never capture half of the available market, but a small niche of a $600 million market is still a substantial amount of business for Rulmeca and our distributors."

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