Time To Get Ready For Snow - Product Focus
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SECTION: Product Focus

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Time To Get Ready For Snow

Written By Mary Seaman

Article Date: 09-01-2004
Copyright (C) 2004 Associated Equipment Distributors. All Rights Reserved.

Will snow be a profit opportunity for you this year? Not if you're not prepared.

If you live in a part of the country that gets snow, it’s not too early to start preparing to maximize your profit opportunity if it does, in fact, snow this winter. One way to do that is to review the new winter products now on the market, which include attachments, ground heating equipment and products for better snow and ice control. Manufacturers of these products agree that the key to selling more snow-removal attachments and equipment is having the equipment available. “One of the most important things a dealer can do to sell more snow removal equipment is to demo the attachments,” says Becky Fix of Loegering. “The precision and accuracy of a skid steer using a snowblower is ideal for snow removal and the best way to prove that is by actually showing it being used.” Attachment manufacturers and distributors know loaders, backhoes, excavators and other carriers sell best when they are shown with a variety of application-specific attachments –including snow removal attachments. “Snow-removal attachments allow dealers to show the versatility of their equipment and let the end users get the most mileage out of their equipment,” says Mike Morris with Henke Manufacturing.” Here’s a look at some of what’s new. Snowblower/Blade Attachments Bobcat’s Snow Blade features a spring trip for component protection. The high carbon steel cutting edge will ensure a long life, and an optional rubber cutting edge is available. Bobcat’s snowblower attachments, which are available for mini-track loaders, skid-steers, compact track loaders and all-wheel track loaders, use direct-drive hydraulic motors for the fan and auger, eliminating the need for high wear items such as gear boxes, chains, sprockets and shear pins. Three models are available in nine widths. The fan opening is adjustable, which allows the operator to control the amount of air and snow entering the fan. For minimal reduction of hydraulic pressure, a new valve block is mounted directly on the fan motor. (Bobcat can be reached at 701-241-8700 or visit www.bobcat.com.) Pushes And Pulls Snow The Edge Snow Push from CE Attachments is a strong and versatile tool capable of moving large volumes of snow quickly and efficiently. The Snow Push fits skid-steer loaders in widths of 6 to 14 feet with capacities to 12 cubic yards. The optional pull back feature provides the ability to pull snow or other materials away from obstacles, walls, etc. (CE Attachments can be reached at 866-232-8224 or www.ceattach.com.) More Efficient Plowing Hiniker Co.’s new Scoop Plow, with its concave shape, offers more-efficient plowing, greater capacity and less spillage. Available in 8- and 9-foot lengths, the Scoop Plow has a high-impact polyethylene moldboard that creates a low-friction, corrosion-free plowing surface. The plow’s 20-degree fixed-angle outer ends help to capture snow, and it angles left or right, making it an ideal plow for clearing lots and parking areas. The moldboard frame is strengthened by 12 laser-cut ribs. A three-section trip edge with a 9-inch high pivot point provides maximum protection from high obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers. Each section trips independently, for smoother plowing and less stress on the plow. The specially designed no pinch pivot prevents jamming from stones, ice and other debris, allowing for the full return of the trip edge every time. (Hiniker can be reached at 507-625-6621 or visit www.hiniker.com.) Move Large Volumes Of Snow Move large volumes of snow or other loose materials quickly and efficiently with FFC Attachment’s new Snow Buckets. The medium- and heavy-duty models are designed to quickly attach to skid-steers, backhoes, and utility and small wheel loaders. Available in two sizes, 7 and 8 feet, the medium-duty snow buckets have a lift capacity of 5,000-pounds and an operating weight of 8,000-pounds. The heavy-duty models are also available in two sizes – 8 and 9 feet – and have a lift capacity of 7,500-pounds and an operating weight of 11,000-pounds. Both the medium- and heavy-duty buckets are made of heavy-duty 7-gauge steel with end plates and fully welded wrapper to capture and remove heavy snow. (FFC can be reached at 800-747-2132 or visit www.ffcattachments.com.) Excerpted from September 2004 Construction Equipment Distribution. For the complete article, email jbrockmann@aednet.org or to subscribe, CLICK HERE.
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