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Construction Equipment Distribution magazine is published by the Associated Equipment Distributors, a nonprofit trade association founded in 1919, whose membership is primarily comprised of the leading equipment dealerships and rental companies in the U.S. and Canada. AED membership also includes equipment manufacturers and industry-service firms. CED magazine has been published continuously since 1920. Associated Equipment Distributors
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CEDMag.com - Article Archives

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  • Mastering the Mammoth CONEXPO-CON/AGG Show
    Dealer's Guide to CONEXPO

    A dealer's guide to getting the most out of the largest tradeshow in the Northern Hemisphere, including tips for gaining competitive intelligence.
  • This Guy is a Transformer
    2014 AED Chairman

    AED's 2014 Chairman Tim Watters comes from a long line of entrepreneurs who understood the importance of change for survival – he'll put that knowhow to use as AED embraces changes of its own.
  • Meet Brian McGuire
    AED Leader

    AED's new president and CEO is an active listener who also likes action, and he's ready to help AED member companies grow stronger through participation in their association.
  • The Dealer's Changing Role in Machine Control
    Equipment Technology

    As machine control moves from aftermarket to OEM-installed, equipment dealers that embrace the opportunity are positioned to serve an increasingly interested customer base.
  • Riding High in Houston
    Market Pulse

    As AED gets set to roll out the 2014 Summit & CONDEX in the "Oil Capital of the World," CED peers into the sectors that make equipment dealers pretty darn glad to be here.
  • Formidable Foes or Partners With Potential?

    First Nations Will Be Reckoned With in Canada's Energy Development Debate. Advancing energy projects means winning over and engaging the country's fastest-growing population.
  • We Can't Do It Without You

    The AED Accreditation Program is big win for all stakeholders – but technical programs cannot succeed in producing quality graduates for the dealer's service department without industry's all-in participation.
  • Legislated Relationships
    State Dealer Protection Laws

    AED releases its 2013 State Equipment Distributor Laws compilation.
  • Our Leader's Legacy

    Through downturns, floods and hostile regulatory environments, Toby Mack has held the helm of AED with steady hand and forward thinking.
  • Keeping A Stern Eye on Sales

    Tom Stern, general sales manager at West Side Tractor, sat down with CED to talk about his views and methods in the business of selling equipment – and ultimately, taking care of the customer.
  • Credit Aplenty

    Sources say the lending market is stronger now, but a posture of partnering combined with evidence of a well-managed business are still the materials for cycle-proof credit approvals.
  • The Dealer's Guide to ICUEE
    ICUEE Feature

    Dive in to the 'Demo Expo,' and make your way over to exhibitors who are interested in talking to AED dealers at the International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 1-3.
  • If You Are Helping Me, I Will Buy From You
    Contractor Connection

    NUCA Chairman Florentino Gregorio, president of Anchor Construction, wants dealers to help contractors bridge the technology gap, help train on T-4.
  • Building a Gateway to Asia
    Market Update

    Projects - and equipment opportunities - are busting out all over British Columbia's Prince Rupert and Kitimat, fueled by LNG 'liquid gold.'
  • Not Your Grandfather's Rental Companies

    An RER-hosted webinar this spring, featuring three rental industry experts, focused on the sophistication of rental companies today, and a continued rental-ripe climate in the U.S.
JULY 2013
  • As Much As You Can Chew – and More
    Attachments Buyers Guide

    Use every tool at your disposal to stretch your customer's machine investment. It's easy to do with the huge range of workaholic attachments in the North American market. Sell more equipment by showing contractors they can do much more than they may have imagined.
  • The Battle Beyond the Beltway

    While the federal Highway Trust Fund sputters toward 'Empty,' states start shaping their own infrastructure funding strategies.
JUNE 2013
  • Lift with a Twist
    Product Support

    Rental dynamo Trico Lift takes customer service to a whole new level with the hiring of 20 new mechanics.
APRIL 2013
  • Can Safety Be Bought?

    Thoughtfully planned safety incentives can work when you understand what behavior you really want to motivate, and – separately – what results you want to achieve long term.
MARCH 2013
  • Just Say Yes
    Meet the Chairman

    AED 2013 Chairman Mike Quirk is known for saying ‘Yes’ to difficult jobs. Expect him to roll up his sleeves to enhance the value of your AED membership.
  • Taxes, Uncertainty Are Heading Higher
    2013 Business Outlook

    As CED went to press with the January issue and this 2013 Business Outlook Report, the U.S. financial story was still very much a ‘cliff' hanger – and the nation seems to be holding its breath for a happy ending.
  • Las Vegas Revs Up for a Comeback

    A snapshot of market conditions in the host city of the AED Summit next month: With the Great Recession fresh in their memory, local dealers adjust to a new economy.
  • An Indelible Mark

    AED's fingerprints were evident all over this year's hard-fought election, and the impact of the association's efforts will prove far from futile. In fact, a record-breaking year for AED PAC has further enhanced the equipment industry's political profile, positioning us for both immediate influence - and in 2014.
  • A Window to CONDEX

    CED presents Part 2 of its special preview to the upcoming CONDEX trade exhibition designed exclusively for dealers in conjunction with the AED Summit at the LVH in Las Vegas, Jan. 15-17. Visit all the CONDEX exhibitors and explore which products and services will help your business grow in 2013 and beyond.
  • Kiewit Moves Ahead
    Contractor Connection

    Director of Purchasing and Sales Neal Winberg provides customer insight for dealers.
  • A Window to CONDEX

    CED presents Part 1 of its special preview to the upcoming CONDEX trade exhibition exclusively for AED dealers in conjunction with the 2013 AED Summit at the Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Jan. 15-17.
  • CRM: A Cure for Dealer Silos

    Does the left hand know what the right is doing? A CRM system can take your people out of their boxes and into the customer-service game, together – but only if they buy in.
  • Not Your Typical Daily Grind
    Sector Check

    The always going and big-time growing industries of Scrap/Recycle/Waste are heavy hitters when it comes to equipment consumption. But they require vast, niche-specific dealer resources, product & application expertise, and long-term commitment.
  • Now Is Not the Time to Pay Too Much

    Many profitability factors are tied to government action – or inaction – but several tax strategies are accessible to dealers regardless of Uncle Sam’s whims.
  • Complaining is a Pain
    Editor’s Note

    So is hearing it. But armed with good tools and tactics, perhaps you can improve more of your customers’ experiences.
  • Learn the Science of ROI
    Inside AED

    Dr. Barry Lawrence teaches dealership best practices based on multicompany research conducted at Texas A&M’s Global Supply Chain Laboratory
  • Texada's Big, Noble Shift
    A Closer Look

    If a dealership were to create software, what would it look like? Willie Swisher talks about the unusual blend of a software provider and equipment rental/distribution, which he helped create.
  • The Changing Face of Contractors

    Hispanics are a growing force in the overall economy, representing 16 percent of the U.S. population and $1 trillion in purchasing power. But what you may not have realized is that Hispanic businesses are an even bigger economic force in the construction industry.
  • Survival of the Fittest
    Best Practices

    Editor's Note: Republished with permission from Volvo Construction Equipment's "Spirit" magazine, Southeast edition/June issue; our thanks to the editors for supplying this month's special edition of Best Practices.
JULY 2012
  • Grab On!
    Attachments Buyer’s Guide

    It’s a wild ride in the equipment industry, and no one knows for sure what’s coming around the corner. But in good times or bad, attachments help dealers make money and make their customers happy.
  • App Mania

