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Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - Category: Public Policy

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  • Ones to Watch in Washington  (January 2012)
    By Christian Klein
    Six House freshmen who are making their mark on Capitol Hill while building strong back-home ties to the equipment industry.
  • Oil Pipeline Delay Bad for U.S.  (January 2012)
    By Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA)
    Obama's choice to postpone a decision is clearly election-driven, but the consequences will haunt us far beyond next November.
  • The Debate of Our Lifetimes  (March 2011)
    By Toby Mack
    The construction equipment industry is at risk of becoming collateral damage, while a budget-cutting Congress squares off with a suddenly pro-infrastructure administration.
  • The View from Parliament Hill  (March 2011)
    By Christian Klein
    AED begins early steps toward developing a member-driven Government Affairs program for Canada.
  • Denny Does D.C.!  (September 2010)
    By Dennis Vander Molen
    This summer, AED Chairman Dennis Vander Molen got a firsthand look at what happens in our nation’s capital.
  • House Without a Budget  (August 2010)
    By Congressman Tom Latham (R-IA)
    By choosing to avoid a 2011 budget, the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives is free to proceed down the path of big spending.
  • A Super-Sized Portion of Uncertainty  (June 2010)
    By Christian A. Klein & Daniel Fisher
    Distributors are slowly recovering from the recession, but uncertainty on every front is making it difficult to plan.
  • Farewell, Tony  (April 2010)
    By Christian Klein
    The construction equipment industry lost a great champion in February with the death of my long-time friend and colleague Tony Obadal.
  • The Great Highway Hold-Up  (September 2009)
    By Christian A. Klein AND Daniel Fisher
    The reauthorization of the federal highway program has enormouspublic safety, economic, and environmental consequences. So why is Congress dragging its feet?
  • What Has AED Done For Me Lately?  (September 2009)
    By Christian Klein
    We’re championing numerous pro-business, pro-equipment market issues in Washington, where laws governing your company live or die.
  • Changing the Rules of the Game  (July 2009)
    By Christian Klein
    When it comes to Democrats' efforts to modify employment laws, card check is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • New Lobbyist Joins Washington Staff  (June 2009)
    CED Magazine, June 2009
    AED adds reinforcements to further address numerous threats, opportunities the industry faces on Capitol Hill.
  • It Could Happen to You  (April 2009)
    CED Magazine, April 2009
    More than just a bad idea, the card check bill is a 'massive' piece of labor legislation that holds adverse consequences for business owners and employees alike - and it's very near the threshold of passing both houses of Congress.
  • Prescription for Economic Recovery  (March 2009)
    By Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY)
    The current health care cost burden on small business is unsustainable and adversly impacts their ability to hire.
  • The Power of a Name  (February 2009)
    By Christian Klein
    Labor organizations prefer "Free Choice" to the term "Card Check," but here's a reality check on how much freedom this bill offers.
  • Connect With Your Lawmakers  (January 2009)
    CED Magazine, January 2009
    AED dealer executives are urged to attend the Government Affairs Conference, a free event in D.C. this April.
  • AED Plans to HIT Hard  (December 2008)
    By Christian Klein
    Next year's highway reauthorization will be the toughest one yet, but we're making sure Congress gets the big picture.
  • Union Priorities Aren't So Distant  (October 2008)
    By Christian Klein
    With widespread Democratic muscle, they're striving to secure, organized labor could quickly succeed in pushing the card-check and paycheck fairness bills into law.
  • Road Warriors: A Look at Safety, Service and Spending  (September 2008)
    By Loretta Hall
    Contractors and dealers share glimpses into the challenges road construction companies face everyday - and more frequently at night - and the important role dealers play for them.
  • New Study Offers Telling Insight on ESA  (September 2008)
    CED Magazine, September 2008
    A new AED-NUCA study shows that the Economic Stimulus Act (ESA) has influenced utility contractors to buy equipment, but more is needed.
  • Reading the Iced-Tea Leaves  (September 2008)
    By Bernadette Budde, BIPAC Senior Vice President
    With so much still unkonwn about the elections, we ought to be cautious about predictions.
  • Agent for Change  (July 2008)
    By Mary Sedor
    Think it's too hard to be heard in Washington or state government? The owner of Yancey Bros. in Atlanta demonstrates that spending time with lawmakers is vital to protecting your customers' businesses as well as your own.
  • Survey: Dealers Hit Hard by Housing  (June 2008)
    By Christian Klein, AED vice president of Government Affairs and Washington counsel
    Findings from the 2008 Government Affairs survey - including a market pulse and dealer legislative priorities - underscore the urgency of AED's policy goals.
  • Get 'em Involved  (June 2008)
    By Christian Klein
    Building a culture of employee political participation.
  • One on One with the Chairman  (April 2008)
    By Christian Klein, AED vice president of Government Affairs and Washington counsel, and Virginia Scattergood, AED director of Government Affairs and associate Washington counsel
    House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James Oberstar (D-MN) speaks about the nation's infrastructure crisis - and how to solve it.
  • ImPACt: What It Is, Why it Matters  (March 2008)
    By Christian Klein
    The effect of local dealers coming together to support a congressman or senator is powerful and long-lasting.
  • Easing the Regulatory Burden  (February 2008)
    By Rep. Brad Ellsworth (D-IN)
    With AED's input and support, a new bill helps protect entrepreneurship.
  • Bridges to Somewhere  (December 2007)
    Written By: THOMAS J. DONOHUE
    Congress must stop diverting earmarked transportation funds elsewhere.
  • Bad Bill From a Good Congressman  (November 2007)
    AED has a great working relationship with Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN), but we're concerned about his Clean Water Restoration Act.
  • U-Turn On Global Warming  (April 2007)
    It's hard to imagine Congress won't do something on the issue this year.
  • Coalitions  (November 2006)
    One key to success in Washington, D.C.
  • Cable Competition  (June 2006)
    Growing equipment markets and promoting free market values
  • A Day At The Races  (March 2006)
    Reminds us the Romans "got it" when it came to infrastructure.
  • AED’s 2005 Victories  (January 2006)
    The "bottom line" impact of the Government Affairs Program
  • Estimating The Budgetary Impact  (August 2005)
    Should reforming the Joint Committee on Taxation be at the top of the pro-growth agenda?
  • Working To Increase Highway Funding  (January 2005)
    Construction Equipment Distribution, January 2005
    TRIP and AED continue to work for federal surface transportation legislation.