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Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - Category: Workforce

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  • Don’t Let a Champion Get Away  (July 2010)
    By Bill & Chris Sitter
    In order to soar in your market, recruit people whose remarkable strengths far exceed any minor lacking skills.
  • Removing the Roadblocks  (July 2009)
    By Mary Sedor and Kim Phelan
    Technicians must jump through many financial hoops to enter the workforce - thanks to dealer generosity and creativity, the leap can be made less painful.
  • The Talent Crisis  (April 2009)
    By David Semb
    Your mid-level leaders are ready to run your company - into the ground. Post-downturn winners will heed the wake-up call and help ready their next generation of leaders now.
  • Preparing for a Mass Departure  (April 2009)
    By Mary Sedor
    Retiring baby boomers will leave a great void in the workforce. Before your company's most knowledgeable and experienced employees set sail for retirement, plan now how you'll protect those intangible assets and begin raising up your future leaders.
  • Aligning Your Company  (April 2009)
    By Bill & Chris Sitter
    When properly tuned for maximum results in your market, the dealer's people and mission-in-action together drive successful outcomes.
  • Nine Ways to Become More Tech-Friendly  (February 2009)
    Edited excertps from the final report of research conducted by David Pier, Access GE Leader, GE Capital Corporation - America(s), for The AED Foundation
    Research indicates that innovation and communication are needed to improve your service department as well as the long-term recruitment and retention of technicians.
  • The Case for Hiring Maturity  (February 2009)
    By Bill & Chris Sitter
    Many in the 55-plus crowd remain interested in career opportunities - here's why you should be interested in them.
  • The Power of Four: Unlocking Generational Synergies  (October 2008)
    By Kim Phelan
    Speaker and humorist Meagan Johnson, famous for her 'Zap the Gap' presentations, tells how employers can thrive by promoting understanding and tolerance among the generations all present in today's workforce.
  • Ready to Hit the Road  (September 2008)
    CED Magazine, September 2008
    The new AED/AED Foundation Field Manager, Glenn Bork, will soon be a familiar face among dealers and tech schools.
  • AED Adds Workforce Partners  (September 2008)
    CED Magazine, September 2008
    The Foundation now has 20 schools across the country that are accredited.
  • The Thinking Behind All the Smart Iron  (June 2008)
    By Mary Sedor
    Bringing more than convenience and competitive efficiencies, manufacturers help address a serious industry need with brainy new machines.
  • AED Launching Thousands into Tech Field  (March 2008)
    CED, March 2008
    By 2012, the Foundation's grassroots school partnerships will triple its annual number of graduating skilled service technicians.
  • What's Really Causing the Technician Shortage?  (September 2007)
    Written By Mary Sedor
    Executives on AED's Product Support Round Table say it may be less about the number of technicians and more about an inefficient service department.
  • Technician Incentive Plans Drive Performance  (April 2007)
    CED Magazine, April 2007
    A properly designed and executed technician incentive program will promote happier technicians; happier technicians will result in happier customers; happier customers will drive service revenues and profits.
  • Guaranteeing Excellence  (April 2007)
    How do you guarantee your managers have the training needed to deliver an exceptional performance?
  • Tips For Techs  (October 2006)
    CED Magazine, October 2006
    Provide field service techs the skills and tools to deliver legendary service.
  • Why Don't Dealers Grow Technicians?  (September 2005)
    Written By Matt Di Iorio
    Sixty-six percent of service managers say they are involved in some type of workforce development effort.
  • The Flat Rate Debate  (June 2005)
    Written By Pam Gruebnau and Mary Seaman
    And other product support issues facing dealerships today.
  • What Labor Shortage?  (April 2005)
    Written By Ron Slee
    The availability of mechanics seems to be slowing us down.