JT Bates Group Announces Major Rebranding

by Sara Smith | Jul 07, 2020
JT Bates Group, formerly JT Bates Insurance Group, a national risk management company, today announced a company rebranding and key product line rebranding.

“With the word ‘insurance’ in our company name, we were a little hemmed in with the products and services we communicated,” explained Amanda Murphy, director of marketing for JT Bates Group.

“We already did some work around updating the look and feel of our brand to stand out more and reflect a growth mindset, so this is the next step in that transformation. By removing the word ‘insurance’ we can better communicate that we offer a wider breadth of risk management solutions for our dealer customers.”

Adjusting the name of the company is not the only change JT Bates Group announces today. Rental Equipment Protection (REP™), the flagship product from JT Bates Group, is also receiving an update. REP™ has not had a brand look or logo that differentiates it from competitive products until now.

“REP is the best value in physical damage coverage for rented equipment, period,” said Jayme Bates, CEO of JT Bates Group. “The coverage is better, the rates are better, the deductibles are lower than any other insurance-backed damage waiver in the market today. We want to make this accessible to more dealers while protecting the value of the program and eliminating risk for our dealers. Branding the product itself helps us ensure the coverage remains the same as we continue to grow through channel distribution.”

Since 2010, JT Bates Group has launched three product lines with plans to launch additional solutions in the coming months. For more information about JT Bates Group, or to obtain a no-obligation quote for REP™, Physical Damage Protection or StraightDocs Compliance Services, visit or call 1-877-900-8729.

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