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To Add Profit Add an Attachment

CED, July 2005

Article Date: 07-01-2005
Copyright(C) 2005 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Equipment Sales are strong, and there's never been a better time to imcrease profit by adding an attachment to that machine sale.

Fast Processing and More Power
Process material more efficiently and with more power with the XP Mobile Shears from Genesis, a Paladin brand. Faster cycle times result from the combination of a large-bore cylinder with the proprietary hydraulic regeneration valve. The large bore long-stroke cylinder features a 20-percent increase in power at the apex and a 10-percent increase at the throat and piercing tip, to deliver more power than any other shear, according to the company. The cutting blades are four-way indexable with four useable cutting edges. A patent-pending two-piece bolt-on piercing tip can be replaced in less than 30 minutes.

For more information call 715-319-5252 or visit

Full-Feature Tilt Bucket
Amulet Manufacturing's new Hydraulic Tilt Bucket offers shaping, ditching and excavating abilities with one bucket. The bucket tilts 45 degrees each way for a 90 degree range of tilt. Wear is minimized with induction hardened pivot pins and bushings. The buckets are sized to fit base machines from 9,000 to 100,000 pounds. 

Also, Amulet's new G2 PowerClamp hydraulic thumb features an improved curved profile and tooth bar for improved grasping and handling. The new design features a custom positioned bucket-specific tooth bar. It is also available in non-linkage or progressive linkage for use with or without a quick coupler. The G2 rotates 180 degrees.

For more information, call 800-526-8538 or visit

Pick Up Any Attachment With Any Machine
Pick up attachments bracketed for different makes of machines with the new Rocklock hydraulic excavator coupler from Rockland. The coupler is fully automatic and features a variable pin center design so the operator never has to leave the cab to change attachments. Rocklock couplers feature independent hydraulic and mechanical safety systems and can be used with a variety of machines. Other features include a certified lift eye and a two-function control box. 

Also, Rockland's new SR Grapple Rake has "no-snag" hose routing, standard cylinder guards, sealed pins and bushings at all pivot points, a reduced tooth angle for easy loading, a bolt-on hydraulic access cover, and a 1-year 2,000-hour warranty. SR grapple rakes are available with a variety of options, including flat (not curved) teeth, linked clamps, brush guards, and extended cylinder guards. According to the company, all SR rakes are competitively priced and in stock for immediate delivery.

For more information, call 800-458-3773 or visit

Innovative Solution
IronWolf's Slasher offers a unique solution for a variety of applications including site clearing, mulching standing trees, brush and stumps, creating a stable soil base, and site preparation and excavation. The Slasher offers a cutting depth of up to 8 inches, which eliminates root raking done in traditional applications. The environmentally friendly Slasher mulches as it works and incorporates the debris back into the soil to create a stable soil base, eliminating the need for burning.

For more information, call 405-872-1890 or visit

Extend The Operating Range Of Your Excavator
PSM's new hydraulic thumb features curved progressive links, allowing the thumb to have a full range of motion extending out and around the quick coupler. The Maximum Rotation Thumb has a 162-degree rotation that allows the thumb and bucket to be fully extended, giving the attachment more power and mobility. Dual progressive links prevent thumb body twist.

For more, call 800-373-3514 or visit

No Need For Permanent Installation
Scrap handling is easier with Gensco's Dynaset hydraulically driven magnet. No longer does the Dynaset require permanent installation and wiring on the excavator. Instead, the unit is now equipped with a hydraulic power and control system in a small package right on the magnet, eliminating the need for permanent installation. This mobility reduces costs while increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the machine.

For more, call 800-268-6797 or visit

Booms For Every Application
Pierce Pacific high reach, intermediate, and LEX demolition booms are available for hydraulic excavators of every make, model and year. The booms can be customized to suit unique applications. The company designs, assembles, and tests fabrications such as demolition booms before any manufacturing takes place.

For more information, call 800-760-3270 or visit

Low Maintenance Costs
The PS Series hammers from Promove feature long maintenance intervals and a competitive price. With the PS series there is no need to change the return line - instead all you need do is attach the hammer, regulate the oil flow and the hammer is ready to go. A blank firing system protects the hammer from damaging tools, retainers and chuck housings by preventing if from starting if it is not on the ground. Also, once the rock is broken, the hammer stops. A simple screw valve allows the operator to regulate the energy of the stroke according to the hardness of the rock. The square section cylinder features tie-rods inside, which extends tie-rod life and provides high resistance to stress.

