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SECTION: Market Focus

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Increase Your ROI on Pumps

By Mary Seaman

Article Date: 02-01-2005
Copyright(C) 2008 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Adding accessories and knowing how to match the pump to the customer's need are key.

Do you have pumps in your rental fleet? How often do you sell pumps? If you'd like to increase your pump sales and rentals, all you may need is more information.

Pumps are available for a variety of uses, including dewatering pumps, trash pumps and concrete pumps. Occasionally you will have customers that know they need a pump but aren't sure which one. Pump manufacturers say dealers can sell and rent more pumps if they know pump applications.

"If a customer doesn't know the exact pump required, the dealers must be able to ask the right questions," says Steven Spence, pump product manager for Multiquip. "Failure to do so will result in the customer being given a pump that isn't right for the job, adding expense and wasted time - not to mention the possible loss of that customer for future business."

Increase your pump sales by offering basic pump accessories and "suggestion selling." Pump customers most likely need the hoses and accessories that go with them, such as spanner wrenches, fitting adapters and strainers, which all help increase sales.

Brad Fine, Thompson Pump's director of marketing, agrees that knowing the pump applications is essential to selling more pumps.

"Dealers can increase pump sales by learning the needs of those specifying pumping requirements for construction, public works, mining and more," says Fine.

"Use the pump performance and features to demonstrate the unit's productivity and reliability."
Following are a sampling of what's new in pumps, as well as some of the most common applications.

Centrifugal Trash Pumps by Wacker
Wacker offers a complete line of centrifugal trash pumps in 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-inch models. The 2-inch PT 2 series models can pump up to 210 gpm and handle solids up to 1 inch.  All PT 3 series models are 3-inch, and can pump up to 400 gpm with solid sizes up to 1.5 inches. The PT 2 and PT 3 series pumps feature a hardened ductile iron impeller and volute with a patented volute insert that provides a rugged, easy to maintain pump. The compact, lightweight design offers easy access, and large fill and drain plugs provide extra years of trouble-free operation.  

 The PTS 4V can pump up to 705 gpm with solids up to 2 inches. The PT 6LT (trailer) and PT 6LS (skid) 6-inch models can pump up to 1,300 gpm with solids to 2 inches. The PT 6 features a cast ductile iron pump housing, impeller, wear plate and volute for strength and durability. A mixed-flow impeller design produces high volume and head for increased pump capacity.

For more information, call 262-255-0500 or visit

Sound Attenuation and Environmental Containment
Gorman-Rupp's new pump model, PA6C60-4045D-ESP, offers high performance, sound attenuation and an environmental containment base. It has flow rates of up to 2,360 gpm and can handle 3-inch solids. The environmental base contains all fuel and engine liquids that could otherwise leak directly onto the ground during an accident.  

According to the company, the new pump is ideal for sewer bypass pumping applications that require sound attenuation.
For more information call 419-755-1011 or visit

Dry Run Capabilities
The new R-Prime Series Continuous Prime Pumping Units from Rainbow Manufacturing feature a double oil lubricated pump seal, so the pumps can dry run. Ideal for construction dewatering, sewage bypass and other applications where intermittent flow can be a problem, the R-Prime models are close-coupled centrifugal pumps with vacuum priming compressors mounted to a diesel engine. They are also available electric-motor driven. They are all cast-iron construction with a ductile iron impeller and wear plate. 

The smallest  is 4x4 inches with a 12-inch impeller. It. handles solids to 2-inches and is capable of 700 gpm. The largest is 10x10 inches with a 12-inch impeller, handles solids to 3-inches and is capable of 4,500 gpm. The series also features high head pumps that are 6x4 inches and range in output from 750 to 1,400 gpm.

For more information, call 229-423-4341 or visit

Two New Electric Submersibles
Godwin Pumps has added two new models to its line of Sub-Prime electric submersible pumps, the GSP40SL and the GSP60SL SlimLine. These units are heavy-duty well casing dewatering pumps that offer dual performance - high volume and high head versions with dual voltage and dual phase motors.

The units measure 7.25 inches in diameter and fit easily into confined spaces. They have been designed with tandem mechanical seals for dry running and extra protection against leakage. A dual voltage junction chamber on the units allows for convenient changeover in the field. Cast iron chromium steel impellers and heavy-duty rubber coated adjustable wear parts were selected for longer life.

For more information, call 856-467-3636 or visit

Easy Maintenance and Enhanced Durability
Robin Subaru's PKX201 and PKX301 pumps feature EX Series chain-driven overhead cam engines, which offer optimum performance, easy starts and lower exhaust emissions. These pumps are designed specifically for the construction market and are available in 2-, 3- and 4-inch models.

For more information, call 800-277-6246 or visit

New LS Series Concrete Pumps from Mayco
Mayco's LS series concrete pumps from Multiquip have upgrades in the piston face pressure, allowing the pumps to offer vertical and horizontal pumping distances to 300 and 1,200 feet, respectively. The pumps offer volume outputs from 40 to 60 cubic yards per hour and handle aggregate from 3/8 to 1½ inches in diameter. 

Additional upgrades include high velocity heat exchangers to cool the hydraulics, extra strength grates, 40-gallon fuel tanks, improved lubrication systems and a potted solid-state circuitry that eliminates vibration. All three pumps in the series come standard with a hopper remixer, a 10-cubic-foot hopper capacity, hydraulic oil cooler, and 6- by 36-inch concrete cylinders.

For more information, call 800-421-1244 or visit

Maximum Flows To 396 GPM
Multiquip's new QP Series trash pumps deliver maximum flows to 396 gpm using 2 new dual discharge ports. The QP-2T and QP-3T are 2- and 3-inch units designed to move quickly and efficiently.  

Other improvements include a smaller physical package so the pump casing fits inside the engine envelope, more flow, faster priming times at higher speeds, and a stronger 1-inch pipe frame. The new models have a lifting loop; dual discharge ports; 1½-inch diameter fill and drain ports; a removable stainless steel wear plate in the volute; plastic plugs to avoid casing damage; and four engine options.

For more information, call 800-421-1244 or visit

Designed With the Rental Market in Mind
The new 6-inch multi-purpose trash pump from Thompson Pump was redesigned specifically for the rental market. It features a highly productive centrifugal pump end with an economic diesel engine. The frame has been resized to reduce overall length, while still allowing for extended run time.

The heavy-duty cast iron pump end pumps over 1,500 gpm. Two cast iron rubber-lined wear plates offer extra protection against solids and abrasives entering the pump. A dry-running abrasion resistant tungsten carbide mechanical seal with viton elastomers and a non-clogging 2-vane impeller can pass 3-inch solids. The pump, which is capable of up to 33 hours of continuous operation, is powered by a three-cylinder Deutz engine and comes with a full control panel and safety shutdowns for high temperature and low oil pressure.

For more information, call 800-767-7310  or visit

Self-Priming, Easy to Service
The Holland Rotary Wellpoint pump is self-priming, has a steady discharge, and features overheating shutdown mechanisms. According to the company, it's simple to use, compact, fuel-efficient and easy to service. The rotors and mechanical seals for the 4- and 8-inch pumps can be replaced in the field in two hours, while seals for the 12-inch pump can be replaced in four hours. 

For more information, call 561-697-3333 or visit

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