    Growing use of mobile devices drives creation of mobile websites and apps.
  • Adding Value is What We Do
    From the Chairman

    Try this exercise in dealership self-worth to remind the team why your company is so special, and not easily duplicated.
  • Right-Sizing in Good Times
    Recruitment & Retention

    Today that might mean upsizing. Keep these people principles at the forefront of all your staffing decisions.
  • A Map to the Election Law Minefield
    Washington Insider

    Your campaign contributions can help determine who's calling the shots in Washington, but there are some things you need to know to stay out of trouble.
  • Forum Breaks Its Own Mold, Again
    Inside AED

    New speakers bring zing to Sept. 6-7 agenda with a deep well of knowledge and expertise for senior dealer management.
JUNE 2012
  • Making Money With Rental
    On the Numbers

    Exploring the Rent-to-Rent silo to meet changing end-user demand, and what it takes to be profitable when you’re not renting to sell.
  • It's the Second Sale That Means Success
    A Closer Look

    Anyone can sell a machine once, says Solesbee's' president. He – and his dealers – say the company is easy to business with because of its quality attachments, flexible purchasing processes, and rapid delivery.
  • Distributors Press Lawmakers on Industry Priorities
    Recap from the AED Washington Fly-In

    On April 25-26, America's leading construction equipment dealers hit the marble corridors of Capitol Hill as part of AED's 2012 Washington Fly-In. Attendees became lobbyists for a day, urging lawmakers to take swift action to approve a new highway bill and advance other industry priorities.
APRIL 2012
  • Working In – and Out of – The Comfort Zone
    Contractor Connection

    ENR California’s 2011 Contractor of the Year, Denver-based Flatiron Construction relies on a mix of new equipment and rental units to grow into less-familiar markets and achieve this year’s $1.5 billion goal.
  • Winning the 'Zero Moment of Truth'
    Internet Marketing

    Reality: Most people search on the Internet before they buy, and that includes your customers. Shouldn’t you be present in all those pre-buy events?
  • Media, Messages, and Makeovers
    Editor’s Note

    Aligning your use of digital information and tools with the demands of choosy consumers – aka your customers
  • Doing the Right Thing
    President’s Message

    The search for money to fund a multiyear highway bill has got the nation stuck in neutral – but moving from stalemate to success is really just a matter of congressional courage.
  • $35 a Month
    On the Numbers

    The cheapest – and easiest – way to get every department manager in your company to fix their own numbers and raise overall performance
  • Selah Before You Send
    Recruitment & Retention

    An ancient word is superbly pertinent for today’s hurried electronic communications.
  • How’s Business? We’ll Tell It To You Straight
    Inside AED

    Are you in – or moving toward – the ‘Hi-Profit Group?’ Find out, plus receive much more than you give by participating in AED’s Cost of Doing Business Report survey, in progress this month.
  • Unlock the Mystery of Rental

    AED CFO Conference – for financial & nonfinancial managers – will give your entire team the tools they need to succeed in rental.
MARCH 2012
  • Drilling Drama

    Hydraulic fracturing for shale oil is the only thing keeping equipment markets alive in some states; meanwhile other states wrestle over environmental concerns – and the plot will only thicken as federal players also choose their sides.
  • Bridging the Profit Divide
    Profit Improvement Report

    Future growth potential of high profit dealers has the ability to slowly crowd the typical dealer out of the market. The question is, which side of the divide will you choose?
  • Kirby-Smith Selects e-Emphasys Solution
    Industry Beat

    e-Emphasys Technologies announced that Kirby-Smith Machinery has signed a contract to implement the latest version of eXtend, an enterprise software solution for the Equipment Service Management and Rental industries. Kirby-Smith will replace its legacy software with the industry-specific enterprise software suite from e-Emphasys to help implement best business practices and support key business initiatives such as customer relationship management.
  • Tyler Equipment Corporation Live with e‑Emphasys eXtend Software
    Industry Beat

    e-Emphasys Technologies and Tyler Equipment Corporation have announced the successful completion of a project significantly upgrading Tyler’s business management capabilities. e-Emphasys’ eXtend solution now supports Tyler’s full range of dealership activities, including rental, in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  • Rain and Shine
    On the Numbers

    Good news: Dealers are making money and AED can help you manage for better profitability. But there's bad news, too.
  • The Benefit of Benefits
    Recruitment & Retention

    Your total compensation plan can make a big difference to a candidate weighing multiple job offers.
  • Ones to Watch in Washington

    Six House freshmen who are making their mark on Capitol Hill while building strong back-home ties to the equipment industry.
  • Oil Pipeline Delay Bad for U.S.
    View from the Hill

    Obama's choice to postpone a decision is clearly election-driven, but the consequences will haunt us far beyond next November.
  • Window to CONDEX

    CED presents Part 3 of its special preview to the upcoming CONDEX trade exhibition exclusively for AED dealers in conjunction with the 2012 AED Summit at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, Jan. 18-20.
  • Take the Culture Plunge

    Get everyone in the dealership on board for a transformation – here are 12 steps to get you moving in the right direction.
  • D.C. Dealers Do What it Takes to Navigate Survival
    Regional Pulse

    As AED prepares to bring the 2012 Summit & CONDEX just south of the nation's capital, dealers in the Washington metro region cite Tier 4 and government policy among causes for sputtering business conditions.
  • Window to CONDEX

    CED presents Part 2 of its special preview to the upcoming CONDEX trade exhibition exclusively for AED dealers in conjunction with the 2012 AED Summit at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, Jan. 18-20.
  • Occupy Summit
    Editor's Note

    The world won't stop getting crazier - but you can make better sense of it with your AED peers and partners at the dealer's best networking event of the year.
  • Another Year Bites the Dust
    On the Numbers

    Make a resolution now to solve 2012 business problems with the AED industry expertise and resources that are a click or a phone call away.
  • From Vulnerability Comes Strength

    Social media has put customers and employees in charge of our image - but responding and acting upon their input will set you apart.
  • A Risky Proposition
    Washington Insider

    How America's lost tolerance for risk is bankrupting the country and dragging the economy down.
  • Adjusting to a Product Line Shakeup

    New Holland's exit from heavy CE in North America is a reminder that any dealer could have to make swift decisions to survive an OEM market change.
  • Window to CONDEX

    CED presents Part 1 of its special preview to the upcoming CONDEX trade exhibition exclusively for AED dealers in conjunction with the 2012 AED Summit at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, Jan. 18-20.
  • AED Remains Focused - On You
    From the Chairman

    During continued challenging and uncertain times, helping the AED dealer is the only thing on our list.
  • Don't Go Looking for Danger
    Editor's Note

    This little safety reminder is brought to you by 'mom' – but it's only because I care. I care about your compliance concerns, too, so don't miss what we're cooking up at Summit.
  • A Call to Action for Our Industry's Growth
    President's Message

    Economic justice versus economic recovery – as ideologies clash in the U.S., fundamental corrections would help address everyone's top agenda: jobs, investment and widespread prosperity.
  • Ditch Blunders Before They Happen
    Inside AED

    Summit seminar leader Bill McCleave brings two lively topics for dealers aimed at polishing management performance and then raising companywide performance through proven differentiation techniques.
  • Growth by the Numbers
    A Closer Look

    Business development firm Winsby Inc. serves up measurable results for dealers.
  • Friday Night Demolition
    Project Profile

