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CEDMag.com - Category: Taxes

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  • Use the New Tax Bill to Your Advantage  (November 2010)
    By Garry Bartecki
    It may sound counterintuitive, but buying a depreciable asset before year’s end may be a solution to the tax liability some dealers and contractors are facing.
  • Wake Up and Smell Your Tax Exposure  (October 2010)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Your best defense against a potential double-whammy is to have an expert review your position who knows the specific tax laws that apply to equipment distribution.
  • New Health Care Option Will Cut Your Costs  (July 2010)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Put the captive myths and nay-sayers aside. Consider the facts of a new program for AED, and get a quote – it may be one of the best savings you realize in 2010-2011.
  • Testing the 31 Percent Solution  (April 2010)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Actual CE dealer data reveals how much you need to cut in order to compensate for lost sales dollars.
  • Do You Need a Bank-Covenant Waiver?  (January 2010)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Don’t kiss 2009 goodbye just yet – there’s work to be done with the auditors, and the sooner you get it done, the better.
  • Steps to Take Now  (December 2009)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Do you know how many free resources are available at your finger tips? Small companies, this is critical for you, too!
  • When Things Get Better  (November 2009)
    By Garry Bartecki
    It will be just as important to manage cash flow tightly when growth returns.
  • The Future of LIFO and the Accounting Impacts of Making a Change  (September 2009)
    By Scott Stafford AND Catherine Fox-Simpson
    LIFO faces threats both domestic and international, and in the event of its demise, dealers using this inventory valuation method must prepare for tax repercussions following different sets of rules.
  • Two, Maybe Four Quarters  (July 2009)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Predictions and cash flow strategies were streaming. And if you missed it, you'll get another crack at AED's CFO Conference in the fall.
  • Learn to Do More with Less  (February 2009)
    By Garry Bartecki
    Big changes are coming, but it's your big chance to become a more efficient operation.
  • Spend the Time to Finish Well  (December 2008)
    By Garry Bartecki
    As you close up '08, familiarize yourself with several changes -  and remember, AED is working in your corner.
  • One Heck of a Business Tool  (April 2008)
    By Garry Bartecki
    It's that time again, but nothing else comes close to the CODB as a financial analysis partner that really understands what you do, and how your'e doing.
  • Profit Planning When the Chips are Down  (September 2007)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    Are your sales and margins down while operating expenses are up? Here's a little trick we call Financial Engineering.
  • The Give and Take of QIs  (September 2007)
    Written By Mary Sedor, with contributions by Kim Phelan
    The alleged misconduct of two qualified intermediary groups shouldn't prevent dealers from considering like-kind exchange as an important tax deferral tool.
  • Safe Like-Kind Exchanges  (June 2007)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    Occasionally, people push the envelope and create a potential problem.
  • Tax Issues You Should Consider  (February 2007)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    The IRS is looking at 263a adjustments, LIFO and tool reimbursement programs.
  • It’s That Time Again  (November 2006)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    Seems like we just finished up 2005's year end, and here we go again.
  • Finance and the Private Company  (August 2006)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    System, closing and tax issues, new standards, a lack of qualified personnel, SOX
  • New Financial Frontiers  (June 2006)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    Dealers need accurate data faster. AED is developing the solution.
  • Request for Data  (February 2006)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    You asked for the CODB earlier and we're going to do our best to get it to you.
  • Get 2005 Closed  (January 2006)
    Written By: GARRY BARTECKI
    To deal with tax problems you have to make money.
  • Are Rental Units Depreciable?  (October 2005)
    Written By: Gary Bartecki
    We thought we had the depreciation issue for rental equipment under control.
  • To Register Or Not To Register...  (September 2005)
    Written By Shawn M. Kane, CPA
    While it is advisable to become compliant, don't do so without covering all the bases.
  • Estimating The Budgetary Impact  (August 2005)
    Should reforming the Joint Committee on Taxation be at the top of the pro-growth agenda?
  • Dealer Tools For $  (June 2005)
    Written By: Gary Bartecki
    Frankly, I see too many of you paying taxes you don't have to pay.