For more information, visit

Exceptional Strength and Durability
The new Miniforst from Brush Technology designed for skid-steers with high flow hydraulics has exceptional strength and durability, thanks to a forged steel rotor. A new tungsten carbide-tipped fixed knife rotor is also available. The hydraulically operated door is fitted to allow larger material to enter the machine. 

Also, Seppi has made significant improvements to the Forst M, including adding a larger diameter rotor with the option of a swinging hammer or fixed knife. The attachment is equipped with a new generation Deutz 170-hp air-cooled diesel engine and an independent drive engine that allows the machine to work on a track or wheel loader with torque converter transmission.

For more information, call 763-428-5099 or visit

No More Plunging or Stalling
The Bradco Stump Grinder's frame design incorporates grouser pads to stabilize over the work, preventing plunging
and stalling. The grinder features hydraulic traversing with adjustable meter control. Various teeth options are available, which keep the grinder maintenance free.

For more information, call 319-378-3696 or visit

Easy to Maneuver
The unique design of the Holms 300 makes it ideal for professional sweeping with larger loaders, compact loaders and tractors, according to the company. With attachment hooks mounted at the middle of the machine, the Holms 300 is short enough to be easy to maneuver in tight areas. In addition, the sweeper roller requires no support wheels, resulting in maximum flexibility against the surface and low ground pressure. The sweeper has two motor options that can be used on loaders with hydraulic oil flow of 10-56 gpm.

For more information, call 704-663-3460 or visit

Reduced Jaw Replacement Times
Atlas Copco Construction Tool's new CC 3300 CombiCutter features a new single pivot pin design to reduce jaw replacement time and the weight of the unit. The CC 3300 retains all the advantages of previous models, including multiple jaw configurations and is lighter, faster and more powerful. Boasting a 5.8-second cycle time, this CombiCutter will increase productivity and allow multiple facets of the job to be completed with one attachment and an alternate duty jaw set. The CC 3300 is designed for carriers in the 30 to 50-metric-ton weight class, with an operating pressure of 5,100 psi.

For more, call 866-468-9600 or visit

Screen Topsoil of Debris
Screen topsoil and remove stones and other debris from soil with the new Harley Self-Loading Mobile Screener from Glenmac. The 740 and 740XL mobile screens are 4 foot wide and self-loading. These screeners sift the soil through oscillating screens and send debris into a ½-cubic-yard hydraulically controlled ground-dump hopper on the 740 or a 5-foot Hi-lift hopper on the 740XL. Five screen options with various hole sizes are available and are easily changed. The redesigned overhead conveyor flights enhance soil and debris separation.

For more, call 800-437-9779 or visit

Complete Entire Job In One Pass
Fill, grade and pack in one pass with the vibrating Trench Grader from Wallace Specialty Equipment. By completing the entire job in one pass, operators can save time and labor. For skid-steers, a 4-foot model with a single straight blade and packer wheel is available and there are 4-, 6- and 8-foot models with a single v-blade and vibrating compaction wheel.

For more, call 870-697-2226 or visit

Unique And Constant Locking
WagMann Wedgelock couplers have a unique and constant locking feature. Unlike a swing-jaw coupler that relies on hydraulic pressure for its locking force, the Wedgelock uses hydraulic pressure and a mechanical lock, which means it stays tighter and adjusts for wear over time. WagMann's couplers have a built-in check valve and safety indicator bar that allows the operator to know whether the coupler is engaged or not.

For more information, call 707-822-3699 or visit

Reduces Operating Costs
The new Rammer in-Series hydraulic impact hammers from Allied Construction Products represent the latest hammer technology, which has been designed to eliminate daily service and maintenance and reduce hammer operating costs. All rammer in-Series hammers have an unbreakable trapezoidal tool design that won't get stuck in concrete or rock. The tool, which is three times the diameter of a conventional hammer, has a lifetime warranty against breakage. In addition, the hammer never has to be greased. The bottom of the hammer is sealed, keeping the lubrication in and contamination out. 

The in-Series hammers are available in four models and range from a working weight of 152 to 453 pounds, operating pressures from 2,030 to 2,175 psi, oil flows from 3 to 18 gpm and blows per minute from 1,800 to 2,100. Mounted on mini-excavators, mini-skid-steers (walk-along or ride-on), skid-steers and backhoes, in-Series hammers are built for demolition of concrete structures and pavement.

For more information, call 216-431-2600 or visit

Better Visibility and 360-Degree Rotation
The patent-pending Builtrite SSG from Northshore Manufacturing offers continuous 360 degree rotation. A fabricated boom design offers better visibility, stability and easy hook up. The SSG also features excellent maneuverability for payload placement. The attachment fits all popular brands of
skid-steers and ASVs.