    Using a fast-setting concrete allowed the bridge to be ready for traffic in just four hours. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) used cuttingedge accelerated bridge construction techniques and materials to successfully replace 14 bridges over 10 weekends this past summer. Testa Corporation, supported by local dealer C.N. Wood, kept the project moving with Friday night bridge demolition and cleanup in just eight to 12 hours.
  • The Cheapest Solution Available
    On the Numbers

    Unless there's such a thing as being too efficient or profitable, every AED dealer belongs in a new AED Performance Group.
  • Historic Landmark Gets Lift
    Industry Beat

    Trico Lift, a privately owned aerial lift provider in Texas and the Mid-Atlantic markets, recently sent this boom lift to Margate, N.J., to help rehab Lucy, a national historic landmark and the world’s largest elephant.
  • The Art of Successful Merging
    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Manufacturing deals demonstrate need for attention to the soft side of the new business entity, including culture considerations as well as customer and employee communications.
  • Taxing Insights for Your Business
    CED Magazine

    CED invited experts from WTP Advisors and WTP Exchange to provide commentary on what they deem to be significant issues and areas of potential savings for equipment distributors as we move into the fourth quarter of the year. Following are their contributions.
  • When Your Customer Won't Pay You
    A Closer Look

    Coface wants to be an extension of your credit and collections team, offering solutions that start before you ever make a sale.
  • Midyear Credit Snapshot: The Rat is Through the Snake
    CED Magazine

    For the most part, bad credit bumps have moved through lender portfolios, but that doesn’t mean lenders are ready to bite off – or stomach – anywhere near the pre-crisis levels of construction industry financing.
  • Common Sense in the Financial 'Twilight Zone'
    Editor's Note

    Stricter regulation for the finance community may have long-reaching impact on credit for our industry – but sensible standards apparently don't apply to everyone.
  • If You Want Out, You'd Better Get In
    On the Numbers

    If you're planning to exit the business in three to five years, you've got to create value by achieving High Profit status – your new Performance Group will get you there.
  • Pushing the Envelope
    Washington Insider

    AED expands its focus to strengthen equipment markets beyond the construction industry.
  • Reducing Workplace Injury from Falls
    Play It Safe

    A combination of environment controls and corrections, employee training, and management approach will make your dealership safer.
  • Staying the Course
    Best Practices

    Kirby-Smith Machinery's steadfast commitment to training
JULY 2011
  • Hooked on Attachments
    Attachments Buyer's Guide

    CED presents its annual Attachments Buyers' Guide special section, featuring the products of nearly 50 individual manufacturers – a 60 percent increase over last year's participants – and they're rolling out a parade of new models for your review. Each is also offering sales opportunities for AED dealers.
  • The 2011 Newly Redesigned Sany Excavator Line
    New & Improved

    The entire Sany Excavator Product Group has been completely redesigned for the North American market. Sany offers five models including the SY75C (16,050 pounds) the SY135C (29,760 pounds) SY215C (47,620 pounds) SY235C (51,809 pounds) and the SY335C (72,750 pounds).
  • Re-evaluate Your Written Social Media Policy
    CED Magazine

    Recent cases expand NLRB's interpretation of ‘Protected Concerted Activity' to include Facebook and other social media – Hint: Employees are allowed to say a lot more than you might like them to.
JUNE 2011
  • Maximizing Technician Efficiency
    Service Department

    Consistent tracking methods as well as careful management of your labor hour inventory can put thousands in service revenue back on the bottom line every month.
  • This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land
    Editor's Note

    Abe Lincoln said, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt." But if you’re silent in government issues, you get what you deserve.
  • NLRB's Pro-union Pattern is Cause for Alarm
    Washington Insider

    Current cases (1.) pose threat to companies' freedom to make choices about where to do business and (2.) seek easier organizing among employee groups within the same company.
APRIL 2011
  • Contractor Embraces Innovation
    CED Magazine

    Corman Construction looks for the newest equipment, as well as operator preferences and comfort with technology. And dealers: Don't bad mouth your competitors.
  • Acquiring Minds
    Mergers & Acquisitions

    A look into equipment distribution M&A activity, with reflections and advice from executives who have seized their opportunities.
  • Fragile Times Call for Hard Data
    On the Numbers

    The opportunity to compare your numbers and methods on a monthly basis is just one of the benefits of your AED membership.
  • Avoid Employee Musical Chairs

    Job creation is coming back – how will you keep your valuable people from walking away to other opportunities?
  • Putting a Stop to Employee Theft
    Play It Safe

    Cross-training and built-in checks help protect the innocent and deter those with dishonest designs on your dealership.
  • Why Canada is a Quick Healer
    CED Magazine

    Less bruised by the recession than its U.S. neighbor, Canada boasts promising equipment sales increases thanks to exporting, stronger housing, and more.
  • Enabling Business Transformation with ERP

    In this final installment of CED’s exclusive four-part series on successful steps for introducing a new Enterprise Resource Planning system, the author explores the "Support" phase as your project nears completion. Benefits can be discovered during this phase in areas you may least expect.
MARCH 2011
  • Of Course There Are Conflicts in Service

    Before we begin this discussion about conflicts in the service department, just think about this for a minute: The typical service manager takes a lot of calls every day from people who almost always have a problem.
  • Denny Does DCCM
    CED Magazine

    AED's former chairman shares his experiences, from culture to construction, driving to distribution, and history to highrises.
  • The Debate of Our Lifetimes
    President's Message

    The construction equipment industry is at risk of becoming collateral damage, while a budget-cutting Congress squares off with a suddenly pro-infrastructure administration.
  • The View from Parliament Hill
    Washington Insider

    AED begins early steps toward developing a member-driven Government Affairs program for Canada.
  • Are Your Financial Results Lonely?
    Inside AED

    Your business doesn't operate on a deserted island; neither should your data. Only AED's CODB industry data can give you the comparison results you need.
  • CEO Hits the Road
    Best Practices

    Mike Soley, Jr.'s quarterly trek to meet with branch employees delivers impressive results.
  • Something's Up Down on the Farm
    Equipment Application

    An unexpected construction equipment customer finds numerous applications for JLG boom lift in his agricultural setting.
  • The Sun Was Shining In Orlando!
    From the Chairman

    While Summit attendees expressed improved outlook for 2011, I gave my outlook of AED goals for the year.
  • Profits Anyone?
    On the Numbers

    AED's new 20 Group program will provide dealers of all sizes with clear direction for rebuilding business.
  • Proactive Planning In the Dry Lending Climate
    Economy & Credit

    As recovery reveals itself slowly, dealers must choose their course wisely amid lingering economic uncertainties and less-than-friendly midmarket credit conditions.
  • Who is Who in the Zoo?

    As we observe aftermarket trends in the auto industry, seize opportunities to define and position yourself in a cut-throat parts and service marketplace.
  • The (New) View from Washington
    President's Message

    Having overcome our 2010 obstacles, AED is now rising to the call for a greater immersion and influence in the nation's capital.
  • Speak Up – They're All Listening
    Editor's Note

    Strong and silent don't really go together anymore – real strength is in saying what needs to be said, and preventing problems rather than mending them.
  • What Happens After The Shellacking?

