The AED Foundation’s Latest Research Report Looks at Building Diversity into the Equipment Distribution Industry

by Sara Smith | Jul 06, 2021
The AED Foundation’s latest commissioned research report, Building Diversity into the Equipment Distribution Industry, provides industry stakeholders with key recommendations to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.
The report looks at the challenges that minority groups face while working within the equipment distribution industry, recommends solutions for recruiting more minorities into the workforce, and examines how the industry can create more opportunities for minority-owned distributors. 

The Foundation provided recommendations based on the report’s findings to promote more diverse workplaces across the equipment industry. Some of these recommendations included implementing mentorship programs and annual diversity training as a requirement for employees. Creating a diverse environment can help ensure employees from all backgrounds feel welcome and respected within the workplace. 

Diversity also plays a crucial role in the industry’s goals to reduce the workforce shortage. This report reinforces the need to expand the workforce development efforts of The AED Foundation and other like-minded organizations to create a more diverse and robust pipeline of qualified workers. AEDF’s Executive Vice President and COO, Jason Blake, states, “AEDF is proud to provide this report focused on diversity to industry members. Promoting and implementing diverse practices within dealerships is key to gaining satisfied, lasting employees while reducing the workforce shortage in the process.”

Those interested in the full report visit For more information, please contact The AED Foundation’s Associate Director of Development and Workforce, Marty McCormack, at