For more information, call 218-834-5555 and visit

Follows Surface Contours
MB Company's rotary broom follows the contours of the sweeping surface thanks to parallel linkage and casters. The Model HLP broom features a heavy-duty spline shaft hydraulic motor, an 8-foot width, a 32-inch diameter brush, and a speed of up to 200 rpm. A low-flow, hi-torque motor is also available at no extra cost. The brush hood covers 155 degrees, and the brush core consists of refillable flat wafers of poly, wire or a combination.

For more information, call 800-558-5800 or visit

Quick Sandbag Filling
Filling 12 sandbags at once is as easy as scooping and tilting with the Edge Auto Bagger from CEAttachments. An operator simply attaches the bags to the Auto Bagger, scoops the sand, tilts the bucket back to fill the bags and drops them. The Auto Bagger can fill burlap or poly bags 14 by 26 inches. One hydraulic cylinder holds all the bags open and firmly in place so filling the bags is easy.

For more information, call 866-232-8224 or visit

Open-Drum Design Increases Productivity
The patented open-drum design of the new Coneqtec/Universal AP Pro Series Heavy Duty planer eliminates re-milling and leaves useful spoils for recycling. Shift from high speed to high torque with the flip of a switch using the planer's two-speed direct drive motor. The front design and center pivot eliminate bouncing and reduce noise and dust.

For more information, call 888-832-3462 or visit

Mix, Blend and Stabilize Soil
Simultaneously mix, blend and stabilize soil with Allu's Power Mix 500. Horizontal drums allow additives to be fed directly to the middle of the drum, guaranteeing better mixing of base material. The Power Mix is available in three sizes.
For more information, call 800-939-2558 or visit

Now With A Higher Capacity
Leading Edge Attachment's new Hi-Cap Multi-Ripper Bucket has the same great features as the previous model, but with a higher capacity. The bucket features the company's patent-pending SHARC (Shanks on an ARC) for use in frost and rock removal jobs. The Hi-Cap bucket is similar to a trencher, except the backhoe's rolling action is used to rip. Staggered ripper teeth hit individually, ensuring maximum breakout force. The new bucket fits any excavator or backhoe above 11,000 pounds. With the Hi-Cap multi-ripper, you can work four times as fast as a hammer.

For more information, call 866-928-5800 or visit


Ensure Safety With Front-Pin Design
The front-pin lock design of the ACS excavator coupler increases visibility so the operator can always see that the coupler and attachment are locked in place. The design eliminates movement of the attachment in the coupler and the corresponding wear on the pin and the coupler. The coupler will be available in a universal configuration to pick up most buckets by mid-summer 2005.

For more information, call 800-321-234 or visit

Improved Dexterity
The MT Series Multi-Tool uses the new Allied-Gator Power-Link and Guide System that work as a pair of levers to power the jaws of the tool. This innovative technology multiplies energy from the tool's cylinder, delivering force and precise jaw alignment. Due to the tool's controlled centerline closure, the MT Series Multi-Tool also offers unmatched dexterity. The centerline closure allows the jaws to cycle on a set and unchanging point that is directly aligned with the tool's cylinder. 
For more information, call 800-624-2867 or

All-In-One Bucket
The PowerClam from CWS-IMAC Is a backhoe bucket, front shovel bucket, clamshell bucket and grapple in one. It rotates 360-degrees and delivers torque that enables the clamshell to rotate and control the load. The PowerClam is modular and on an excavator will push over trees, saw logs, place culverts and landscape embankments.

For more information, call 888-848-8288 or visit

No Hydraulics Necessary
The Avalanche Road Plow by Ledex Industries fits backhoes and wheel loaders. A bucket-mounted receiver system allows the operator to connect the plow in five minutes - without the need for hydraulics. A steel trip-edge torsion system provides optimum trip action and durability. The double braced left side panel resists buckling from impact. The steep angle of the plow enables it to efficiently clear snow from the shoulder.

For more information, call 800-232-6950 or visit

Highly Effective Teeth
Excavator-powered landclearing attachments from Shinn Systems feature the same highly effective teeth that the larger Shinn Systems auxiliary-powered attachments use. Coupled with high torque hydraulic motors, the EP cutter heads make the most of the power available from the excavator to do heavy clearing. The teeth on the cutter head are indexable and can be turned four times during the life of the tool.