    Divided They Stand: Republicans Seize Control of House, Dems Hold Senate
    An AED analysis of November's election outcomes, and the individual opportunity that lies before every AED member
  • Forecast for Central Florida's Construction Market: Gloomy Now, Sunny Later
    Regional Pulse

    As AED prepares to descend on Orlando for the 2011 Summit, CED examines the state of the local construction market - currently suffering through an overcast pall as bad as the region has ever seen. But the distant future looks brighter for the contractors and equipment dealers who can find a way to survive.
  • Websites Work Overtime for Dealers

    Far from a "one and done," your website should be viewed as one of your branch locations – well managed and ready to serve customers.
  • Why Aren't We All Doing This?
    On The Numbers

    CFOs agree: There are three actions every dealer should be taking right now – four, if you include participation in AED's biannual CFO conference.
  • The Changing Face of Our Market

    Somehow we lost product support business - because it went to our own customers. Let's get our pricing act together and make the most of this new reality.
  • The Dangers of a Lame Duck
    View from the Hill

    This would be a terrible time for the current majority to push through pro-labor and other job-killing legislation.
  • Use the New Tax Bill to Your Advantage
    On the Numbers

    It may sound counterintuitive, but buying a depreciable asset before year’s end may be a solution to the tax liability some dealers and contractors are facing.
  • Kaizen for Dealers
    Best Practices

    Philosophy of continuous improvement yields real results for once-skeptical dealers.
  • Want Some More? All You Have to Do is Up-Sell!

    Whether it's equipment sales, rental, or product support, selling may not be a bowl of cherries these days – but the fine art and science of up-selling is a bona fide way to pick off more low-hanging fruit.
  • Win-Win Solutions
    A Closer Look

    Everybody wins with EPG’s protection against unfortunate events.
  • Wake Up and Smell Your Tax Exposure
    On the Numbers

    Your best defense against a potential double-whammy is to have an expert review your position who knows the specific tax laws that apply to equipment distribution.

  • The Realities of Rental
    Rental Strategy

    Rental can and should be boosting your bottom line, but the recession reminded us that along with the rewards come risks.

  • Tell Me the Truth
    Contractor Connection

    Straight-shooting water-sewer contractor Dan East, doesn’t want things sugar-coated from his dealers, whether it’s a sales pitch or news about his specialty parts order. For all dealers, his perspectives on the relationship provide a good reminder about what customers need from their business partners.

  • Denny Does D.C.!

    This summer, AED Chairman Dennis Vander Molen got a firsthand look at what happens in our nation’s capital.

  • New Law Makes Way for LKE Peace of Mind

    Dealers using like-kind exchange as a cash flow strategy will soon be assured of a level playing field among qualified intermediaries, thanks to legislation that will develop federal regulation of the exchange accommodators’ industry.

  • Service Begins as an Attitude
    From the Chairman

    Whether in business or life, take time to consider the benefits that multiply
    from serving others.

  • House Without a Budget
    View from the Hill

    By choosing to avoid a 2011 budget, the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives is free to proceed down the path of big spending.

JULY 2010
  • Food for Forum
    Editor's Note

    Before we begin seeking the speakers who present and answer your questions in September, we listen closely to distributors who feel your pain.

  • Better Managers Mean Better Business

    Introducing the new Management Essentials Certificate – economical, position-specific education tracks from AED University for branch operations, parts and service managers
  • Say Goodbye to Willy Loman
    Profit Improvement

    Weak performers seriously impede your company’s profitability and should not be indefinitely tolerated.

  • The Deal Maker
    Best Practices

    At McCann Industries, dedicated F&I helps seal the deals by providing
    customers with choices that fit their needs – and often hurried timetables.

  • New Health Care Option Will Cut Your Costs
    On the Numbers

    Put the captive myths and nay-sayers aside. Consider the facts of a new program for AED, and get a quote – it may be one of the best savings you realize in 2010-2011.

  • Don’t Let a Champion Get Away
    Recruitment & Retention

    In order to soar in your market, recruit people whose remarkable strengths far exceed any minor lacking skills.

JUNE 2010
  • The Highs and Lows of Courting Dealers
    Sales Mix

    If a manufacturer isn’t in the Big 5, how do they position themselves and their value package to gain distribution in a diminishing universe of qualified North American dealers?
APRIL 2010
  • Farewell, Tony
    Washington Insider

    The construction equipment industry lost a great champion in February with the death of my long-time friend and colleague Tony Obadal.
  • Crash Course for Turbulent Times
    Inside AED

    AED’s spring CFO Conference brings financial experts around the table
    to address and assess conditions, opportunities, and dangers for
    distributor executives.
  • It's Not Easy Sticking to Your Quote
    Product Support

    Unless they can see through steel, dealers cannot always diagnose repairs perfectly, but some are tough enough to eat the difference between their quote and actual cost to keep customer relationships and trust intact.

  • The Cost of Goods Not Sold
    Profit Improvement

    Striking a delicate balance that results in increasing sales volume without simultaneously increasing expense

  • A Rising Star in Safety
    Best Practices

    Trico Lift takes safety to new heights with a culture that puts the bar above mere compliance.

MARCH 2010
  • Let's Shake Things Up a Little
    From the Chairman

    If you’re drawn to adventure as I am, AED’s got just the ride for us while we continue moving through unchartered territory.

  • Optimistic But Realistic
    Editor's Note

    An economy that has been on life-support may not have the get-up-and-go we're hoping for next year.
  • Turning Point is at Hand
    Business Outlook

    Signs emerge of modest upturn, though financing and federal government will play lead roles.

  • Dealer Consolidation - Customer Frustration?
    Contractor Connection

    Mike Bates, president of Cajun Equipment Services, says it doesn’t have to be that way – as long as dealers are conscious of end-user parts and service needs, for example. He discusses this and other industry trends – from the asset management perspective.

  • Heavy Help for Haiti
    Disaster Relief

    A snapshot of how the construction equipment industry has been responding with money and resources

  • Seamless Connections for Dealers
    A Closer Look

    Power, productivity and profit, not to mention familiarity – with Microsoft at its foundation, Tectura/XAPT is ready with integrated software solutions.

  • Fight for Your Business with Green

    On numerous fronts you can attack waste and inefficiency, which not only benefits the environment and your company image, but puts plenty of green back on your bottom line.

  • It All Begins with a Good Plan
    From the Chairman

    Whether it’s your business, your personnel or yourself, things get better when they’re aligned with how they’re designed.

  • Forward Thinkers
    Best Practices

    An eye toward the long term keeps dealers invested in The AED Foundation.

  • Before You Pull the Plug
    Editor's Note

    This is no time for silence – distributor companies in distress need to send up a flare to AED and grab hold of the business-saving ideas and connections we can supply.
  • Another Big Election Already?

