New fuel system and lubrication additives promise better engine performance at lower cost

by Sara Smith | Mar 08, 2019
A new, proprietary fuel additive promises to increase mileage by up to 15 percent while cutting emissions by up to 36 percent, and a lube additive offers similar advantages when added to oil.
Norde FSR (Fuel System Revitalizer), manufactured by Herdman Technology of Ontario, Canada, and globally distributed exclusively by Site Development Group out of Newport Beach California, is designed to improve fuel and engine efficiency, greatly reduces emissions, and extends performance between maintenance. 

FSR does several important things simultaneously: it cleans fuel injector ports to return them to the OEM spray pattern; it coats the cylinder to protect the surface and increase horsepower, and it helps the engineer operate more consistently. 

It’s especially useful where the surrounding environment is fragile and having cleaner emissions is important. Carbon Dioxide Emissions is proven to be reduced by 36%!  Hear this Municipalities, 36%! 

For gasoline engines and diesel fuel engines, Norde FSR has been rigorously tested at opposing temperatures from -50 degrees C to extremely hot temperatures and has proven to remain unchanged and still continuously effective. 

It has been shown to make substantial improvements where normal maintenance or replacement would normally be required. In testing, Norde FSR has actually revived an engine that has failed to meet specifications for safe operations. 

FSR is available as both an additive and a pre-blended ready to GO fuel. 

Herdman’s Norde LSM (Lubrication Surface Modifier) is also available in ready-to-use formulations or as an additive to oil and is a mixture of synthetic compounds that form a unique molecular structure that provides anti-wear and friction reduction on sliding and rotating surfaces.  

The key to Norde LSM is the proprietary formula that creates a layer of boundary lubrication, bonding to metallic surfaces in a thermo-chemical reaction. The bonding takes place as heat is generated on a metallic surface or when friction causes heat. 

Norde LSM is an effective way to prevent catastrophic failure of gasoline and diesel engines while reducing noise and helping them run cooler.  Maintenance will be reduced up to six times when using LSM.  Equipment companies and rental companies take note, this product will secure itself to your packings and seals throughout the hydraulic system to reduce the breakdowns that cost you production and money. This is potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair costs. 

For more information and a video presentation please visit or call 855-NORDEGO, email is also available  
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