For more information, call 704-597-2005 or visit

Improved Integral Coupling System
The new PT Series PowerTilt Swing attachment from Helac now offers an improved integral coupling system and increased rotation. The PT Series, which replaces the TT Series, now features 180 degree side-to-side swing capability for machines under 20,000 pounds. The internal, sliding, helical spline operating technology, which provides for a compact configuration, has no external moving parts. The PowerTilt features a built-in half-hitch coupler that uses the machine's standard OEM buckets and attachments. Hydraulic quick-couplers can easily be incorporated.

For more information, 800-797-8458 or visit

Smooth, Fast Stump Cutting

Clear heavy brush and trees with the self-powered Sneller Brush Shredder. This 275-hp shredder is self-powered - not hydraulic. Sneller's Stump Mill has a patented tooth and wheel design for fast and smooth stump cutting, and is capable of grinding up to six acres per day. A triple sealed lower bearing system increases cutter wheel bearing life to 7,000 hours. Both the Brush Shredder and Stump Mill attach to a 20 metric ton or larger excavator.

For more information, call 800-449-5815 or visit

New 2-inch Hexagon Drive
General Equipment's 471 Dig-R-Tach earth auger now features a 2-inch hexagon drive connection. The auger can be used with any machine with lower-auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates such as backhoes, compact utility vehicles, mini-excavators and skid-steers. The system features a universal mounting bracket that readily conforms to a variety of loader bucket configurations.

For more information, call 877-344-4375 or visit

Greater Crushing Forces
National Attachments' Predator features a new slimmer geometry that allows for a greater amplification of crushing forces. It is constructed of three different grades of quenched and tempered steel for strength and versatility. The patented digital design enables greater versatility for manipulation, ripping, prying and sorting.

For more information, call 800-839-9981 or visit

Cut Installation Costs in Half

HKX now offers "fast installation" hydraulic kits for operating attachments on excavator platforms, many of which can be installed in 8 to 10 hours. Through modular, bolt-on design, pre-finished components, color-coded packaging, and "lego-logic" instructions, HKX has taken the guesswork out of kit connectivity. Not only does the HKX kit reduce installation times by at least half, it also reduces the experience level required.

For more, call 800-493-5487 or visit

Cutting Width of 50-inches
Pro Mac's model 50c HS Horizontal Shaft Brushcutter features a cutting width of 50 inches and an Arbour Shaft rpm of 2300. Bolt-on cutter teeth are easily replaceable. The brushcutter is 3,500 pounds with mounting bracket and guard. A minimum oil flow of 50 gpm and 4,500 psi is required. The brushcutter fits excavators between 27 and 40 metric tons.

For more information, call 800-665-5405 or visit

Remove Concrete Foundation Pilings Quickly
The PB Series of Pile Breakers from Breaker Technology is ideal for quick removal of the exposed concrete portion of foundation pilings without damaging the reinforcing iron rod. Modules can be added or removed to suit a range of piling sizes. The PB Series crushes in a fast and precise manner, improving productivity and maintaining the integrity of steel reinforcements, which are often damaged when using other methods of removal. Replaceable tips are available in three lengths and can be easily fitted to a variety of carriers including hydraulic excavators, cranes and telescopic arms.

For more information, call 519-599-2015 or visit

Control Material Placement In Trenches
Control when, where and how much material is placed in a trench with Felco's Bedding Conveyor. The conveyor is mounted between the excavator tracks and has a 3 to 8 cubic-yard hopper that sits behind the counterweight. Bedding material is placed in the hopper and the
conveyor fills the operator's bucket allowing him to place bedding in the correct amount exactly where it's needed, eliminating the need for a loader on the side of the trench. With the conveyor the operator does not need to continuously cycle back to a stone box. Five models are available.

For more information, call 800-221-5427 or visit

The Flexibility of Wheels and Tracks
The Versatile Track System from Loegering Manufacturing is a patent-pending rubber track undercarriage system that bolts onto the hubs of virtually any brand of skid-steer loader without requiring machine modifications. The system also includes an independent bi-directional torsion suspension system that provides greater operator comfort, increased traction and improved stability. The VTS fits wheelbases from 42.5 to 51.5 inches.

For more information, call 701-347-5441 or visit

Holds 2.7 Cubic Feet
Ideal for small commercial and private applications, the SnowEx Junior 325 from TrynEx International offers a maximum torque transmission, low-maintenance engineering and versatile vehicle mount options. The Junior 325 features a heavy-duty steel frame with a high-density polymer material hopper capable of holding a maximum of 2.7 cubic feet of material. The material can be spread up to 25 feet with the 10-inch powder coated steel spinner. The spreader can be attached to vehicles with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch mount and to other vehicles with the optional utility mount.

For more information, call 800-725-8377.

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