    The midterm election will test Obama’s strength and the ability of the Republicans to get their act together.
  • Emissions Retrofit 101
    Regulatory Compliance

    Defining the devices that you and your customers need for regulatory compliance on older machines
  • San Antonio - Ahead of the Curve
    Local Market

    The construction market in San Antonio has fared better than most, thanks to government spending and a diverse economy.
  • Do You Need a Bank-Covenant Waiver?
    On the Numbers

    Don’t kiss 2009 goodbye just yet – there’s work to be done with the auditors, and the sooner you get it done, the better.
  • Welcome to the New World

    It is time for action – time to develop the strategy to thrive not just survive.
  • The Rental Game is Now a MATCH OF WITS

    …and a measure of good old fashioned beating the bushes. In this altered market, it’s time to re-examine your strategy and plot your next move.
  • 2009 – A Year to Remember
    From the Chairman

    And we’ve got good things to accomplish in 2010, beginning with our new and redesigned meeting in San Antonio.
  • Just Call Me Max for Short
    Editor's Note

    If you organize properly, you can pack all your industry meeting, planning, learning, and even socializing into one productive and powerful trip.
  • Stop the Insanity

    Dream team of experts shows your managers how to break out of basics that don’t work anymore...
  • The Problem That Will Not Die

    It's perhaps the most emotionally charged issue in your business, yet the payroll monster continues to rear its ugly head. This 'Profit Improvement Report' features a formula for balancing personnel costs against sales.
  • Steps to Take Now
    On the Numbers

    Do you know how many free resources are available at your finger tips? Small companies, this is critical for you, too!
  • When Things Get Better
    On the Numbers

    It will be just as important to manage cash flow tightly when growth returns.
  • Five Ways to Succeed in 'The New Realilty'
    Product Support

    Responding to reader feedback from recent CED ‘Aftermarket’ columns, the author elaborates on his recommendations for aggressive, intentional product support outreach.
  • The Captivating Case for an AED Captive Health Insurance Plan

    A Q&A conversation with Veritas Risk Services executives Bob Walsh, executive vice president and partner, and Joe Zamzow, account executive, to explore the "Veritas Insurance Captive for Equipment Dealers," which they’re rolling out for AED members.
  • Letter From China: Watch Out, They're Coming
    Global Perspective

    Benefiting from a swifter and more effective stimulus turnaround, Chinese equipment manufactures could lose some momentum in North America thanks to emissions regulations and dealer consolidation.
  • The Great Highway Hold-Up

    The reauthorization of the federal highway program has enormous
    public safety, economic, and environmental consequences.
    So why is Congress dragging its feet?
  • The Best in Industry Expertise

    The AED Foundation offers education in customer service, maintenance, safety and rental – all happening this fall.
  • The Dealer’s Guide to ICUEE

    The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition is Oct. 6-8 at the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky.
  • What Has AED Done For Me Lately?
    Washington Insider

    We’re championing numerous pro-business, pro-equipment market issues in Washington, where laws governing your company live or die.
  • If Credit Matters, Forum is a Must
    Inside AED

    Perhaps the No. 1 culprit for the mess we’re in, credit ranks among the hot topics ablaze with news and analysis Sept. 10 in Chicago.
  • Be Part of the Solution

    Plans are underway for the third annual AED Foundation/Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Live Auction.  
  • Is the Scrap Market Rebounding?
    Sector Check

    Time will bring better days, but in the meantime, dealers and manufacturers serving this market continue to sell equipment and attachments that improve customer efficiency.
  • Regional Pulse Checks

    A glance at four markets through the eyes of dealers who are adapting to a changed construction industry.
  • Growing the Business through Training
    Best Practices

    Stephenson Equipment Inc. uses The AED Foundation’s professional education courses to fulfill its commitment to employees and customers.
JULY 2009
  • Drive Machine Sales with Attachments
    Attachments Buyers' Guide

    Attachments manufacturers say opportunities exist for sales despite the grim economy, but dealers have a choice: Either seize the chance to explore new markets, or sit and wait for the upturn.
  • EPM Turns Data into Dollars
    Product Support

    Develop a more sophisticated planned maintenance system that slashes customer repair costs and drives revenue into your dealership.
  • Removing the Roadblocks

    Technicians must jump through many financial hoops to enter the workforce - thanks to dealer generosity and creativity, the leap can be made less painful.
  • Thriving in Challenging Economic Times
    A Closer Look

    A credit card and a handshake were the humble beginnings of now-successful concrete crushing company, Komplet North America, proving that opportunities still exist - even in a tough economy.
  • Two, Maybe Four Quarters
    On the Numbers

    Predictions and cash flow strategies were streaming. And if you missed it, you'll get another crack at AED's CFO Conference in the fall.
  • Changing the Rules of the Game
    Washington Insider

    When it comes to Democrats' efforts to modify employment laws, card check is just the tip of the iceberg.
JUNE 2009
  • Using Telematics to Make Money

    It's time to stop playing Where's Waldo with dozers - and dollars. Dealers discover innovative ways to find lost money, generate new revenue streams and help their customers survive.
  • A Slice of Local Life

    CED Editor Kim Phelan visited with four businessmen in Savannah, Ga., who shared their perspectives about market conditions and their own strategies for survival.
  • How Much is Too Much?
    Editor's Note

    No question, some forms of information media can result in information overload, but a daily dose of what you care about isn't such a bad idea.
  • Independent Training Simplified

    New updates make AEDUniversity's professional continuing education easier, while industry-specific content and guides enable professional education without travel.
  • Customers Can Become Casualties
    On the Numbers

    Offer these solutions to help your contractor customers achieve profits in the era of bidding wars and negative cash flow.
  • It's Always Darkest at the Bottom
    Business Outlook

    U.S. recovery timeline unknown, but expect more months of inventory adjustments as industry scales down to suit reduced construction activity.
APRIL 2009
  • It Could Happen to You
    Public Policy

    More than just a bad idea, the card check bill is a 'massive' piece of labor legislation that holds adverse consequences for business owners and employees alike - and it's very near the threshold of passing both houses of Congress.
  • The Talent Crisis

    Your mid-level leaders are ready to run your company - into the ground. Post-downturn winners will heed the wake-up call and help ready their next generation of leaders now.
  • Preparing for a Mass Departure

    Retiring baby boomers will leave a great void in the workforce. Before your company's most knowledgeable and experienced employees set sail for retirement, plan now how you'll protect those intangible assets and begin raising up your future leaders.
  • Aligning Your Company
    Recruitment & Retention

    When properly tuned for maximum results in your market, the dealer's people and mission-in-action together drive successful outcomes.
MARCH 2009
  • Not Your Typical New Equipment Channel
    Industry Trends

    Who's selling new models over the Internet and at auction? Apparently plenty of people, but use of these alternative channels creates a host of issues when new machines travel across territory lines.
  • Get a Grip on Expenses
    Money Management

    Surviving and even thriving in these tough times is possible - but dealers must take a hard look at everything.
  • Success in Succession Planning
    Family Business

    It's about so much more than just filling your shoes - use these four key principles to help guide decisions about transferring ownership to the best hands.
  • Take a Look, and Take Your Pick
    From the Chairman

    Dozens of dealer-specific professional products and programs are yours for the choosing from AED and The AED Foundation.
  • Stimulus is Just the Start
    Editor's Note

    It'll take much more to fix the jobless mess and bring lasting recovery. By the way, what are you doing on April 29? 
  • Coming Out of the Abyss
    Business Outlook

    Construction equipment, including material handling and mining, will continue to see declines into 2010.
  • What's in Your Tool Box?

    If cutting costs means cutting professional education for employees, delivering best-in-class services is going to be a challenge.
  • Strategic, Long-Term Thinking Pays Off
    Meet the Chairman

    AED's 2009 Chairman Bennett Closner says that all of his business decisions are based on reaching long-term goals for his dealership, namely achieving 100 years in business.
  • Playing the Waiting Game
    Sector Check

    The recession is putting the brakes on a number of large retail and hotel projects.
  • What If Your Customers Can't Pay You?

