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One Man, One Day, One Bay

CED Magazine, December 2005

Article Date: 12-01-2005
Copyright (C) 2005 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

CONDEX 2006 to host HKX live demonstration.

At CONDEX 2006, January 26 and 27, HKX will hold a live demonstration in which technical students from AED Foundation accredited schools will demonstrate installations of the HKX product. The three participating schools are North Dakota State College of Science, Linn State Technical College and Oklahoma State University – Okmulgee. “Last year’s demonstration had a tremendous impact,” says Lee Keddie, general manager of HKX. “Our goal this year is to keep trying to push install times down to make it more efficient for the mechanic.”

More than half of all excavators will use one or more additional attachments during their service lives, according to HKX. Hydraulic fluid power must be provided at the correct flow and pressure to ensure maximum productivity, safety and longevity of the equipment. Without a specifically designed kit, the dealership is left to provide all, or a portion, of the “connectivity solution.”

Dealers who create their own kits typically tie up the services of some of their top mechanics for 30 hours or more for each installation. Through modular, bolt-on design, methodical packaging, color-coded “lego-logic” instructions and complete kits, HKX has simplified installation and taken the guesswork out of kit connectivity. The kit is designed to provide optimum fluid power to the attachment and maximize performance.

HKX’s goal this year is “One Man, One Day, One Bay.” The company’s hydraulic kits now come with many of the components pre-assembled, which not only means faster install times, but a more consistent installation by experienced and non-experienced mechanics. In addition, the consistent installation works well for dealers using flat-rate pricing.

Keddie says the impetus for the pre-assembled parts was from service managers.

“Many service managers have told us they would take longer install times if the job was more consistent,” says Keddie. “Pre-assembly not only reduces install times and the number of components, but it also reduces the complexity of the installation instructions.”

Look for HKX in CONDEX booth 147 or visit them online at

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