Do You Have a Culture of Winners or Losers? - Management
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SECTION: Management

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Do You Have a Culture of Winners or Losers?

Written By Linda Talley

Article Date: 04-01-2005
Copyright (C) 2005 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Who's setting the standard at your company?

The answer to this question is critical, because if losers are setting the pace at your dealership, your company is headed for trouble, if it’s not already knee-deep in a “hostage” situation. That’s right – a hostage situation – because that’s what losers do. They take you hostage and you don’t even know it. Then the winners are carrying the slack for the losers and resenting every minute of it.

It’s a vicious cycle because the more the losers whine, the more the winners take on more work and more resentment, and you have a ticking time bomb.

At some point, your winners get the message and turn into losers themselves because they see the writing on the wall: In this company, it’s better to conform than it is to perform. Being taken care of is more important than delivering the job and creating customer satisfaction (read that as higher revenues and increased productivity).

The government may have started this trend of taking care of people, but corporate America has jumped in, and now the small business owner is left with the results. People want the easy life where results are no longer required, customer service is obsolete and job performance is not a condition of keeping a job.

Are You A Hostage? How can you tell if you’re being held hostage by losers?

  • Managers want to create a large turf vs. creating results.
  • Managers want to be liked vs. confronting non-performers.
  • Managers feel better about letting things slide vs.holding people accountable for results.
  • Promotions and pay raises are given and people remain in their jobs because managers are afraid they can’t be replaced.
  • Bonuses are given because they are given and not because they are earned.
  • Managers put off performance reviews because they’re uncomfortable.
  • Managers are unwilling to raise the bar on performance requirements.
  • Managers spend more time with lower producing staff than top performers.
  • Managers treat everyone the same – high as well as low producers.
  • Managers would rather put up with what they have vs. finding the best.
So we have managers who are willing to be "politically correct" vs. taking a stand for the dealership and the customer.

In order to break out of a hostage situation, you should be willing to say "No" to being held hostage.
Yes, you might have to confront the losers, which is scary. But, when you do, you send a strong message to
the winners.

Reward Winners
Support the winners and recognize their contributions.

Be sure losers are apprised of their situations, trained, given adequate time to progress and challenged to come up to standard or be let go. 

Results are the bottom line rather than length of service, experience, credentials, who you know, or who you are related to. Winners are rewarded. Losers are not.

Halting the spread of mediocrity within the workplace is a big step. Run your business like a team, not like a family. On a team, everyone carries an equal load. 

We all want a winning team, but you have to build it slowly. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water and at the same time, make sure you do everything necessary to train, grow and support every member on your team.

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