    In these unprecedented economic times, commercial credit insurance could be an indispensable tool to protect your account receivables and minimize the impact on your company if customer goes bankrupt.
  • Nine Ways to Become More Tech-Friendly
    Product Support

    Research indicates that innovation and communication are needed to improve your service department as well as the long-term recruitment and retention of technicians.
  • Preaching to the Choir
    Editor's Note

    We'll all be blessed if the Power That Be can be persuaded to make the tough calls on adequate infrastructure funding - amen.
  • The Case for Hiring Maturity
    Recruitment & Retention

    Many in the 55-plus crowd remain interested in career opportunities - here's why you should be interested in them.
  • The Power of a Name
    Washington Insider

    Labor organizations prefer "Free Choice" to the term "Card Check," but here's a reality check on how much freedom this bill offers.
  • Your Own Automated Market Analyst
    A Closer Look

    Equipment Data Associates (EDA) provides manufacturers and dealers with data that can identify key customer behaviors and locate serious prospects in your territory.
  • Dump It And Run - for 2010
    Business Conditions

    It's hard to deny that most equipment dealers will have a rough go of 2009 - but before you call it a wash, hang on till mid-year and create opportunities to help customers make money.
  • Trim the Fat on Health Care Costs
    Employee Benefits

    Implementing a wellness program has a double-edge benefit: lower costs to you, plus healthier, more productive employees. You decide which is more valuable.
  • Connect With Your Lawmakers
    Inside AED

    AED dealer executives are urged to attend the Government Affairs Conference, a free event in D.C. this April.
  • Rx for an Ailing Economy

    Equipment dealers are as anxious as anyone to understand how the economy affects them and what can be done about it.
  • The Art - And Discipline - of Rental

    Segregating rentals from the sales side of the business is the foundation for one dealer's successful formula to generate revenue in a rocky market.
  • Changing the Game
    A Closer Look

    JRB Attachments will introduce four new attachments at AED's CONDEX trade show.
  • Spend the Time to Finish Well
    On the Numbers

    As you close up '08, familiarize yourself with several changes -  and remember, AED is working in your corner.
  • AED Plans to HIT Hard
    Washington Insider

    Next year's highway reauthorization will be the toughest one yet, but we're making sure Congress gets the big picture.
  • Planning Time Again
    On the Numbers

    Just when you'll need it most, a new management simulation program will head your way in spring of '09.
  • A Common Courtesy
    Best Practices

    A unique way of eliminating a customer inconvenience has gained one equipment dealership repeat business.
  • Beyond the Blackberry

    Consider the range of top tech tools your salespeople can use to beat the competition.
  • The Power of Four: Unlocking Generational Synergies

    Speaker and humorist Meagan Johnson, famous for her 'Zap the Gap' presentations, tells how employers can thrive by promoting understanding and tolerance among the generations all present in today's workforce.
  • Pink Iron
    Best Practices

    Mid Country Machinery is taking breast cancer awareness to new heights.
  • A Better Way to do Billing
    A Closer Look

    Wasted time and paper poured into the process can vanish quickly - but not your investment for outsourcing. That, says Billtrust, you'll recoup quickly.
  • Union Priorities Aren't So Distant
    Washington Insider

    With widespread Democratic muscle, they're striving to secure, organized labor could quickly succeed in pushing the card-check and paycheck fairness bills into law.
  • Your Voice Makes a Difference
    From the Chairman

    Many people are counting on you - elected officials must know how their decisions impact you, your family and your employees.
  • Ready to Hit the Road
    Inside AED

    The new AED/AED Foundation Field Manager, Glenn Bork, will soon be a familiar face among dealers and tech schools.
  • Value Added Proposition
    On the Numbers

    Wondering if AED is focused enough on your business? As a matter of fact, it's all about you.
  • Reading the Iced-Tea Leaves
    View from the Hill

    With so much still unkonwn about the elections, we ought to be cautious about predictions.
  • The Laws of Nature
    From the Chairman

    We can't change them, but we can learn to use them to our advantage.
  • Dealers' Rental Operations Characterized by Service, Relationships
    Rental Round Table

    Following is a summary of highlights collected from the 2008 AED Rental Round Table. Participants were encouraged to speak their opinions freely and without fear of being quoted; therefore, comments and quotes are not attributed to their sources.
  • The Trouble with Technology
    Product Support Round Table

    Machine sophistication poses serious challenges for dealer product support departments. This and many other subjects were addressed during the AED Product Support Round Table.
  • Hot Off the Press
    On the Numbers

    Begin your worthwhile plunge into the current CODB with a close review of the Trend Analysis.
JULY 2008
  • The Fuel Factor

    Dealers are finding simple solutions to take some of the pain out of the pump.
  • Agent for Change
    Best Practices

    Think it's too hard to be heard in Washington or state government? The owner of Yancey Bros. in Atlanta demonstrates that spending time with lawmakers is vital to protecting your customers' businesses as well as your own.
JUNE 2008
  • Your Opinion Counts
    From the Chairman

    And your input from recent member-satisfaction research is being translated into action.
  • 'Once in a Blue Moon' Returns

    The second annual live auction in San Diego - featuring unique adventures and treasures - will benefit The AED Foundation's workforce development and education initiatives.
  • Survey: Dealers Hit Hard by Housing
    Public Policy

    Findings from the 2008 Government Affairs survey - including a market pulse and dealer legislative priorities - underscore the urgency of AED's policy goals.
  • The Thinking Behind All the Smart Iron
    Equipment Trend

    Bringing more than convenience and competitive efficiencies, manufacturers help address a serious industry need with brainy new machines.
  • Walking the Fine Line on Payroll Expenses

    The sales-to-payroll delta is a critical planning tool that demonstrates how controlling the ratio between sales and compensation is even more important to the dealer's bottom line than the rate at which sales grow.
  • Keeping CFOs on Their Toes
    On the Numbers

    From taxes and accounting to economy, fraud and health care, AED's biannual conference is a lively, productive meeting for dealer peers.
  • Revenge of the Old Economy
    Business Outlook

    'Recession or No Recession' is just semantics; the industrial sector will muddle through 2008.
  • Get 'em Involved
    Washington Insider

    Building a culture of employee political participation.
APRIL 2008
  • Crisis Management 101
    Emergency Preparedness

    Don't panic - just plan. We walk you through the basics on how to prepare for any emergency situation.
  • To Russia with - Equipment
    Best Practices

    This isn't your father's kind of dealership - unless you're Andy Rocklin. Being the exclusive Ditch Witch dealer for a distant country - from the home base of California - poses a unique set of challenges.
  • One Heck of a Business Tool
    On the Numbers

    It's that time again, but nothing else comes close to the CODB as a financial analysis partner that really understands what you do, and how your'e doing.
  • Thinking 'Two' Deep
    Recruitment & Retention

    Viewing candidates with an eye to their future roles is key to succession planning, which will help prevent management gaps in your company.
  • Volvo Unveils Hybrid Wheel Loader
    New and Improved

    The Volvo L220F Hybrid offers higher efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and a lessened impact on the environment.
  • The Spring Cometh
    From the Chairman

    Evidence of good things to come is budding in the Economic Stimulus Act.
  • Mentoring for Managers

    Encouraging mentoring relationships can help your younger employees - and managers in particular - become more productive faster, while retaining them longer.
  • One on One with the Chairman
    Congressional Insights

    House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James Oberstar (D-MN) speaks about the nation's infrastructure crisis - and how to solve it.
MARCH 2008
  • What I Need From a Dealer
    Contractor Connection

