A New Way To Excavate Rock - A Closer Look
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SECTION: A Closer Look

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A New Way To Excavate Rock

Written By: Mary Sedor

Article Date: 04-03-2006
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Rock Tools Inc. is looking for AED dealers.

While rock saws have been a staple in the construction equipment industry for years, one model offers a unique take on rock removal.

Rock Tools, based in Denver, manufactures hydraulic tools, including saws, breakers, hammers, twin headers, multi-processors and rotating crushers. The company's Rock Saw excavator attachment can cut straight down a vertical wall.

Rock Tools parent company was formed in 1988 in Sydney, Australia. The company's founder, Steven Belcher, worked in the quarry industry and recognized a need for this type of saw. Rock Tools began importing the saw from Australia three years ago.

A Unique Design

The Rock Saw was developed in conjunction with excavation and civil contractors in Australia. It provides fast, efficient and precise cuts in rock and concrete.

Designed as an attachment for backhoe-loaders and excavators with operating weights of 8,800 to 200,000 pounds, it can cut as high and as low as the boom will reach. The saw comes with a blade diameter of between 4 feet and 10 feet 6 inches, depending on the model.

"It's the only saw in the United States in which the blade is attached to the motor and housing on just one side," says Michael Price, Rock Tools sales manager. "That allows the user to make a precise, vibration-free boundary cut on a vertical wall or the side of a trench as high or as deep as the boom can reach.

"Demolition contractors are no longer constrained to using hammers or pulverizers. With our saw, they can cut through rebar."

The offset nature of the attachment places the blade outside the width of the machine, enabling a virtually vibration-free cut precisely where the end user wants it. According to the company, this design not only provides increased productivity because only one machine is required, but it also improves profitability because it gets the job done faster.

"It offers a significant cost savings, given that it's an attachment and not a proprietary machine," says Price. "The beauty of the saw is that it will achieve precise cuts in the quarry, eliminating volumes of waste."

Ideal for use in quarrying, mining, civil engineering and demolition, the Rock Saw has tungsten-carbide tips on the blade that can be replaced quickly and easily. In addition, the hydraulic circuit has been designed to optimize motor life by ensuring constant lubrication under normal operating conditions.

Rock Tools also offers a full line of hydraulic hammers. Combining oil and gas power provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio and maximum performance, says Price. The hammers are available for machines ranging from 8,800 to 160,000 pounds. The box- type hammer reduces maintenance costs and fatigue. An advanced percussion system reduces vibration to both the carrier unit and the operator.

Dealer Benefits

During the three years Rock Tools has been importing the Rock Saws, the company has been selling direct. However, they are now looking for dealers - specifically AED dealers.

"Our products are unique and are value-priced, so it would be a good match for both us and dealers," says Price. "Our products will give the dealer a price advantage over his competitor."

According to Price, AED dealers provide the end user with additional support and service, which are both important to the manufacturer.

"Our dealers are important to us, and we make the utmost effort to provide them with the best service," says Price. "AED dealers have a level of sophistication and service that we find extremely important in establishing distribution in the United States."

The Rock Tools line is unique.

"Dealers that want to take something to market that no one else has and be able to make a dollar should consider Rock Tools Inc.," says Price. "Our products give them a jump on the competition. The end user won't have a dozen quotes for the same type of equipment from a Rock Tools dealer."

Rock Tools has technicians and mechanics on hand to assist dealers with product support.

"We strive to ensure our dealers are satisfied in every aspect, no matter what the inquiry is," says Price.

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