    The fleet manager for Ryan Inc. Central says he wants to partner with progressive dealers. He also shares other criteria he looks for when choosing who he does business with.
  • The Dealer's Guide to CONEXPO-CON/AGG
    The Dealer's Guide to CONEXPO-CON/AGG

    With 2.2 million net square feet of exhibit space and a plethora of education sessions, this Las Vegas show requires a good game plan.
  • Information Equals Power, Success
    On the Numbers

    For the dealer CFO, obtaining the right data is integral to your strategic role of driving company growth and profitability.
  • Getting Out – and Making the Getting Good

    You've spent your entire career building a successful company, and now it's time to develop an exit strategy that will be best for your employees, your family, and yourself. That's a whole new challenge.
  • Saving the Life of Your Family Business

    Building clear policies for governance, merit and transparency will keep the family-owned company healthy, even if symptoms of peril are not yet evident.
  • 'We're in the People Business'
    Meet the Chairman

    For AED's 2008 Chairman Paul Campbell, work comes second to family,
    but the co-owner of Wheeler Machinery's No. 1 business priority is serving
    his customers - even if he has to walk a few miles in their shoes.
  • Who Am I?

    I'm either your No. 1 fan or - your worst nightmare. How you treat me will decide which.
  • Now Is the Time
    On The Numbers

    Regardless of your annual sales volume, AED's Cost of Doing Business Report offers direct value tailored to your operation
    and profitability.
  • Pitfalls of Promoting a Sales Ace
    Recruitment & Retention

    The very things that make your sales superstar successful could be the same traits that spell disaster in a sales manager's role.
  • OK, So Which Is It?
    On The Numbers

    Don't panic, but don't relax either - diligence and vigilance are what's in order now.
  • What’s Your Goal, and Is It Enough?

    There's a lot of catching up to do in parts and service, and the growth you may think is adequate may only be enough to keep you in the game.
  • Celebrating a Century in the CE Industry
    Executive Insights

    Wars, the Depression, manufacturer collapses and M&As are among the storms Bramco has weathered for 100 years - and the company continues to learn, grow and roll with the punches of a temperamental industry.
  • Guide to Inventory Accuracy

    Consider implementing this list of actionable steps that contribute to a better parts inventory system.
  • Be the Branch Manager They Want You to Be

    The old ‘open door' policy and a few parties and picnics that you think are creating good communication are not making the grade among staff. For them, it's all about business and authentic leadership.
  • Local Equipment Dealers Respond
    Current Events

    Construction Equipment Distribution telephoned distributors in the region and learned how they continued to support their local communities - even while they, too, were in the fire's path.
  • Give Employees What They Want

    Does ‘happy' have a dollar value? It may be in vogue to say that people are your greatest asset, but when they know you mean it, your bottom line will feel it.
  • Green Dealers Improve Bottom Line
    Green Building

    Equipment companies also enjoy a cleaner public image as a fringe benefit of their environment-responsible practices.
  • What Can We Learn from Material Handling?

    Larry O'Neill is the former president and CEO of Patten Industries, a Caterpillar CE dealership serving the Chicago metropolitan region. A year ago, he shifted into the parallel industry of material handling (MH) to become the top executive at Equipment Depot of Illinois, also serving the greater Chicago area with six locations. CED editor Kim Phelan recently spoke with O'Neill to contrast the two distribution industries and highlight some of the MH best practices that could benefit construction equipment dealers.
  • Raising Your Product Support IQ

    Knowing what your customers need before they do - now that's service. And in today's competitive landscape, it's the kind of edge dealers need to differentiate themselves. Our buyers' guide outlines key features of some new software and technologies available for making the parts and service departments run faster and smarter than ever.
  • Bridges to Somewhere
    And in Washington

    Congress must stop diverting earmarked transportation funds elsewhere.
  • A Journey through the Ranks
    Best Practices: Professional Profile

    Through hard work, perseverance, and a culture of internal promotion, a former technician at H&E Equipment rose to become senior vice president.
  • Bad Bill From a Good Congressman
    Washington Insider

    AED has a great working relationship with Rep. Jim Oberstar (D-MN), but we're concerned about his Clean Water Restoration Act.
  • A Salute to Dealers

    Equipment dealers go above and beyond the 'call of duty' to support their employees on military leave.
  • Can Green Turn Your Bottom Line Black?
    Green Building

    Dealers who 'get' the green trends can help their customers get more jobs. Watch for our Part 2 focus in December on: dealer operations go green - how resource-saving initiatives can boost your bottom line and your image.
  • Don't Be Left in the Cold

    Smart, creative strategy - rather than just price slashing - are key to not only surviving but succeeding with rental this winter.
  • Come Out of Your Rental Shell

    Marketing (or 'selling') rentals can come in many packages - once you get the basics down, show a little imagination when you're showing customers your rental self.
  • All Together Now

    Building teamwork among your departments means tearing down all barriers to collaboration.
  • What's on Your Mind?

    Smart execs know when - and how - to ask good questions, and by doing so, frequently unlock the secret to new success.
  • Little Things Add Up
    On The Numbers

    Adding a small percent to gross profit may be easier said than done, but it's well worth the effort.
  • Collective Power
    From the Chairman

    A major membership value in AED's Value Proposition
  • CE Industry’s Minutemen Ready for Action
    Current Events

    But from a national perspective, the financial demand is daunting. In the wake of the Minneapolis tragedy, America wakes up to its infrastructure realities and responsibilities.
  • CE Industry's Minutemen Ready for Action
    Current Events

    But from a national perspective, the financial demand is daunting. In the wake of the Minneapolis tragedy, America wakes up to its infrastructure realities and responsibilities.
  • How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

    Anyone can know equipment specs, and relationship isn't all it takes either - but consulting and strategizing for job efficiency clinches deals and builds loyalty.
  • Peace of Mind: So Close, and Yet So Far Away

    Dealer-software maker PFW partners with HR and dealer-services giant ADP to introduce a new delivery method to the CE industry - and a novel way to streamline IT throughout all the branches.
  • The Give and Take of QIs

    The alleged misconduct of two qualified intermediary groups shouldn't prevent dealers from considering like-kind exchange as an important tax deferral tool.
  • Navigating the Next Bend - Together
    Industry Round Table

    The dealers and manufacturers gathered at AED's Industry Round Table dialogued openly about trust, planning, rental and more.
  • Have You Got the Right Fit for Rental?

    Rental-specific software is designed with a spectrum of business tools tailored to this distinct area of your business - without it, you may be short-changing your own operation.
  • 'We're Too Busy for Training'

    Sound familiar? Whether business is sizzlin' in the summertime or slumping off in a cyclical downturn, it's easy to bump employee training to the backburner - but you're the one who'll get cooked.
  • Leadership in Action
    From the Chairman

    There are many opportunities to become engaged in this industry.
JULY 2007
  • Parting Words
    Best Practices

    Dressta formed a dealer council to assist in formulating its new parts policy.
  • A Mid-Year Update
    On The Numbers

    What you should know about the economy, LKEs and CFO training.
JULY 2007
  • Managing Service Minutes

    A service manager can turn around an entire department by paying attention to details.
JUNE 2007
  • Optimizing The Interview
    Recruitment & Retention

    A few simple changes in the interview process can improve recruitment.
JUNE 2007
APRIL 2007
  • 65 Years Young
    Industry Beat

    Allied Construction Products celebrates its anniversary.
  • Working Smarter
    Market Focus

    The New More-Intelligent Roller/Compactor Market
APRIL 2007
  • Are You Winning The War?

    It may be time to reexamine your strategies for recruiting and retaining employees.
  • Technician Incentive Plans Drive Performance

    A properly designed and executed technician incentive program will promote happier technicians; happier technicians will result in happier customers; happier customers will drive service revenues and profits.
  • Guaranteeing Excellence
    Best Practices

    How do you guarantee your managers have the training needed to deliver an exceptional performance?
MARCH 2007
  • Dan Kaplan On The Dealer Side of Rental

    Consultant and former Hertz Rental CEO Dan Kaplan talks about the 2007 rental market, how dealers can compete in rental, and why he says the $10 billion rental company is imminent.
  • Entering The Blogosphere

    What every dealer should know about a marketing tool that's taking business by storm.
  • A New Perspective
    From the Chairman

    You quickly learn who is interested in your point of view and who isn't.
  • Up Close And Personal
    Best Practices

    Talk to your elected leaders at the Spring Government Affairs Conference.
  • The Year Of The Member
    From the Chairman

    Our goal for 2007 is recruitment and retention, plus inclusion and participation.
  • Permanent Problem-Solver
    A Closer Look

    AlturnaMATS is looking for AED dealers to represent its products throughout the world.
  • Leading By Example
    Meet The Chairman

    "I'm an example that anyone, from any walk of distributor life can be involved and can make a difference." - AED Chairman Les Bebchick
  • Managing Staff Without Mistakes

    Some management practices lead to poor morale, low producicity, a stressful work environment, and ultimately customer dissatisfaction.
  • Celebrating 50 Years
    Industry Beat

    Deere's Construction & Forestry Division reaches a half-century milestone.
  • A Global Perspective
    From the Chairman

    We need to be conscious of the potential for change that globalization creats.
  • We're On The Same Page
    From the Chairman

    Dealers value government and tax policy, and regulatory advocacy in D.C.
  • Just Bag It
    A Closer Look

    From filling sandbags to bags of compost, Sandbagger's machines do it all.
  • Coalitions
    Washington Insider

    One key to success in Washington, D.C.
  • Achieving A Balanced Diet

    It can be challenging to balance a rewards systems with processes that make achievement possible.
  • The Dealer Lives
    On The Numbers

    Dealers who adopt a Lean program are sure to be more resilient and less susceptible to market swings.
  • Neck And Neck
    AED in Washington

    Despite tight races, control of Congress is likely to remain unchanged.
  • I Was Twitterpated
    From the Chairman

    From time to time, it's important to challenge our assumptions.
  • Tips For Techs

    Provide field service techs the skills and tools to deliver legendary service.
  • Ready And Waiting
    From the Chairman

    The industry's next generation of leaders is an impressive group.
  • Pick Your Pickup
    Best Practices

    Kirby-Smith uses a unique recruitment and retention tool.
JULY 2006
  • Strategic Policy Changes
    On The Numbers

    65% of CEOs will make major changes to their strategic plans in the next 5 years.
  • Rising From The Ashes
    A Closer Look

    A devastating fire proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for attachment maker Craig Manufacturing.
  • Boost Your Profits
    Market Focus

    Adding attachments is a sure way to buoy your bottom line.
  • Boost Your Profits
    Market Focus

    Adding attachments is a sure way to buoy your bottom line.
JULY 2006
JUNE 2006
  • Process Management

    Do your systems and processes support your employees and customers?
  • Cable Competition
    Washington Insider

    Growing equipment markets and promoting free market values
APRIL 2006
  • Back to Basics

    The fundamentals of parts and service require consistent performance.
APRIL 2006
MARCH 2006
  • Feeling At Home

    How to help "outsiders" fit into your family business.
  • A Day At The Races
    Washington Insider

    Reminds us the Romans "got it" when it came to infrastructure.
  • No Easy Fixes
    From the Chairman

    Will we "decay elegantly" or push ourselves to compete?
  • Blaw-Knox Turns 75
    Industry Beat

    Ingersoll Rand is leading the celebration, and asks you to help.
  • Request for Data
    On The Numbers

    You asked for the CODB earlier and we're going to do our best to get it to you.
  • Get 2005 Closed
    On The Numbers

    To deal with tax problems you have to make money.
  • Industry Talent Crisis
    Human Resources

    To attract top talent, promote the values of your company and opportunities for growth.
  • Fighting Falling Margins
    Best Practices

    Team Equipment has found used equipment sales generate highter margins than new.
  • A Cut Above
    A Closer Look

    The Zanetis Group manufactures advanced attachments and maintainers.
  • How Low Can You Go?
    Sales Management

    Five ways to achieve a competitive advantage without lowering your price.
  • Just Add Training
    Best Practices

    Lashley Tractor is using AED's LMS system for employee training.
  • Just Add Training
    Best Practices

    Lashley Tractor is using AED's LMS system for employee training
  • Training anyone?

    It's very expensive to keep employees current and up to date.
  • Finding the Best Sales Reps
    Best Practices

    Great Southern Tractor developed a custom training program that allows them to hire sales reps with no equipment distribution experience.
JULY 2005
JULY 2005
  • Charting A Course For Change
    Industry Round Table

    Equipment dealer and manufacturer executives discuss today's critical issues and tomorrow's brightest opportunities.
  • To Add Profit Add an Attachment
    Market Focus

    Equipment Sales are strong, and there's never been a better time to imcrease profit by adding an attachment to that machine sale.
JUNE 2005
  • Preserving Your Family Business

    Preserve the perspective and history of your family business to help the next generation carry your success into the future.
  • The Flat Rate Debate
    Product Support Round Table

    And other product support issues facing dealerships today.
  • Dealer Tools For $
    On The Numbers

    Frankly, I see too many of you paying taxes you don't have to pay.
MAY 2005
APRIL 2005
APRIL 2005
  • They're Looking for Help

    Contractors are looking for partners that are looking out for their best interests.
MARCH 2005
  • Then and Now
    From the Chairman

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  • AED's 2005 Annual Meeting & CONDEX
    AED's 2005 Annual Meeting & CONDEX

    In January, thousands of enthusiastic equipment dealers, manufacturers and service companies met at AED's Annual Meeting & CONDEX to discuss the issues and opportunities that face the distribution industry in 2005.
  • Outlook for 2005
    Market Lines

    Expect a 2005 that is 5 percent to 10 percent above a fabulous 2004.
  • Rental Equals Profit

    There is only one reason to be in the rent-to-rent business – to make money.
  • What Dealers Say About 2004
    2004 Regional Outlook

    In some regions, business is exploding while others are recovering more slowly. Overall, the outlook is cautious optimism.
JULY 2004
  • Election 2004 Part I: The House
    AED in Washington

    This is one of those election years that makes a political pundits job challenging, fascinating, and a little frustrating because almost anything could happen.
  • A Welcome Sign
    Market Lines

    China's speculative bubble is cooling off.
JUNE 2004
  • Rental: Where Do We Go From Here?
    Rental Round Table

    AED’s Rental Round Table is a standing committee that provides perspectives and analysis on key issues and trends impacting equipment rental. The committee met May 5, 2004. The goal was not to arrive at a single set of conclusions, but rather to capture the best thinking of senior-level executives.
  • Counting the Cost

    Technician shortage costing dealers $3 million a week.
APRIL 2004